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Fail To Honor Warranty Claim

SCAMED In Sept. 2009 I purchased a warranty from Michael Calozza for a 2006 Sprinter Van. At that time Mike would answer the phone and call back with information on any questions I had regarding the policy. In Dec. 2009 the power control module went out. I called Agape to report the claim and could never get through. The repair shop called from their phone and talked to Mike and they were given a repair number and told they they would be given a credit card number for the repair bill. From that point on their phone number was put on the red list as not to answer. To this day 02/19.2010 no contact from them. If there is a class aution suit filed against them count me in or any info as to what can be done at this point

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    Gary D. Hall Apr 14, 2010

    I, have also been screwed over by Agape Warrenties Michael Callozza, when in November 2009 my engine started to knock and then the fuel pump went out. Micheal athorized the fuel pump to be repaired, but never paid the Garage so I had to then he has never responded to fixing the engine knock, so I have a nice car I cant drive, because Michael signed a contract to fix my car but wont. If there is a lawsuit I want in. Gary D. Hall, [email protected]

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