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7:20 am EDT

AHS Information Services - Refrigerator Service

To Whom It May Concern July 6, 2016

On 6-17-2016 AHS send out a Sears technician to fix my non-cooling refrigerator. My refrigerator is not digital everything is basic. The reason why I contacted AHS was because my refrigerator was keeping a 47-50 degree constant cabinet temperature. The freezer seemed to be working okay only thing soft was the ice creme. The technician didn’t find anything wrong but said if it doesn’t cool to contact AHS and they will return.
I contacted AHS on July 1, 2016 and explained to them the refrigerator situation and that the refrigerator was still not cooling. The AHS staff on the phone asked me if the hours 8am-12noon were okay I said yes and that she will contact Sears to come out on July 5th because of the 4th of July holiday.
Please keep in mind since June 17, 2016 my refrigerator has not been working properly and trying to get through your lines is impossible. Sorry I don’t have access to a computer all the times. On Tuesday July 5, 2016 my wife was off work and was waiting on the repair tech but according to your company the appointment was never placed. The appoint now is for July 7, 2016 .
We have been members for quite some time now and are up to date on our dues. I am not too happy with the service you are providing. Recently your service has been unacceptable it is to the point where I am very close to making my complaint with the BBB.
Tomorrow is July 7, 2016 after the repairs/visit has been made one of your reps will be contacting to see if my refrigerator has been repaired. It disappoints me that the technician sent out the first time was not able to diagnose the problem.
Sir, if you have a high demand on customer repairs something needs to be done to provide the necessary service required. Waiting this long for service is too long.
I am currently experiencing low cooling in my house don’t know if it is due to refrigerant or something else. It has been pretty hot lately here in Texas so this may have a lot to do with this. I will wait to see the results of the refrigerator issue before I contact AHS regarding my AC issue.
A few of my friends and neighbors have left AHS due to this type of service I managed to hang on but am beginning to see for myself the good service AHS had before is declining.
The next few weeks, months will determine if I will continue my services and will follow the proper procedures to fulfill my contract obligations.
A second tech was sent out and confirmed it is the thermostat causing the problem. Now we have to wait until July 19, 2016 to have the part installed. Seriously almost a month to trouble shoot and repair.
Sincerely yours
Enrique Cantu
Cell: 512-203-6569
Customer number 166897022

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12:50 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

AHS Information Services - Job Scam

Job scam posted on which is nothing more than a phishing for online colleges scheme run by Three Stars Media in Orlando. You apply for the job and you get first sold some bogus job finding service, and then you get harrassed on the phone by online degree mills. No thank you.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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