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Airports Authority of India
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Airports Authority of India
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Airports Authority of India Payment Deducted Twice and till now Not filling up the form for Junior Executive

Respected Sir
Before Three days ago i was trying to fill the online form of Junior executive in Airpot authority of India.
The Payment by me was given online in the favour of airport authority of india by the IDBI ATM card.U know HDFC has the tie up with Airport authority of India.
There was a problem occurs in the middle and the payment was deducted but there was no form available to fillup.
then i try for this second time by the different ATM No. of IDBI bank. and then also same problem occus and payment was deducted twice and there was not any payment ID given to me by airport authority of India.
Then i call the No. of Authority. they told me to do a email in the favour of [protected]
I do the email, next day they reply that ur requested sent to HDFC .wait for 24 hrs
But today the time is 3 days later
Sir pls kindly solve my problem as soon as possible
My Account Details are
Name Satish
Address Chhotu Ram park, Gali no. 3 jhajjar road, Bahadurgarh(Haryana)-124507
Email [protected], [protected]
Phone No. [protected]

The ATM card Details of IDBI bank fom which i transfer the payment are given below

ATM Card NO. [protected]
Account Holder Name: Sunil Kumar

Another Acc Details of My second frnd are

ATM card NO. [protected]
Name Subendu Shekhar Das

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