AHS.comge washing machine

L Aug 01, 2018

Requested service 06/23/18 on GE Washing machine, service appx week later parts ordered. Huge boxes delivered abt 10days later called AHS to let them know. Took 2 weeks for appt on 08/01/18 (today). Called into AHS to ask why no contact from GE? Rep called GE then stated she was on hold for 7 mins & was sent to vm. 2 service ppl show up &I am told not all parts here that tentative date for repair 08/13 IF parts not on back order.
I called AHS rep says best they can do for me is a $125.00 credit so I can rent a machine, this after I explained I am disabled & can't drive plus caring for my 78 yo hubs who has Alzheimers and my daughter who lives across town picks up laundry takes it home & returns it once a week. In the past AHS just replaced washer or gave a check with adding my own funds to it so I could get a new one. So I wait & wait over a month to wash at my own home. This is how 20year loyal customers are treated. I have been encouraging my daughter to get this warranty not now. If I get my washer fixed I will cancel my account I'm done with AHS. Don't purchase this warranty is my advice.

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