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Air Lingus / Flight reschedule

1 Stratford, CT, United States
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I have bought a ticket through to fly from New York (JFK) to Bucharest (OTP) with a layover in Dublin (DUB) of about 6 hours. The ticket has been bought 4 months in advance. A week before the flight Air Lingus has decided change the flight from Dublin to Bucharest from the 18th to the 19th. But they did not have any other seats on the flight from JFK to DUB leaving on the 18th and arriving on the 19th. So I am now forced to buy a hotel room in Dublin and stay there for a day. When I contacted Air Lingus on the phone they hang up on me saying, and I quote: "Press charges if you don't like it. Goodbye"...
Their problem is that I will take their advice and press charges...and never ever in my life fly with them...

My recommendation: stay as far away from them as possible...

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    Air Lingus - Unhelpful staff
    Air lingus

    I am writing to complain about my flight which was on the 23rd of March from Dublin to Brussels flight number EI0632 and return EI0633 on the 27th March 2017. When we arrived at the airport and prceeded to check in there seem to be a problem with my ticket. My friend and I had booked on the sema ticket and we were flying with other friends from college for a student exchange in Belgium. Our tickets were accidentially booked for the 23d of Febuary and not March. They told us to go the the desk and see waht they could do.
    At the desk the women behind the counter was no way helpful she told us that our new tickets would cost us 382 euro each dispite our orginal ones only costing 120 each. We said that we were only students and that we could not afford such an amount of money on top of our expense. They just said nothing! They then told us that because our orginal tickets were a month out of date that they could not refund any of it. We went to our teachers and explained the suitation. They told us that 2 girls from our group were no longer going on the trip and that we could possibly have their tickets.
    We went back up to the deska and asked the women again could thsi be possible. She just kept saying that Air LIngus does not have this policy. We then asked was there another flight that we could go on and meet up with our group at another time. She just said that they all cost the same. Both me and my friend were extremely upset by this and the women was so unhelpful. In the end the rest of our class gave us as much money as they could so that we could fly with our group but I was extremely dissappointed with Air LIngus for the way in which they dealt with the matter and I will not be flying with them again!!

    Yours Sincerely,
    Eleanor Byrne, Wateford.

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    Who booked the tickets? You? If you booked the tickets for the wrong day (and the wrong month!) you really can't blame the airline, can you?

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    Air Lingus - slow refund
    Air Lingus
    United Kingdom

    Bought tickets to travel to Lithuania online on Airlingus website. 700 pounds for 2 return tickets. Only to get an email a month later saying they were no longer flying there, and then told by email that the refund of monies would be not for another month. Oh and by the way, if you want to complain, you have to pay for the privilege via an expensive per minute 0845 number...NOT GOOD AIRLINGUS, NOT GOOD AT ALL..Give me back my money now and all the interest you have earnt on it as well!!!

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    There is an easy solution to the problem. File a dispute claim with your credit card company/bank. It happened to me with another airline - they wanted to take 45 days to give me a refund. After I disputed the charge, I had my refund in just a matter of a few days. Good luck!

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