aHappyDeal Complaints & Reviews

Ahappydeal / where's my money?

Nov 10, 2017

I got defective items from them. They said I had to ship them back, so I did and still, there's no refund. Needless to say, I shipped the items in July, now it' October and I don't understand what's going on. They answered all my emails and call, but unfortunately, they were very useless and...

Ahappydeal / No way to get a refund

May 17, 2016

I never received what I paid for and I'm still waiting for my refund! Recently I wanted to contact aHappyDeal and went to their website and found out that their site is closed! So how am I supposed to get a refund? These thieves scammed so many people and they owe us money! And now they... / fraud

Feb 21, 2013

I placed an order for several thousand US dollars. They told me that I have to pay first through bank transfer. Ahappydeal is a major on-line company. And there's not so many serious complaints about this company. So I sent money to their bank 4 weeks ago. They gave me a tracking... / If you are unlucky and you have a problem, you won't find a solution with them

Jan 08, 2013

I made my order on 16th November paying extra specifically for EMS shipping. I choosed specific products which were supposed to be in stock and I choosed EMS because in my country (Greece) they charge half the price for custom fees compared to private companies like FEDEX and DHL... / They sent broken smart phone that took 3 weeks to be delivered

Jan 02, 2013

They sent broken smart phone that took 3 weeks to be delivered, wouldn't replace with working phone and wouldn't send back full cost of expenses. They asked me to take it to local technician and they would provide some reimbursement. Their site has frequently rotating product... / People please stay away from this site


People please stay away from this site as well as, they are all part of Aosen Group, and although the prices seem attractive, trust me it's not owrth it buying from here, as a lot of reviews say, they have a serious delivery problem, no matter what... / Shady Company


Shady company. Will not take calls, will not respond to tickets, will not chat, will not reply at all, will not honor their 24hour customer service communication guarantee. Stole more than two hundred dollars of my money and will not fulfill or confirm order shipment. Paid on 11-23-12... / This place is garbage


This place is garbage. Let me name the one problem that everyone will run into with this company, "Receiving your item on time, or if at all." I made an order for expidited shipping for two android smartphones, roughly $250. (suppose to take 3-5 business days). Its been 3 weeks and my... / The phones they sell are damaged


The phones they sell are damaged. I bought a G21 android 4.0 Star Brand. It is not cheap!! The phone doesn't even get the signal properly. Ringer doesn't work. The touchscreen has dead spots. It is impossible that this phone passed any quality control. The phone is garbage. The... / I strongly urge people to not do business with a website that has these sort of practice


I have purchased from this 'ahappydeal' several times over the last year. The products are cheap Chinese knockoffs, which to be honest are decent products but despite this I am strongly urging people to not order from this website. The main reason? They censor real reviews and... / TABLET Purchase

An since you have not responded to me either here (PayPal) or by direct email, I have no choice but to push this to paypal for dispute resolution. I have included the message about you telling me will have to pay shipping both ways for an out of box failure which is not my... / Haven't received order


Seven weeks ago I placed an order with the people at I still have not received my order! I tried calling the company to find out where my product was, and all they (rudely) told me was that I should have paid extra for a valid tracking number. I had (stupidly, I realize... / Forget to get someone that speak English they only have people that can say we ship to you tomorrow


Forget to get someone that speak English they only have people that can say we ship to you tomorrow 14 days later still not shipped wish me luck i think it is part of that country culture to lei. look like the customer service is the worst you will never get to talk to manager if their i... / Stay away from these guys


I placed an order and stupidly placed a second order a week later now it has been 7 weeks since the first order. i never received either if them for the first they told me i should have paid extra for valid tracking number. The second which i did pay extra to get valid tracking, shows an... / I had a bad experience with this one


I had a bad experience with this one. Don't buy there. To be more complete, ahappydeal and everbuying are the same compagny selling same items at different prices and having common items refferencing system SKU. Behind ahappydeal is Davismicro. redirect to ahappydeal. Changing name but the same $#@! Avoid all of them.