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Due to my transfer I had employed ags four winds trinity removals as the movers and packers for transportation of my house hold goods and car.

A very prompt sales aspect kind of lured one into availing the services of the company. Post this the nightmares have just started increasing. The companies punch line, ags, for moving the peace of mind; ags - you deserve the best is a complete eye wash

[1] packers came to the house to pack the house hold goods. Repeated plea to ensure the items are packed with water proofing material fell to deaf ears.
[2] service guarantee of 08 days delivery was thwarted by an apparent accident as claimed by them. Items took 17 days to come.
[3] the company sublets the transportation to sub vendors. Why? Ags has no control over them to the extent post the transportation vehicle met with an accident the house hold goods were stored in an unknown 3rd parties godown. The company had no clue till the 17th day
[4] the items came in as if a road roller had gone over the items.
[5] the accident as claimed by them has given a run to all physics professors for the accident will result in damage from the impact side lest the entire vehicle is crushed. Damage has been done from 3 sides. Shows the quality of packing and caring.
[6] 19th september 2007 they handed over the items stating the insurance is being processed. Today is 10th october and they just refuse to respond to phone calls and emails. This includes the sales person.
[7] moreover the company is demanding to clear the transportation bills in order to process the insurance claim. My plea is when the service is not complete how can they demand this aspect. As it is they are washing away their hands.
[8] they claim to have filed an insurance claim but they have not yet provided a proof. Nor taken the cost of damaged items from me nor a valuator has come to assess the damaged goods. Which insurance company can pay the damages without this basic criteria fulfilled. I am sure the insurance company would have employed a lot of nostradamus in making – but I am sure businesses do not nork on this philosophy
[9] my family is being subjected to lot of emotional, physical and mental stress.
[10] they apparently lost four boxes in transit - my 1.5 yrs kid toy box and specifically one of the most expensive cartons are lost as per the company
[11] it is the worst customer service one can ever experience.
[12] you need to see the damage to believe it and the amount of phone calls made with zero response.
[13] I still have no confirmation from the company on what are they doing, what are the next processes, what is the time frame… and the best or the sad part is they are not confirming anything.

Beware and stay away from this company!

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Sep 14, 2020 8:25 am

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Mar 18, 2015 2:54 am

i had used AGS hour winds to transport my stuff from cochin to bangalore as it was authorized by my company,
promptly they gave me the quotation with insurance amount attached,
these rascals make money on insurance.
the whole cargo arrived promptly and i had made payment in prior, but my fridge is not working now.
they say they take care of cosmetics only .
they are refusing to get it repaired not replaced.
the lady called gayathri whom i am in contact from bangalore office is just saying no, as it is not their headache, dont we have any regulatory body here, who allows such bad companies to operate in india.

Jul 07, 2014 12:04 am

It is again in India, AGS bad service.

Recently I had a very bad experience with AGS. I was transferred from Gurgaon to Pune and AGS given responsibility to transfer my house hold items and my Car. Both household items and car were picked on 15th June 14 from Gurgaon, house hold items received on 26th June and 99% all items were in good condition. But my car I have received on 4th July 14 evening which includes lots of new dent and power window switch broken. I raised my voice at that time I had a discussion with the manager Sushil and driver Kuldeep. That stupid driver is telling this window switch should be manual and you made it power window, then he is telling that it's already broken and someone has used feviquick to join. Then I had a discussion with Sushil I believe he is supervisor. He said you do the service of that switch from service station and we will pay the bill it hardly come around 500. I took my vehicle to fiat service station and they said that this switch system needs to be changed and it will take lot of days to bring the switch as it is not available in the market easily.
In the next morning I noticed lots of new dent which includes dent in the bonnet, front left side above tyre and dent back side in the dickey.
It is really very bad experience with AGS. With my Car lots of emotion is attached, so I am writing this comments.

Apr 16, 2012 11:49 am

Sadly, it's not just an India thing.

To AGS's credit, Scott Willis, the manager in Beijing, was proactive in making sure we were kept informed on the status of our move and what we could expect every step of the way. The moving team was on time and what was predicted by the company to be a six hour job took only four!

When the container arrived in Malaysia, that's when it all turned to rot. We were told that the container arrived, and our contents would be ready for delivery just as soon as we had the keys to our new flat. The day we signed our lease, we contacted AGS to set a delivery time. We were told it would be there sometime next week. When we explained that this would be a problem, and that it was contrary to what we were promised, the office in KK said, "Maybe tomorrow." It didn't happen. What developed was a long game of cat and mouse, where we were calling the office several times a day (not them calling us, of course) to follow up on commitments they were unwilling or unable to deliver on. Sheldon Pereira, the manager of the main office in KL, would not return our calls.

Only when we contacted Scott in Beijing did anything happen. The KK office finally said they could deliver it in a reasonable time frame, explaining that there had been delays because of the Ramadan holiday -- never mind that a large percentage of people in KK are not Muslim, never mind AGS's pledge to deliver 365 days a year, weekends and holidays. AGS did get our stuff delivered finally, and while Scott issued a formal apology and as an act of good faith, a partial refund for lackluster services, we never did hear from Sheldon.

When we relocated once again, this time from Malaysia to New Zealand, we went with AGS a second time. I had apprehensions, but the move was very last minute and given that Scott had done his best to make things right, I was willing to overlook a few hiccups for what I thought would make our move more streamlined (not having to research and establish a relationship with a whole new moving company). I was wrong.

To their credit, AGS did pack up our apartment at the appointed time and date. They said our container would be en route about 3 weeks from the move out date. But once more, we had to hound Sheldon to find out when we could expect the container to arrive in NZ and how much we should expect to pay. Weeks went by, and when he finally got back to us, explaining away the delay by telling us it was Christmas (yes, apparently he celebrates all of the holidays), he was still lax to answer many of our questions. When there were delays sending the crate out of Malaysia, he told us it was because of the Chinese New Year. To summarize, the KK-NZ move became a four month nightmare.

Now I realize that MY is a multicultural nation, full of national and religious holidays. But Sheldon should have taken a minute to check his calendar before presenting us with unrealistic itineraries. Not surprisingly, it was also us who informed him of the dock strike in Auckland, not the other way around.

Lesson learned: AGS is not the worst company, so long as you're only dealing with the office in Beijing. I would not go with them again.

Oct 10, 2007 9:48 pm

It sure is a trivia of natures and I suggest a regulator needs to step in.


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