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I arrived in canada on january 3rd, 2022 flight ac976 with a negative covid report, as well as I am doubled vaccinated.
Everyone on that flight was tested for covid and promised that the results will become available 48 hours later. Today its 5 days later and no results.
Called numerous occasions, and was told that they are overwhelmed with tests to be done. One rep says that this was air canada way in discouraging people from travel. Really... What happens to the airline industry. I think there is a better way, and a more efficient way of handling this. Hire more staff.
I work in the financial industry considered essential, and need to get back to work and cannot do so unless I get my results. Other airlines allow their clients to go through without testing with a negative covid report within 72 or 48 hours of travel.
Why cant air canada adopt the same policy.
Take a look at the reviews on switch health and see that this is the worst service ever and does reflect on air canada decision to team up with them.

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Feb 26, 2022 12:34 am EST
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Switch Health, Covid Testing Pearson Airport, Terminal 1, 25th November 2021

This company is a shambles...what they are doing, according to a video from Justice Centre lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter, is carrying out medical procedures without a licence, committing assault on the person, and opening themselves up for punitive damages claims, as well as violating the Nuremberg code regarding informed consent. I wrote to their CEO, Marshall Myles on 4th January 2022, regarding a damages claim, and sent the letter by courier. To date, no reply, no apology, nothing. Two of their so-called managers said they would deal with my case, but again, nothing happened. The reason for this is that I had a medical procedure and had a doctors note advising against the use of the left nostril for a nasal swab, due to the risk of bleeding. The "nurse" completely ignored me, and proceeded to go way too far up the nostril, and I had a 4 hour bleed the next day. The situation at the testing site was deplorable, a veritable covid party. Do not deal with this company if you can help it. $100 million contract from this Trudeau government, and they can't get anything right...

Apr 09, 2022 11:11 pm EDT

I think AC is going to lose big time in the long run and they will deserve it - their last move: refusing a petition of over 195,000 signatures which was refused at the door and the people delivering it threatened by security. Those delivering it were told they had to MAIL it directly to HO (what garanties it will be acknowledged anyways!) Here is the link to a video by RebelNews with the whole story and how they were treated... This has to go around !

SHAME ON YOU Air Canada!


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