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I have recieved a check.

I am still very upset, matter of fact I am even more annoyed, furious and very very disappointed.

I have made a baggage claim immediately after my travel, I I recieved the Check after 2 month with my name spelled wrong?

How can such an error be made being that I have filled out forms and provided my passport as proof of identity, yet the check was written with my last name incorrect. I cannot ask my friend to mail a check with my surname spelled incorrectly. This is ridiculous. What kind of service is this from such an airline?

This situation was being handle by Syed Affan Ahmed - ASA - FLL... this guy doesn't seem to answer emails or care much about customer. What even made matter worst they refuse to mail the check to my home country, I have to mail it to a friend then mail it to me in Jamaica. This most inconvenient service I have had. This is terrible.

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