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This company is horrible! It is ultimately owned by WL Ross & Co. LLC Their call center is clearly housed in some hovel in India. No one speaks English! They provide absolutely no service. When you ask to speak with someone about the terms of your mortgage you are told, "You must find a local lender to help you. We are here to collect your money." I am angry that my mortgage was sold to a company without my knowledge or approval. Option One (AKA H&R Block) basically threw me to the wolves when they sold my mortgage. I was not given an opportunity to find a replacement mortgage company after Option One went "belly up". I hope and pray that the current "mortgage meltdown" completely decimates any profitability for AHMSI, its CEO, and their board of directors. A pox on all of them!


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    Christine815 Oct 27, 2008

    I agree!! When you ask for the phone number to reach someone in the states, you're told there isn't such a number, though Option One did have one in place (41309 - no longer valid). I won't speak to any foreigner in india because I would have to ask What? every word they speak... no thanks. You can try their phone number at 214-260-7000 ... better yet get the entire internet viewers to call that number and jam their phone line. My complaint stems from Option One not getting my account cleared up and now I have to deal with stupid (US office) people along with their foreign indians. They have put such a bad spin on this that I will not make purchases at just any gas station... I go to only one local chain - no friggen india. American Home Mortgage Servicing is under the umbrella of American Home Investment Corp. ------- links give board of directors names. I'm hunting for these peoples contact information and I plan on harrassing all of them so they can get my account straightened out since they have the most stupid (not ignorant, just plain stupid) people working at their call center including supervisors like Ms. Porter of Jacksonville office. http://markets.chron.com/2dtrading.blogspot.com?Page=PROFILE&Ticker=AHMIQ

    If I find any more info on phone numbers, email addresses or postal addresses, I will make another post here so Everone can join in on making their lives miserable with being inundated with harrassing phone calls.

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  • Mo
    Monika Leandry Oct 30, 2008

    No doubt one of the worse Companies I have ever dealt with. I had perfect credit when I purchased my home. This company has done everything possible to change that. I t all started after my mortgage was sold to them. It was the beginning of my worse nightmare. Somebody has to do something about it. I thought about contacting FOX's OReilly or my Congressman. I think we need to create a consumer group and voice our concern publicly to get their attention. Their Staff is utterly incompetend. They certainly have made my life miserable. Let me kmow if I can help

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    Debi and Dave Nov 12, 2008

    We were sold to AHMSI without our knowledge as well. We start to get phone calls on the 3rd of each month if we have not made our payment...we try to make it before late fees but, due to the economy it's getting harder for us each month...we are self employed so, times are hard and with no work coming in we have started making our payment before we are 30 days late. So, we call the customer service dept. and of course get an rep. from India on the line, first of all they are like Robots...no matter why you call or what you are inquiring about they say the same thing over and over...when can you make your payment, can you borrow money to make your payment...we asked to speak to a supervisor and guess what he asked the same questions over and over...we were trying to inquire about negotiating our prepayment penalty...and btw forget that folks...they are adamant about not doing that for you, and then revert right back to mr. and mrs. when can you make your payment etc. etc. I said to both reps. why do you guys sound like robots, we ask you a question and you go directly to what sounds like your reading from the same book ...no personality, no repore with clients...basically robots--brain dead or brainwashed saying the same thing over and over again...why first of all are they outsourcing their work??? of course it is all about the almight dollar right...these guys probably get paid peanuts...this company should be working americans in america..not working foreigners in a foreign country...no wonder our mortgage companies are screwed and their clients as well...HOW can they get away with this...and we just shelled out billions for this kind of treatment...I say let's REBEL Americans...and if we can bring this to the media...sign us on...O'reilly here come!

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    Donna Nov 17, 2008

    AHMSI is a horrible company! And I am sick and tired of talking to the people from India. However, I did reach the American office and am working on a modification with them. The best number to call is: Jeanne Drake - VP Home Preservation Dept. 949-784-6011. I received a call back with-in 24 hours and have been continuously treated well and get call backs. I am not happy with the modification they are suggesting, the payments are actually $200 higher! Go figure. Anyway, I'm going to keep trying and it's great to speak with an American that speaks clear english.

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  • Iv
    Ivy Nov 19, 2008

    Yes I have been having a real problem with this company, My morgage was sent to them with out my permission and the people I have talk to, did not care about my concern and was very rude. I had two rep on different days that I was talking to concerning my mortgage and they were just talking over me as I was trying to explain was going on in my morgage, then papers was sent to me for a modification and the rate was twice as high and add another 8000, on to my house note at the end I refuse to sign for that, so please be careful in what you sign because they will stick you in the long run. This is a bad company and also my credit rate is shot because of the way they AHMSI states they I have behine payment and late charges, when I paid my payment from Option one .

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    billie hammond Nov 21, 2008

    IAMgetting treated the same way by amsi you asked them to send you information they dont i reqested my pymt history on monday they havent sent it to me yet i spoke to a mr VK he told me to fax him my request for my pymt history for the last 12mos and he said that he would this was on mon ihavent recieve any thing yet he said that he would fax the informtion to me but he lied and i am with that lady that said AHMSIIS AHORRIBLE COMPANYTO DEAL WITH IMYSELF THINK THAT MORTGAGE COMPANYSHOULD BE INVESTIGATED BECAUSE something just isnt right about that company or else shut down

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    s.smith Nov 24, 2008

    At first i thought it was me. i have so much problem with the communicators of India, they are rude ruthless and inconsiderate if i did not know any better it appears they handle you as if the company from HR Bblock was sold to loan sharks... that's how u r treated... i had an error on behalf of AHMSI and had it corrected by a U.S employee but had not been documented and i recieved calls from India, and i caught hell trying to tell them there was conflicting figures that were quoted by U.S. employee and had to plead with them to connect me to the USA after which supervisor immediately enter correct info in system Option One to me appeared to at least handle you with some type of respect as to you being a customer of theirs...why is it u r treated as if u r an enemy to the company but u r paying the company, i got screwed with this adjustible crap, imagine 1500.00 mo with only 1300.00 for the whole yaer applied to the principle... who do u alert about this type of robbery

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    Prem Nath Nov 29, 2008

    I have been screwed with the same things you all are talking about. i am so glad to find you folks. I am an Indian, but I do not like the way the call center from India treates me. I consider myself American becuase I have been here and appreciate this country well enough.





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  • Sp
    SpadeDevil Dec 04, 2008

    I agree with all you folks. I actually got approved for a loan mod from AHMSI and when I received the paperwork they had added $12.000 on to the back of my loan. I felt is if I was close to losing the house so instead of arguing I just signed the papers.

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  • Jo
    Joan Jan 23, 2009

    Wow. I thought I was the only one out there who was treated so poorly. I attempted to contact this company several times and was put on hold for up to 2.5 hours! I would put the phone down on speaker phone and do what I normally do around the house until they answered. Sometimes I just gave up because they didn't answer and I got sick of being on hold. When I did get ahold of them they didn't speak English. One person told me that if they re-wrote my loan my payment would be $4000.00. They were so rude!!! I told them that they had very poor customer service and the response was, "We are not here for customer service we are here to collect a debt."
    I ended up walking away from a home I loved in a nice neighborhood, my credit is trashed, and I live in an apartment complex. Isn't there anything we can do about this company??

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    kristine Feb 23, 2009

    I STRONGLY agree with the complaints against this mortgage company, there is no communication between the office in Texas and their call center in India. The only advice i can give is DO NOT STOP calling them, i think they know my voice already. I harassed them as much as they were harassing me for something that was untrue because of no communication, but in the end i got what i wanted because i did not stop calling and i always asked to speak with someone in the United States, they will transfer the call!!!

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    Ross Feb 27, 2009

    I very much agree here. Absolutly idiots maniging this so called "company". I am a self employed and tried to explain that my income veries each month. They don't care. Based on 3 calculations for three different months I was one time with shortage of $636, next time I was over by about $800 and last time my financial analisys came up with pretty much similar numbers. But regardless, I never qualified for a loan modification. I personally think that they don't even know what the criteria are for that purpose.
    Donna thank you for the US number that you've provided. I'll give it a try.


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  • Vi
    vivi24 Mar 19, 2009

    i thought i was alone as well these people are horrible i'm not racist but i think when you are dealing with the most valueval thing in your life is your home they pu it in hands of retarted people i they screwing me over in my loandmodification and thay are in breach of contract now they harrasing saying other things, i had call my legistator of my city and thay are no help neither all these services out there and programs do not work thay just get your hopes up, if any one out there has info please post it or well need to call the feds or someone to help us . AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE SERVICING INC ARE THE DEVIL THAY NEED TO BE STOP

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    vivi24 Mar 19, 2009


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    SBoyd56 Mar 20, 2009

    AHMSI is clearly the Devil's Advocate. My husband and I are so completely stressed out by this company. Our MODIFICATION process started in November 2008 and as of March 16, 2009 "they say" we have a Processor to work our deal. I have her name, phone number and extension just try to get that person to call you...it's not happening!! They assign so many customers to just 1 person they can't possibly be working efficently and timely. Well, at least she speaks english so I know it's not coming from INDIA!!! I'm taking vivi24's advice and will make some phone calls. We are not customers of AHMSI, we are being treated like animals on a short rope.
    REMEMBER: This AHMSI is not a mortgage company, they are DEBT collectors...what is that all about??????

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    Rick Mar 21, 2009

    I have had my mortgage for 6 years now and for each yr I have had a different mortgage company. I don't think that the ink was dry before it was sold, quite frankly.
    Anyway, my mortgage was with Ameriquest at one time. I called them and asked, since my loan was with them, if I could try to refi my mortgage with them. Nope, they didn't have a company in TN, where I live, so can't do that for you. I asked then, why do you have my mortgage? Couldn't answer that one. Next thing I know, now I am with AHMSI.
    I called them today to ask this same question. To my horror, the message when you call the 877 number is, this is a debt collection company...A DEBT COLLECTION COMPANY. I have paid my mortgage faithfully each and every month. I am NOT in collections. Then some foreign freak answers the phone. Sounds like a man but says it's name is VICKI. I said, "Hello, where is your office located...? It said, "New Delhi, INDIA"...We're loosing jobs and homes are going into foreclosure and this COMPANY called American Home Mortgage, INC has the audacity to send jobs that can be performed here by an American to INDIA. This is a slap in the face to each and every American.
    I need to refi my home, and ASAP...To an American Mortgage Company.

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  • Mo
    monicajean Mar 23, 2009

    To anyone having trouble dealing with this company, go to:


    This is a good site for information about who to contact and how to get modifications done.

    I agree that this mortgage company stinks - hopefully the website I've provided will help some of you.

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  • Su
    Sue Mar 23, 2009

    Two years ago a home we purchased was financed through the American Home Mortgage Servicing Company. The Arm loan was never explained to us; the monthly payment we were told to make was actually the minimum amount due. Our balance kept going up. Then, AHMSC went bankrupt, but not the mortgage side of the company. The mortgage side went to first one company, then to AHMSI. I agree with all of you. How did my mortgage end up with a debt collector? The owners, W L Ross, must have bought up the bankrupt AHMSC's mortgages because W L Ross is obviously not a bank. I'm going to hire an attorney to sue the living crap out of this company and all of the red-dotted Pakistani's or Indians that go with it.

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  • Ma
    Marti Hankins Mar 24, 2009

    AHMSI is a company without standards and is taking advantage of people. They need to organize the company to take care of the accounts in a legal manner. Please contact me if you are having a problem with this company.
    [email protected]
    We need to group together and save our homes and credit.

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  • Va
    VAL314 Mar 25, 2009



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  • Ut
    UTLO Apr 01, 2009

    I work for a mortgage company and just trying to help out my client with an issue so that we can refinance and payoff AHMSI...

    Thought you may like to have the extension of the UNITED STATES call center -- when you get someone in India on the line ask for extension: 440921 Continue to ask for the extension and tell them it is none of their business if they ask why.

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  • Sa
    Santiago Apr 06, 2009

    I agree!!

    Their customer service personnel are the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with!! I refinanced my loan with Ameriquest in 2004 then they sold my mortgage to Citi Residential and in February of this year sold it to these idiots (AHMSI). I have been trying to set-up my payments on a bi-weekly draft and it has been a nightmare!! In fact, I left several messages with supervisor SHIVANU and he has never retrun my calls.
    I will be contacting my Senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez and The Federal Trade Commssion and if anyone else has any other suggestion please let me know!!


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    MIKE Apr 13, 2009


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  • Jl
    jlinn Apr 14, 2009

    AMHSI took over my loan from Option 1 in July 2008. Since then I've had nothing but problems. I have to call EVERY month when my statement arrives because it is wrong. Some things I've learned:

    1. Do not call unless you have 45 minutes to spare- I'm not kidding!

    2. As soon as you get a human on the line DEMAND to be transferred to an American. I just say "I'm an American and I want to talk to an American." After you get an American on the line ask them where they are located, and how's the weather or something to that effect- test them- the India call center folks have an aggressive language training program to include the use of regional accents!

    3. Before ending the call have the person read back any notes that have been made to your account and ask for their employee number. DOCUMENT the details of your call! This comes in REAL handy when you have to call back again!

    4. For your own sanity- after you get an American on the line, continue to use the sugar versus the vinegar approach!

    If I could fire my lender I would. My circumstances prevent me from pursuing another lender at the moment. On the bright side. it's obvious that my loan will be sold to another company again soon- there's no way this model of inefficeincy can stay in business.

    Finally, if I can bring suit against this company, I will. My experience, like all of yours, has been utterly distressing.

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  • Bl
    Blair Menefee Apr 16, 2009

    I totally agree with all of the above comments. I have tried to call this company constantly. No one seems to speak any English. The people are rude and try to talk over you. Obviously, they have no customer service skills. I only have been asking them in the most polite way to please send me a payoff statement of course after our payments seem to have steadily been on the rise while our salaries have been cut and we are trying to keep our precious home. We have been calling this company since December and have yet to speak with anyone that speaks English or anyone who is trying to help in any way. I thank you all for the above comments and I am going to continue to harass them. I tried to go to a defferent company and have asked if they would please waive any prepayment penalties, but unfortunately they are so rude. They them asked me to put our request in writing, which we did. We were later sent a letter that they were investigating and it would take 15 days. Then somehow in the letter it jumped to 60 days while I have another company waiting to close. So, I made the mistake of calling and was told in so many words by a supervisor by the name of Parul that they have no intention of waiving any prepayment penalties. So, why send a letter telling me you are investigating. Comlete lies and extortion!!! We did not ask for our loan to go to this company. I am completely exhausted. This company is the worst!!!Please Help!!! Dee

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  • Y0
    y0manda Apr 17, 2009

    I too am a customer and would like to switch to another company. Every month My fixed loan payment changes. It is 200$ a month more than when I was making the payments with Option One. I think I am going to find another mortgage company who wants my business. Anyone recommend an American one?

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  • Dw
    Dwayne Bliese May 15, 2009

    Spending over 1 hour on the phone trying to get to a American . Believe it or not I'm just trying to pay my mortgage, I think this is a outrage against the American people, I would not belive they sold my morgage to a foreign co, I don"t believe they should be allowed to use the word American in there name.I think I have the right to talk to a American not a Indian robot if that not to much to ask. Finally I got througt to someone in texas and was treated the way I expect, but why should I have to go through all this Just to pay my mortgage, I have to admit I"m scared my mortgage was sold to this co. After reading this complaints which unfortantly I belive I can only share there pain and hope some reponsible from AHMSI home mortgage would address this problem to deal with there new coustomers in a professional manor.

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  • Wc
    wcastel May 16, 2009

    I have a shortsale buyer in Florida who is willing to pay an extra $5000 towards the mortgage insurance company just to close the deal. AHMSI is doing everything it can to NOT allow the shortsale and force a foreclosure. The fees are rising.

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  • Wi
    willk May 29, 2009

    I too have a short sale buyer who is willing to pay the price they "verbally" agreed to, according the facilitator.
    Now, 45 days later... no response from the bank. Where is the government when you really NEED intervention. Oh yeah, moving forward with socialism. THINK people!

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  • Jo
    john zeman jr Jun 02, 2009

    WTF I would like to file a class action suit against them if any one wants for unfair business practices, They do not have any ethics and are completely outsourced to people that are ill informed and are just another hurdle you have to jump to get to the real company spokes person who then refers you back to them its a loop that keeps them 30 days out of legal action
    you'll get yours in court . they lie about escrow they lie with 10 different stories and just as you think you are getting somewhere they snap back to the beginning

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  • Dm
    DMW Jun 13, 2009

    I am having the same problem with this company. They just don't want to help. I have considered contacting the White House to explain that they are not in the business to help but to take away. I just do not even want the mortgage anymore and just want to be done. I don't care about my credit because it is messed up anyway. I am normally a nice person and do not believe that anyone should be rude to anyone but the representatives from India just don't seem to understand what I am trying to say. When I call to ask a question about something else, I am asked a thousand times about when I am going to pay my mortgage. I called one day on the 1st of the month and they asked I said you haven't even had a chance to go through the mail today yet you ask for a payment do you have any sense. I have applied for a loan modification and told it would be 14 days, 14 days later I call it will be 30 days, call back in 30 days told it would be 60 days before I could hear back. I call to ask for a supervsior who promised me he would call back and assign my mortgage to a neogotiator. He lied and never called back. When I get ahold of someone they said my loan has now been assigned and I should hear from a neogotiator in 14 days. Trying to be nice, I call back in 20 days to find out that my loan has now been assigned to a new negotiator and I have to wait even longer. At this point, they can have this house and the problems that have come with it. I much prefer to live in a homeless shelter (SERIOUSLY). I HATE this company. Disorganized, rude, and do not know their jobs. I had a supervisor and customer service rep give me 30 different stories about the payment of my loan. When I finally got a hold of someone just like the rest of you the story changed. The supervisor in the Home Retention Dept. named Jeremy told me why would we help you, you could not even pay your loan so why would you call us for help. I was floored. I had called every day for 30 days I swear. Each time a different story and then one day I got ahold of someone in the US who broke the situation down for me. I wanted to cry. I would love to be a part of a class action law suit. Even it I didnt' get anything back just to get them out of business would be my reward. This is so sad. They are suppose to help and all they do is hurt.

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  • Ti
    Tim Jun 15, 2009

    I applied for a loan modification on May 15, 2009 by calling the AHMSI office in California. I called a number I found in a recent posting, it is Jeanne's office but I spoke with Kim Collins. I faxed all the information requested immediatley and followed up with a call to make sure they received it. I then waited patiently and received a call back today, June 15, 2009, that my loan was approved. I lowered my monthly payment by 354 dollars. Wow, I am so excited. It does take sometime but if you call the 1-800 that takes you to India or wherever, don't waste your time, I tried that first and like everyone else says they are rude and don't care, but Kim spoke english and understood my situation which was a huge plus.

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  • Le
    lee Jun 16, 2009

    I have too isues to address to include in this e-mail but my formal complaint process has started with the FTC, Texas Attorney General's office and my states Department of Consumer affairs. My e-mail is [email protected]
    I am looking to avoid more headaches but no attorney fees.

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  • Dm
    dmck Jun 23, 2009

    VAL314 - you got sold out by CitiResidential as well? I can't get one straight word out of these folks except "full payment" --

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  • Ho
    HowardS Jun 23, 2009

    This company sucks we were charged a sanitation tax
    for county that we do not live in and these stupid people paid it and now they don't want to help get the situtation solved and they are threating to foreclose on our house although we have made our payments they are holding our payments and saying we are behind on our payments but they have cashed our checks

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  • Sf
    sf1516 Jun 28, 2009

    I agree this company sucks!!! Spoke to about 7 different people from the insurance dept and customer service and nobody knows what their talking about. Took 2hours of my time and nothing was solved. Big waste of time!!!

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  • Tm
    tmyers59 Jul 08, 2009

    All the statements above are true, except i had no luck using the sugar method. they are ridiculous to deal with. First you are sent to India and the funny thing is they use American names; i.e. Karen, Everett; like that is to make it easier for you to understand the accent. Nothing against these people, sad things is some American companies can't run a business here so they have to outsource to other countires. Then what is worse you talk to someone in CA and are told a different story each time. I call that lack of training or it could be just a ploy to make your payments later and later then they can collect more late fees and threaten foreclosure. This company should be put out of business without any hesitation or investigation! The complaints should be enough. And unfortunately speaking to a "manager" still does not help, b/c she doesn't know what she is talking about either. No wonder people get upset when they call to talk with them on the phone b/c of the lack of training each person has. It's almost as if they are running their own little business in their own little cubicle and can tell you a different story each day of the month. Ridiculous!

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  • Re
    Reality check 101 Jul 16, 2009

    Doesn't anyone in this forum read they loan documents they willingly signed? Does anyone realize what a loan modification is?? Take responsability for your decisions. I do work there and people get mad that we call... You owe since Dec and it's July now... You have been living for free. I would never expect to stay somewhere that long for free!

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  • Al
    Al_B_Bach Aug 05, 2009

    It is a shame that companies such as this are allowed to 'buy' mortgages. It seems they have no responsibility to the borrower other than collecting money... which is funny, since they ARE NOT a registered mortgage company, but rather a DEBT collection company that is not bound by mortgage real estate laws. I too had my loan sold, with out my knowledge, to these folks and from day one it has been a nightmare.
    They are horrible at customer communication and service. As an example: This month their online payment service went down, and YES you have to PAY to pay your bill with a service fee. For five days I have called and said I could not make my online payment due to this service failure. I have NEVER known an IT service to be down more than 24 hours. They wanted me to pay on the phone, that's not going to happen... I don't give my account numbers to anyone on an unsecured line... then to my surprise the consultant gave me my bank account and routing numbers and was asking for approval to make the withdrawal. This alarmed me to no end. I asked how was it possible for an employee that was NOT management or accounting to have access to a (supposed) secure online account? The reply was 'We all do' To further this the consultant informed me that the web site was under construction from an outside vendor, yet NO notice is posted, nor was there ever any attempt to notify the customer base via US mail or E-mail. What you do get online (as of 7-29 to 8-5-09) is this to pay from:

    Please do not send mail to this address
    P.O. Box 619063
    Dallas, TX 75261-9063

    Yet this is the very address they tell you to mail your payment to and is what is on the tear off portion. VERY STRANGE if not misleading. After telling the consultant what I was experiencing, and I had to go through this with EVERY person I spoke with, I was told that I could send my payment via Western Union or set up an account for automatic withdrawal. Now, why would I pay someone twenty bucks to pay a bill?... Then if I'm not going to give you my account number to pay for this month, why on Earth would I give you free access to it on a continuos monthly basis? Duh. Further I complained that I do not expect to be charged a late fee for their service being down as I always pay online and that was a matter of record, the response was "Well, you know about it now" They threatened me with late fees and freezing my account if I did not comply by due dates. I told them that it was their problem that the site was not functioning and they had no right to threaten nor charge fees. I wasn't refusing to pay, I just don't give out my account numbers and now I'm upset that my secure apyment history is compromised by anyone on staff. That was totally unprofessional and should be illegal. Unfortunately, there is no legal or government service that I am aware of to file a complaint that would have teeth. They seem to be above the law for their actions.
    I did manage to finally speak with a supervisor, who would not give their full name and a bogus employee number (yes, I checked on a follow up call to this supervisor), but was informed that I could set up with my bank for electronic check sending. I had tried to do this in the past, but was told they do not accept bank checks... again very strange. In any event I got the info to do this should anyone else wish to have control over your account with them and possibly avoid theft and account intrusion from their supposed secure system. Info necessary for your bank:

    YOUR LOAN # xxxxxxxxxxxxx and their address to send payments:
    PO BX 660029
    Dallas, Tx. 75266-0029
    Phone: (only one availe) 877-304-3100

    Bear in mind that the bank can only send a paper check since AHMSI WILL NOT accept electronic transfer. So mail early to avoid late fees.
    I must also state this is the first time I am using my bank to pay them this way, so we will see what happens and if they process the check on time. Note they will receive it by the 11th of this month, late fees incurred on the 16th. I hope this helps someone by cutting them out of the loop to your account, plus save fees if you paid online like I did. I am hopeing that my bank will pick up my loan and I can get rid of the nightmare, as I stated, there should be a law against this and to sell your contract, without approval or knowledge is flat down shameful.
    One more point. Just so folks are aware, this company will charge you for anything and everything under the guise of a service fee. On my personal experience, they have charged me for paying online, asking to have my bill sent to me via US mail for near ten months (which I never received to this date), asking for a payoff disclosure plus a healthy penalty for early buyout and processing fees, even if there was none on your original contract. You will have to go to court and fight for the monies back plus court costs. How can this be fair, yet if you look at their web site they tout how they follow the rules of: we comply fully with all mortgage-lending laws. These include the Fair Debt Practices Collection Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Truth-in-Lending Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Housing Act and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
    Yet they are a debt collection company, as per their support line... go figure. It is my strongest hope that the government will crack down on pretend companies like this. It is IMHO, that these companies are nothing more than sharks waiting to snatch up homes and make money off the poor economic situation that many face now. This, to me, flies in the face of what America is about and that those that enter in good faith contracts can be sold out and place all one has worked for at risk and foreclosure without recourse. It's a state of affairs that our government has allowed to bloom and has no avenue for folks like us to fall on with out great personal and monetary loss. All I can say is write your congressman, voice your opinion... help stop the madness.

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    kliewc Aug 11, 2009

    I HATE this company, they are the worst company I have had to deal with. My complaint is there customer service. I mistakenly did not see the increase on my mortgage payment and sent the regular amount that I normally send. They put my payment on suspention until they got the full amount thus making my payment late and contacting the credit bureur. So I finally got a letter from them stating my payment was late so I called right away, first guy I taked to said not problem, I noted your account and all is well. I get a call 2 days later, you are 30 days past your payment and we need to collect, then finding out about my payment being suspended until they get the differnece. Thought I got it sorted out and that the supervisior I talked to said, send a letter to us and we should be able to get the credit bureau sorted out. Got another call today, needing the payment! Boy was I mad, they dont take notes what so ever apparently. I talked to a manager finally, after she got done spouting her resume to me on where she has worked and the company had laws to go by, I said "That is fine and all, i did not need to here your resume for this issue". I stated the issue is that no one called to tell me I was short the difference when I could of taken care of it then and there. She said the called 3 times on the 27th of July. I asked if they left a message. We dont leave messages she replices. So I stated you dont care about your borrowers then, that is bad bussiness. She stated that is not what I said, but that is what she as applying too in my book. She went on and on about following the laws. I dont care - what about taking care of the customer so they dont get screwed over! So now i got a ding on my credit score, never missed a payment with them. They only call one day 3 times that day apparently and they dont leave a message. But she said if I had caller ID i would know that she called. So to anyone who read this, make sure you are a robot, do make a mistake with your bill and you should be ok (AND HAVE CALLER ID). I have worked with other lenders and never had this much problems, they will screw you when they have a chance!!!

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