Air New Zealandflights cancelled accommodation not fairly given out.

M Dec 07, 2019

Not happy with the way my Husband and son where treated due to flight cancellation the accommodation they are staying at is very low star and the food is all so descusting I am so upset with other people receiving novtel accommodation this one man staff treated my husband unfair due to his appearance air New Zealand should be looking after their own people he is Mario not happy we paid 2000 for fights only for them to wait in crappie accommodation because the staff member chose other people to stay in what ever they thought the best for them self to choose my husband and my son have just spent the last 4 days fixing his father's grave up north and what new Zealand staff did is disgusting to my husband and son. I would like them to receive a written apology for the inconvenience caused by air new Zealand my husband booking number is AEBWLH Jason Armstrong and my son is kane Armstrong.

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