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A May 28, 2018 Review updated:

Dear Sir/Ma'am,
This is to request compensation for delayed flight and a very disappointing experience with Air India express:
Flight Details:
Flight Number: IX 115
Date of Flight: 19 May 2018
From: New Delhi
To: Abu Dhabi
Scheduled Departure: 20:50 Hours
Final Departure: 4:45 Hours (20 May 2018)
Delayed by: 8+ hours

No of Passenger:
Adult: 3
o Akhilesh Yadav
o Anu Gupta
o Shelly Gupta
Child: 1
o Shrestha Gupta
Infant 2
o Manvik Yadav
o Tisha Gupta
First of all no information was given to us about flight delay neither through SMS or Call or fact Air India Express Staff started blaming us saying that all the passengers have been informed on call which was a blatant lie on our face. We checked with other passengers they also did not receive any information about flight delay. They did not show any sign of concern even knowing that we were travelling with 1 Child and 2 Infants and were coming from Chandigarh. If they had informed us in time we would started late or made alternate arrangement. Further, when we asked for hotel accommodation the Air India express staff refused on our demand.
After repeated request we were given stay in Delhi Dare Devil lounge which had no food for the infant although we specifically asked the staff to arrange for a lounge with some basic items like curd, Fruits or salad. We moved to other lounge on our own expense.
Secondly, we had asked assistance from lounge we were stating in to the flight boarding gate as we had luggage and infants. Although we were given an Air India Express Staff to assist us, however, the staff appeared late at the lounge and made us run with kid and infant to the boarding gate which was quite a distance from the lounge. At least they should have arrange for a Go Cart.
We therefore request you to look into the matter and assist us in getting compensation for the delayed flight and the inconvenience caused to us. Please find attached our boarding pass for your reference.

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    Air India flight operated by Air India express. We have booked flight via Air India site.


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    Guruprasad87 Jun 04, 2018

    This is Guruprasad,
    Mt parents Mr. Harish Balagudi and mother Mrs. Shubha Balagudi traveled From Arlanda to Bangalore on 1su June 2018 on AI168.
    First of all the flight got delayed by three hours and they reached Delhi late. Because of this they missed their connecting flight.
    But air India should have booked next immediate flight to Bangalore instead they booked last flight i.e. on 8:30 night.
    My parents are old and even they are in special assist category they waited for 10 hours in airport. Air India not even provided them meals or lounge. They did it in their own expense.
    It’s a pathetic service .never heard of any airline who gives such a worst service .Shame on you guys.

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