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Before departing our cruise we reserved port parking with an online company called United Airport Parking. I prepaid my parking and when I found the facility I had my doubts. Since I have already prepaid over $87, I was kind of stuck having to accept the parking facility as the agent who was at the counter said there are no refunds if I don't park or wish to cancel without giving 48 hour notice.

Having just returned from a 14 day cruise out of fort Lauderdale's Port Everglades with my wife, two sisters and my 83 year old mother I phoned the office as instructed and waited patiently for Airport SeaPort Parking / United Airport Parking to come and collect us so we can pick up our car. Almost an hour and a half later waiting in the hot Florida sun a dirty white van pulls up to the curb. The driver tells us to hurry-up as he needs to go to lunch. I told him that was good, that we have been waiting for aver an hour and I think he can be a little patient. The driver (I later find out his name is (Lincoln) then snaps that if we don't get on the van he was going to leave. How fast can board with an 83 year old? We all get on thinking he would put our luggage on but he just milled about smoking a cigarette while we locked in the van with the van and AC off and the windows up. I got out and asked him about our luggage and he has the gall to call to say, "What are you a smart *&$"? He then told me to put my own luggage in the van as he already knows that I am too cheap to give him a tip.

At this poit I told my family to get out of the van and I called for a taxi. The van driver, Lincoln started using abusive language toward us calling us rude and vulgar names.

We took a taxi to the facility (If you can call it that. The lot looks a little decrepit, filled with overgrown weeds and a sagging fence line and no signage" and as I walked up to collect my keys I was told that I would have to pay for an additional day because I was late. What nerve of them to even attempt to collect more money from me after leaving me at the port for over an hour and then sending their deranged driver to collect me. I then asked about my $19 cab fare and they said pretty much, "...tough luck we sent a van for you and its not our fault that you didn't like the driver so we won't be giving you a refund."

While we were loading our things into our car, their driver, Lincoln, pulls up and walks past us snickering a little louder than he should about us being cheap bast---s and that'll teach us.

Airport Seaport Parking / United Airport Parking are horrible! Their service, the shuttle van driver, and the location are beyond a doubt not professional in any way. I would never use their services again nor would I recommend these services to anybody. Yes their prices are cheap but I guess it is true:


I tried to call a manager at Airport Seaport Parking but I was told there is no manager and the owner, James, never comes in. I then called United Airport Parking and spoke with a Paula. She apologized and tried to find an excuse for everything that happened to us and offered me a $8 to keep my mouth shut and not make any waves when I told her I would post my story all over the internet.



  • Tl
    TLcruising Jun 29, 2009

    In June 2009, my sister and I went on a cruise. My sister had told me about a very inexpensive parking facility called United Airport Parking/ USA Auto Rental. Before setting anything in stone I decided to review the company on the internet. I read the review of J.D. WATKINS posted on 10/27/2008, titled Airport Seaport Parking / United Airport Parking Complaint. After reading a horrible review on the company I was very skeptical, to say the least.

    I called the company’s office, and spoke with a woman a young lady Christina and the office manager, Paula. Paula assured me that they have never charged an extra day for someone being an hour late, or even three hours late. She then, assured me that the shuttle is free there and back. Also, that the drivers are some of the friendliest people around, that they don’t smoke while driving, and that they do assist with your luggage loading it on to the shuttle and off the shuttle. I decided to give them a chance because she referred me to the cancellation policy on the website where they do give a refund with 10% cancellation fee, contrary to the blog of a Mister J.D. Watkins. So, I reserved online through their website

    Not only was service impeccable when I got there. But when I reserved I received an email with awesome directions on how to get there from like 5 different routes. I had no problem finding them. When I parked at the lot, they took my luggage and loaded it onto the shuttle right away! And then I was on my way to the Port. The ride was comfortable, and quick. The driver was very forthcoming, and helpful.

    The parking facility was not as described. The fence did not hang or sag, it was sturdy. And the lot which was fully paved did not have knee high weeds anywhere. And there were absolutely no junk cars to be found.

    When my sister and I had gotten off of the ship we called for the shuttle pick up. Not only was the shuttle there within a half an hour, but the driver loaded our luggage onto the shuttle and again was very friendly to us. When we got back to the parking lot, they unloaded our luggage, and loaded it right into my car for us.

    I’m glad I decided to try out this company, rather then just go off someone’s phony review entry on this website. I would with out a doubt refer this company to my friends and family. And if anyone has any doubts like I did, just call Paula herself at [protected]. My experience was great and fully taken care of. Any one who wants discounted parking for Port Everglades and amazing service should use United Airport Parking.

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  • Mi
    Mikel M Jun 30, 2009

    So far so good. I have to enter neutral as I have not used the facility as of yet. However, I did read the complaint. So far Paula has been very kind as well as Christine! Don't believe everything you read folks! Paula went as far as saying that when we get to the lot and if it looks as JD Watkins stated, she would refund us 100%. Now that's customer service at it's best. I'll let you know on my followup comments.

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  • Mi
    Mikel M Jul 11, 2009

    Update: Well, we went on our trip and returned safely. A HUGE thanks to the kind folks at United Airport Parking. Paula is a real gem, Christina was great and both of our drivers (Lincoln and Juan) were very kind, not to mention friendly, courteous, helpful and I could keep going.

    When we arrived Lincoln loaded our luggage, opened our doors, and unloaded our luggage. Same with Juan; from the time I phoned he was at the airport in 10 minutes. When he arrived he asked us to step inside the van and wait, loaded our luggage. When we got back to the parking facility Juan opened our door for us, unloaded our luggage, brought our car around and loaded our luggage in the car. What GREAT service! I highly recommend this company. Like I said, don't believe everything that you read!

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  • Steven McMann Aug 29, 2009

    My 3 Cents on United Airport Parking / USA Auto Rental is:

    Traveling from Tampa to go on a cruise with the family I needed to find parking at or near Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I wasn’t about to spend $14 per day to park at the port. I’ve travelled before so I Googled “Port Everglades Parking in Fort Lauderdale” and came up with multiple sites jockeying for my business.

    Why I chose is beside me. I browsed through this site and saw multiple companies advertised. lists a company called Airport Seaport Parking with both valet and self parking listed at the same rate. I made my reservation by paying a service fee and one days parking which as per the website would be deducted from my total.

    Three weeks later we drove to this parking lot soon to discover that it really isn’t a parking lot at all. Oh, they do park vehicles there and there are also parked trains (really cool looking early 1900’s Pullman class car) and 18 wheel tractors and trailers parked on the property. It also seems they also rent cars too. There was no sign advertising Airport Seaport Parking but there was a sign, actually a vinyl banner for USA Auto Rental. There weren’t any knee-high weeds but there wasn’t any landscaping at either. No trees, shrubs, bushes or grass of any kind, anywhere. There is a paved lot that is surrounded by a fence on three sides of the property and though the fence was not sagging it was also not well maintained and covered with vine like weeds and a black plastic tennis court shading screen, I guess to keep prying eyes from the cars on the lot. The surrounding neighborhood was downright scary. Airport Seaport Parking – USA Auto Rental is located in an out of the way industrial area neighboring a paper recycling plant. (3251 SW 1st Terrace, ) The entire 1st Terrace is littered with paper debris and trash and there are 18 wheeler trailers parked everywhere including in the street. There aren’t many street lights and one would think this area at night would be pretty dark. The building was a little in disrepair and there were cars parked haphazardly throughout the property (lot view from street:, +fort+lauderdale&ie=UTF8&t=p&panoid=SdU8E_zCJjhGnT9l5TfKfQ&sll=26.085656, 80.140758&sspn=0.016458, 0.038409&latlng=[protected]&ei=QziZSuSRDJy08wT-poTzCQ&sig2=uVseuP49ZS35jGJrhGz54g&cd=1&geocode=FZsCjgEddCc5-w&dtab=2&oi=md_reviews&sa=X ). The inner office was actually clean and nicely tiled.

    Upon arrival I pulled up and walked inside and was greeted by the counter clerk. I showed my reservation and asked where I should park my vehicle. They asked me for my driver’s license and a credit card and after completing some paperwork was directed to space 8. I parked in the designated space and the counter clerk came out and asked for my keys. I inquired as to why he needed my keys if I was self parking. He said that the company always requires the keys in case they have to move my car. I then said that is wouldn’t be self parking if I gave my keys. He looked at me and shrugged!

    I asked if there was a supervisor that I could speak with and he said “No”. I then asked him to void my parking contract and issue me a refund. He said he couldn’t do that and I would have to get my refund through the website that I made the reservation through. Eventually after returning from my cruise I contacted Airportparkingreservations and they refunded the one day’s parking but not the service fee. I though this bad business but I have since learned a lesson. After leaving the Airport Seaport Parking / USA Auto Rental facility I used my Blackberry to find another lot to park at. I used Park n Go which looked like a real parking lot with a clearly lined asphalt surface, pretty landscaping, a nice sign and a 24 hour security gate with guard. It was a little more but the $20 was well worth it.

    Mr. Watkins probably exaggerated a little in his post but the next post by TLcruising looks a little suspect. I see that was the first and only post from this author and after a little surfing myself on the web site I found no mention Unitedairportparking using a company called Airport Seaport Parking or USA Auto Rental. The only phone number rings back to Unitedairportparking and was answered by a “Paula”. There is no “Christina” that the listed phone number. After a little more investigation on my part I have found that Unitedairportparking is a web site operating out of a residence (1350 SW 67th Terrace, Plantation, FL 33317, [protected]) which refers it’s web based business in the Fort Laudrerdale / Port Everglades area exclusively to USA Auto Rental / Airport Seaport Parking. This would account for Paula to brag about and promise the world to anybody who would call. USA Auto Rental and Airport Seaport Parking are both Florida corporations with the same principal listed but there is no business tax license or occupational licenses in either Fort Lauderdale or in Broward County and both USA Auto Rental and Airport Seaport Parking has been cited for this on numerous occasions (see: ). Finally there is no telephone or address listed for Airport Seaport Parking but the USA Auto Rental address is the same as the address for Airport Seaport Parking on Airportparkingreservations web site.

    So it would seem that the TLcruising post was a desperate attempt to make the JDWatkins post less credible possibly from Paula herself. The same with the Mikel M (interesting spelling) post. It was also his first time posting and coincidently, during the same time frame and the TLcruising post. As for NonnieMouse, this is a professional poster with posts or comments in excess of 1785 on this site alone.

    Mikel M states very well that “…don't believe everything that you read” and I would have to agree with him. That goes for both complaints and sugar coated responses. This is the internet and not everything written is factual. There are many unscrupulous individuals and companies preying on the unsuspecting web customer. It is always better to spend a few minutes researching your needs then trying to gain recourse after you and your hard earned dollar have been parted.

    I wrote this post because I feel I was victimized by, Airport Seaport Parking and USA Auto Rental. At the time Unitedairportparking was unknown to me but I should include them also. Yes, it was only $5 but it’s the principal not the amount. All my information is well researched and documented. I did not rely on other people’s stories or versions. Believe me or not it’s of no concern to me. Research it yourself if you like as I have included many well documented links for you to decide.


    Steven McMann, Tampa, FL

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  • Ss
    SSANDER Sep 28, 2009

    In July, 2009, I made reservations to park my car at Airport/Seaport Parking over the internet. I too went for cheap. Upon setting out for Ft. Lauderdale I did a quick Map Quest, programmed my GPS and had their directions. Well, it is a good thing I had all three, it took 3 sets of directions to find this place and then I could not believe this was where I was going to park my car. Poor fencing, trash scattered about, a dilapidated building with an office in one corner and cars parked in no particular mannor under the roof, misc types of vehicles and train cars every where. I went in, was immediately asked for my credit card and drivers license and my car tag number. The price was $4.96 more than the total quoted on the internet and then was told to "hurry up" the van was ready to go. I left my car parked in a drive way, handed over my keys, threw my luggage in the trailer being pulled by the dirty white van. I had panic moments during my cruise concerning how my vehicle was being cared for. When we arrived back at port, the van took over an hour to arrive and then we were taken to the "lot". My car was there the same condition as we left it, we quickly got our bags, locked the doors and got out of the area. Now, we are going on a short cruise in November, 2009 and we WILL NOT be using Airport/Seaport Parking. Next time, when checking out new facilities, I will take the extra time to make sure what I am getting. Cheaper is not always the best.


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  • Steven McMann Nov 02, 2009

    I've followed this string of posts for a while and just recently I was back in the Fort Lauderdale area. So I decided to drive by the United Airport Parking, Airport Seaport Parking, USA Auto Rental, Quality Car and Van Rental, Airport Parking Net, And Airport Parking Reservations lot and took some pictures which I will post here. It does seem that the post for TLcruising was not entirely truthful as this poster firmly stated "...The parking facility was not as described. The fence did not hang or sag, it was sturdy. And the lot which was fully paved did not have knee high weeds anywhere. And there were absolutely no junk cars to be found." I won't even respond. Let the pictures tell the story!! As for the original JD Watkins post, my previous post and the SSanders post well the description of the parking lot and surrounding area is, Well let's just say LOOK AT THE PICTURES for yourselves!!!

    Pict 1 - Shows approach to the lot on 1st Terrace - Note the parked trailers everywhere.

    Pict 2 - Entrance/Exit to lot - Note the unfinished structure (Office Bldg) and weeds on both sides of entranceway and haphazard parking of customers cars.

    Pict 3 - Entrance/Exit to lot - Note the dilapidated modular mobile homes in the backround, weeds around the entrance, and the sagging fence that TLcruising assures us is "Sturdy".

    Pict 4 - Here is a pict from the back side of the property clearly showing knee-high weeds and by TLcruiser's own words again " a fully paved lot" except it's not fully paved - Suprised!!!

    Pict 5 - Trailers parked on gravel...and a train behind them...

    Pict 6 & 7 - Night shots showing as per both and "A well lit and secured lot"!!

    Steven McMann, Tampa, FL


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