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5:38 am EDT

Airlines Restaurant High price

The above restaurant is charging very high price of all food items especially meals. Due to general increase in all sectors almost all institutions, organizations, restaurants, hotels, etc increased rates accordingly. But the said restaurant is charging comparatively very high price especially for meals. While others charging Dh.5, Dh.6, Max.7, the said restaurant is charging Dh.10. Not only the price, the items for meals also reduced from before. All other restaurants only increased price and keep items remains same. If we question them they are saying they can't meet the expense. I didn't find any specialty in hospitality or furnishing, its same as all other restaurants. Their customer service is also bad. Two Months before the rate of said restaurant for meals was Dh.6 for Veg Meals & Dh.7 for other meals. Now for Veg meals it is Dh.7 and it is proportionate increase.

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, AE
May 17, 2010 3:07 am EDT

i do not agree with that, since so many years i was having food at airlines restaurant... the best best competitive price they provide food for...taste also excellent... he may speak about the price increase long back... they dint increase the price of lunch since two years... when all other restaurant increased rate last year when market items' price go high... they kept price no change.

Sep 24, 2008 4:24 pm EDT

i do not agree with you. could u tell me with which restaurant you r trying to compair the price with? you r talking abt one of the best indian restaurant in abu dhabi. when it comes to price i am sure what kind of meal you have there. i think ou should be having other main courses out there to know the price better.
i am sure u r compairing price with some small time restaurant in town.better have a check in other restaurant out in town before you make any comments. i am a regular customer out there i have have never felf this way coz evey one have to meet their requirements and their price is worth each penny.

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