AHMSI now known as Homeward Residentialnon-compliance in credit agency reporting


Unbeknownst to me until almost 2 years later, this lender AHMSI, now known as Homeward Residential, failed and refused to stop reporting to the 3 credit agencies that my mortgage with them has been completely paid in full. The Satisfaction of Mortgage was filed in the public records immediately upon payment, yet this so-called reputable mortgage company continues to report that a balance is due and owing. Due to this company's inept and irresponsible reporting, my credit report appears poor and burdened, when the fact is that this liability is non-existent.
What has happened to responsibility based on facts? How can we rely on credit reporting agencies when there are mortgage companies interested only in bulking up their fraudulent Accounts Receivable records. I suggest this is allowed merely to elevate their financial sheets to boast of assets that do not exist. Mortgage Fraud is covered by many federal statutes. Isn't that what the Dodd-Frank Act purportedly intended to eliminate?
Lastly, trying to locate the party responsible to correct this inaccuracy is next to impossible. I have been on the phone for 2 days, shuffled around from one department to another, from one person to another with no one taking the responsibility of making this change permanently on the record. The credit reporting agencies are eager to report everything about an individual, but none of them not a one can show some initiative and do what is RIGHT and RESPONSIBLE when they make errors. They just pass it on to the next person or to anyone, just so they do not have to deal with their ineptness. It's the 3 monkeys syndrome ... I see nothing, I hear nothing, and I know nothing.


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    emiller12 Jul 20, 2012

    Please contact your local state Atty General's office and the Division of Finance who licenses Homeward Residential in your state. Nex make a qualified written request *use that term in the letter, send it in writing, certified mail to the company with your complaint, keep it professional. Include your information along with what you want corrected. You might also want to complain to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well as the FTC. Do not talk to them on the wrong or try to negotiate it is useless. If they call you, ask them if they have addressed your letter and that you want their reply in writing. Best of luck.

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    emiller12 Sep 07, 2012

    File a written complaint by certified mail to AHMSI as well as cc: the complaint to the FTC and/or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on this issue. They will make sure it gets corrected by AHMSI aka Homeward Residential. I would also recommend making the same complaint with the BBB of TX, they seem to be able to get things done.

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