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This company is scam, please stay away from it. They are advertising their services through trusted travel aggregators like using their sponsored links. This is is obviously very clever move from their side because people generally trust Expedia and assume that everything they see on their web page is safe.

The mechanics of the fraud is the following:

Victim navigates to one of the sponsored links attracted by offer of cheap flights available from his or her region
The fraudulent site is presenting itself as an aggregator of cheap flight or it can be also mimicking the official or partner web site of a legit airline. To make the fraud look plausible it may display a lot of international support lines and 24x7 support (none of this is true and all these support lines are not working no matter when you call them). They can also state that that they have full refund policy during 24 hours, which is also not true.
The site is advertising extremely low fares (say $150 for travelling from Dubai to Thailand). Once the victim start the booking process, the site will collect sensitive information about the victim – name, DOB, passport number etc etc.
At the time of booking and payment the victim will be presented higher fares. It is explained by additional airline commissions, airport commissions and other reasons, which seem possible and legit. Usually this does not stop the victim from making payment because the initial rates are very low and the deal still makes sense. At this stage the fraudsters receive credit card details of the victim.
Upon completion of the payment, the victim receives the an e-mail, which states that the payment is confirmed and booking has been made however no e-tickets are issued yet. The following e-mail, which comes 5-10 minutes later, states that e-tickets are still not issued because there is a 2-phase payment process where the first payment made by victim is only 55% of the total price and the remaining 45% are to be paid to get the e-tickets issued. At this stage the deal is already not good for the victim because the total comes higher than the direct purchase from the legit airline.
If the victim pays the remaining amount because it will be afraid to loose the first payment then there is still no guarantee that e-tickets will be issued. Even if it were at this stage the fraudster are already making profit. However in most cases the e-tickets are not issued even after the second payment because “airlines have changed conditions last minute”, “high demand on this flight” and so on. So this cycle of payments will continue until the victim realises that he or she is being cheated.

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