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shuttle bus from kul airport to kuala lumpur city did not turn up at agreed location.


We booked a package deal that included tickets for the flight, hotel fee and transportation from the airport to the hotel and vice versa. On August 24th when we arrived at KUL airport it was a pity to notice that there was nobody waiting for us at the agreed place. After waiting for 1, 5 hours at the meeting point as mentioned on the voucher we decided to take a taxi to our hotel. AirAsiaGo (or its service provider) could not be reached on the phone number that was provided on the voucher. Booking details under number GNVMKN.

I trust that AirAsiaGo will take his/her responsibility and refund the cost that i made for the taxi (200 Malaysian Ringgit), refund 50% of the transportation cost and compensate the 1, 5 hr that i had to wait at the airport.

It must be said that the return trip from the hotel to the airport went smooth.

shuttle bus from kul airport to kuala lumpur city did not turn up at agreed location.
shuttle bus from kul airport to kuala lumpur city did not turn up at agreed location.
shuttle bus from kul airport to kuala lumpur city did not turn up at agreed location.

hotel booking - breakfast missing on booking confirmation

Itinerary # [protected]
Case I. D.: S -[protected]

I made my hotel booking via for 2 nights at The Waterfront Hotel in Kuching, Malaysia. The original booking includes breakfast. But the Booking Confirmation (Itinerary # [protected]) does not mention that breakfast is included.
I tried to bring the matter via your Customer Service link but the message was always "This site can't be reached."
On 19 September 2017, I telephoned you at 03 [protected]. A girl by the name Pooja (who was helpful) answered the call. She said that breakfast is included in my booking but she could not rectify the Itinerary. She promised to send me an email to confirm that breakfast is included in my booking.
I have received nothing - neither the new Itinerary nor the email.
I am very disappointed. I hope you can rectify the matter quickly and it is not necessary for me to seek assistance from your CEO Mr Tony Fernandes.
Please send me a new Itinerary showing that breakfast is included in my Booking. Thanks.

  • Updated by Raymond Tiong · Sep 19, 2017

    Awaiting action on the above complaint.

bangkok 24 jun, 2017 - 28 june, 2017 | itinerary # [protected]

I write to share with AirAsiaGo about my unpleasant trip to Bangkok lately. Wasted lot of money and time and unnecessary stress!

24 Jun
On the arrival to City Home Inn slightly before 2pm but was informed by the Hotel Operator that no room is booked! Tax fare from Air port to Platunam is 250 bath.

By using City Home Inn wifi, I managed to find AirAsia X hotline +[protected] from internet. Called the number using hotel owner handphone and was given [protected] to call.

The hotel owner is kind enough to lend me his hand phone to call initially but the call took quite some time and the owner got to go out for other business, as a result I force to buy a sim card which cost me 149 bath.

After waited for 2 and half hours the girl, Ms Hairy, manage to get an accommodation for us at Amarin Inn which is 8 miles from Platunam!

Initially she asked me to check in at City Home Inn and will refund me the amount charged to my back in Dec 2016! I can accept the offer as the City Home Inn will charge me 9, 600 Bath for the room!

After the long search, she managed to get back with Amarin Inn. I got no choice but to accept the accommodation offered as the sky is getting darker and raining heavily.

We got out to the Taxi Stand in front of McDonald wet and took a taxi to Amarin Inn. The journey took us close to 1 hour. Paid 200 Bath.

With the hotel detail from email from Ms Hairy the taxi driver could not find the hotel and drop us at the roadside and ask us to ask around. We walk for another 40 minutes and can find Amarin Inn. A pregnant women came to rescue, but she also need to call the hotel then only can get the exact location! Another 20 minutes walk.

We reached our room 6pm plus. First day gone!!! we supposed to have nice food at Central Plaza as we initially plan!!!

Totally new to the area, Khao San, we totally lost! With the many many "Beware of Snatch Theft" signboard along the road, we hesitate to come out for dinner!

25 Jun
The next morning, with the advice from the old lady from the Hotel, we took the boat to Central (Sathron) to change to LRT in order to get to Platunam. But we ended up at Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon area. The journey took more than 1 hour and cost us 42 bath for the boat and 111 bath for the LRT.

Due to security reason and the long hour of traveling back we left the City Center at 4 pm and reached back hotel 530pm on the second day!

Previously, when we stay at Citin Hotel, we shopping until 10pm them only walk back to the Hotel without concern of security!

26 Jun
Due to almost same duration and cost, we decided to take a taxi to Platunam. It cost us 100 Bath this round.

In order to save on the transportation cost we decided to take bus to go back to Khao San, again before 6pm we got to leave the town. Bus No 79 cost us 39 bath, but we ended up across the bridge! Luckily with the help of a middle age women, we took another bus back to Khao San cost us another 39 bath.

27 Jun
Took taxi to Platunam again cost us 148 bath (we paid the taxi driver 150 bath), we leave the city at 5pm taking Bus 47 (free, no air cond)

28 Jun
Can't do anything just take tax to airport (370 bath, 120 toll fee, 250 meter) after lunch and back to Malaysia with an unforgettable experience.

I sincerely hope that AirAsiaGo can arrange another trip for me and my family members to Bangkok with a stay at Platunum area to let us have a good memory!

Hope to hear from AirAsiaGo soon.

Too Kok Thai

Originally sent to [protected]@mail. on 5 July. No reply since then.


hi airasiago... I want to make a booking from kul-jog... but my booking is unsuccesfull yet.. but why...

inconsistency in flight takeoff timing

Dear Team Air Asia Customer Service, My boyfriend and I have been loyal customers of Air Asia and we...

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booking 4 night room to penang

We had book and make payment through airasia go that will stay in oyo room beach jetty.We been told our room...

package: flight + hotel

My complain started when a booked my a flight+hotel from Manila to Kuala Lumpur using AirAsiaGo for 2 night...

hotel confirmed booking but cannot check in

i booked Galaxy Service Suites at Times Square, Kuala Lumpur 4 Dec, 2015 - 6 Dec, 2015 | Itinerary #...

hotel paid but not available in ho chi minh

Dear Sir/ Madam Itinerary No: [protected]: I've made my flight + hotel booking at Anthena hotel, Ho Chi...

All sales are final

Booking hotel accommodation with air - asia go has turned into a nightmare as they are not your average hotel booking website. I made the mistake of not reading the fine print and now i am paying for it. They are happy to take your money up front but if a mistake is made forget ever seeing your money again. So called cheap price turns out to be the same on most other hotel booking websites but the difference is if you make an error with booking wrong dates you are told "all sales are final" we booked 9 nights accommodation in a hotel just outside london during the olympic games 2012. As i write this booking is still 8 months away. I was looking at my flight details and realised i mixed up the dates and booked the first 6 nights accommodation before we arrive in london and yes i know i made the mistake but with any other hotel website eg agoda, etc. I could just go online and sort it out. No not with air - asia go first you cannot do anything with the booking you make. You have to email them and wait to be told all sales are final and thank you for understanding. Well i don't understand! I sent a long email outlining and explaining the situation i also sent proof of our airline itinerary and only asked for them to change dates or give us a credit to use with them to re - book the right dates. No that isn't what they do. All sales are final! I have asked them to send me a contact here in australia so i can explain the situation and see if we can sort something out as i do not want to lose my money. Also the hotel will not lose out as it is booked during the olympic games so the room will be sitting empty when someone else could book it. As of today i have still not heard back from airasia go and i doubt i will. I know you will say i have learned a hard lesson but i believe a company should have some integrity and help their customer if they can see the customer has made a legitimate mistake. I naively believed because they were connected with air asia that they would be a company with integrity so i gave them a go. That was my first and will be my last mistake. I have always booked with other hotel booking websites in the past and now i will continue to book with other companies in the future. I guess this is just a warning to those who think this is a good company to deal with. Well it isn't unless you are happy to deal with inflexible rules and poor customer service. As far as i am concerned they are a rip off company that shouldn't be allowed to trade. If they do sort this out i will come back on this website and apologise but for now this is just a warning "all sales are final!" and "thank you for understanding!"

ground arrangement overbooked

Booked & paid for Mt Kinabalu climb package for 4 paxs, received email confirmation stating booking confirmed.
However, one month later they called & informed that we are not able to climb on the chosen date because it is fully booked. When asked for refund, no respond from them since May 9th.
Now it is already June 11th. Our trip is suppose to be in Mid July. So what are we going to do now?
Their call centre wasn't helpful. Did not solve the problem. Instead, asked us to wait for their email reply. Really poor customer service. Sad isn't?

  • Gi
    ginny22 Nov 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not book anything with AirAsia Go as you will never get any satisfaction from them. The savings you might get outways possible problems. They have a standard answer ALL SALES ARE FINAL! I will never book anything with them again. They are quick to take your money but if legimate problems arise they will not even give you a credit to be able to book something else. Go to reputable companies that are flexible and look after their customers. This company is a RIP OFF! I hope everyone begins to realise this before more people lose their money!!

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Settle by ourselves and paid cash after purchase with AirAsia Go

I'd forced to paid again to the rooms for the Hotel even airasiago helpline promised to call back and respond to the said Hotel in 5 mins, cause the 5mins took me & friends more than one and half hour waiting for nothing infront of the Hotel front desk.

Due to wasting time on waiting no feedback from AirAsia Go, we missed our train from Suzhou to Hangzhou, I'd no choice and very frustrated on repeat so much of double paid in my vacation because of lousy AirAsiaGo!!!

Reports and mails to the related department already done not only 1 time, the problems seems like your company leave it never happened, I never receive a single of word or a piece of paper regarding the mistake that were always happeneds from your company to consumers and what we lost in seven days pass vacation in Suzhou, China.

I am wondering how huge numbers of complaints to AIRASIA if grow and expand business with this kind of manners.

Attached the PREPAID VOUCHER from AirAsiaGo found that the "Supplier Billing Info:" leave blank.

Settle by ourselves and paid cash after purchase with AirAsia Go

go holiday package

On 6th Oct I have booked Phuket trip for December 2009 for 2 person. My Credit card transaction went thru but I didn't receive any booking reference number from air asia go holiday. I call go holiday hotline and every phone call I have to wait for 30 min for someone to attend to my call. She confirm that the payment went thru and she can't find any booking for it and suggested that I re-book using another credit. The refund will takes at least 10 working days.

The next day I used another credit card to re-book again and I encountered the same problem, no booking reference number and I have to call go holiday department and they confirm the credit card payment went thru again but can't check my booking in their system again. She ask me to call them back the next day to check.

For these whole issue I have paid twice for the booking and yet I am still not confirm for my Phuket trip. I have to pay extra RM60 for the booking today compare to yesterday fare.

  • Ix
    Ixonz Oct 08, 2009

    I encounter the same issue here.. same package offer by AirAsia Go Holiday.. from KL to Phuket on the 15th Oct.. Transaction went tru. but no confirmation email from them.. Nothing!! this is suck..

    And, I am gonna fly on the 15th Oct. 09, yet i'm still not receiving anything from them.. and i can't even reach them via phone or email, wondering what kind of customer service they are, with this kind of cust. care service, they still proudly claimed that they are the most favourite malaysian's airlines.. dissapointing and irritating.. PUI!! SCAMMER AIRLINES!!

    Anyway, i've already called up the bank and i'm gonna dispute..

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  • Ai
    airasiasuck Oct 21, 2009

    they suck to the max don't book anything through go holiday

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  • Cs
    csling Nov 02, 2009

    i have book air flight and hotel from go holiday if not mistaken me i book it on May or June2009.
    Because my passport is expired soon so i call up to check whether must igive them the new passport no. after i renew? They told me yes i need to call up and told them the new passport no. if not i need to bring both passport on the day when i want to collect my flight ticket. So i still aks them i need to call this customer service line??? It is difficult to get through, i ask them is there any other no. to call and they told me "NO"...this is the only no.
    before i renew my passport, i received an email from air asia stated that the flight from BKK to KL have change to 550pm instead of 645pm. My friend call me to call up and double confirm. So after i renew my passport I call up to confirm with them and at the meant time I want to give them my new passport no.
    I call almost 30mins only get through, a lady pick up the call. I told her that I have renew my passport and need to give them the new no., then she told me that I need to fax it to them...ok is fine, i forgive you cause the first time i called up, the person just told me to call up and tell them. ok...after that I ask her about the timing, she can told me that the time that I go from KL to BKK also change to 345pm instead of come no one inform us? what if I didn't call up and ask??? means i need to wait there till 345pm? i say i wanna change the time to earlier...she say ok and will send the update confirmation to me but till now i still haven't received any latest and updated confirmation, my flight will be on end of this month already.
    Can Air Asia/Go holiday give a good explaination on this?

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  • Je
    Jefian Feb 13, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh!! YOu think yours was a long time. My booking was for October 2012. It is now Feb 2014 and I am still trying to sort out my refund. So many emails, so many unanswered calls and emails I can not count them all.
    Worlds cheapest airline only comes through worlds worst customer service.

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  • Cy
    cyeo Aug 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Refund for my trip cancellation to Japan has been promised by Air Asia Go since Apr 12, 2011 but till now after so many e-mails of follow-up and complaints, i've yet to receive the payment. My last email follow-up dated Aug 23 has been falling on deaf ears !

    Air Asia, please live up to your standard and award as "World's Best Low Cost Airline" !!!

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fraud, trickery, windle & deceit package

On 14 December, 2008, My friend and I have booked online a Go Holiday Package to Perth, Australia for our holiday during Chinese New Year. The package consists of flight, hotel and an optional tour. After browsing thru a few dates and we decided to book the flight and hotel on 23 January, 2009 as this is the only date suits our schedule and the availability of seats. The departure time from LCCT is 23:10 and arriving Perth at 06:00 the next day. We thought that we should be paying for our hotel from 24 January, 2009. However, after getting the confirmation email from Air Asia and we noticed that they are charging both flight and hotel from 23 January, 2009. We thought it is a mistake and then browsed thru the internet again by booking the flight and hotel separately using the date of flight on 23 January, 2009 and hotel on 24 January, 2009. We were shocked to find out that the diffence in price is approx. RM500.00. Since it is a substantial extra cost and without delay, we immediately emailed to Air Asia to clarify on the matter and we were told that we have the privellege to check in early. But, we argued that we do not need early check in as it is unfair and not worthy for us to pay the extra RM500.00 merely for the few hours early check in? If we were being alerted or informed of this privellege during our booking, we will not opt for this package. They replied that the package is non refundable, non adjustable and so on. We really feel cheated as no matter what terms and conditions applied, there should be a cooling period? Doesn't it unfair to us, as a consumer who is always binded by all these unfavourable terms and conditions?
For everybody's info, we are like other victims having difficulties getting in touch with Air Asia's office neither from email nor phone calls. Just imagine how much time and cost which has caused us?

  • Ar
    Arthur Smith Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    While airasia are doing somehting admirable in terms of low cost and getting you there in one piece, their trickery methods are so pathetic and blantantly obvious its disgusting. it makes you want to hate them when you sort of love them. whoever the jerk is behind the trickery of say for example the usless insurance which you have to cancel to confirm you agree you don't want it should be sacked. I hope a competitor arrives soon without such childish penny-pinching trickery and I for one will go with them, even if I have to pay a little more.

    Arthur smith, expat from australia working in malaysia

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  • Li
    Lim Ling Ling Aug 20, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I noticed that my sister's 2 luggage has been opened by others when I received them in KLIA2. 1 of the luggage's lock was damaged and the other's passcode being changed.
    My flight was AK 541, 22/2/2018, 15.30, from Siam reap to Kuala Lumpur.
    I have checked and found that nothing was missing.

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  • Lo
    LowKH Sep 10, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Airasiago ZNTNYT
    Itinenary #7294851646694
    Date of flight : 20th September 2017
    Destination :- Langkawi
    Desirable Resolution :- I would like a detailed statement of charges on my trip for record.
    Reason being :- My credit card account shows different charges from booking website stated charge.

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