African Development Bank Group Complaints & Reviews

African Development Bank / for getting in fraudulent trap

Sep 17, 2018

Mr.Patrick Joseph, Customer's Account Officer, African Development Bank, ADB Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso, Africa. Sir, The stranger Mr.Patrick Joseph, whome I do not know issued attached wrong e-mail dated 13-09-18 from his e-mail addresses ([protected] and...

African Development Bank / flying and engineering

Jun 12, 2016

Dear Sir, 12/06/16 Good evening and how the weekend and the family were, I believe all are ok. Well I just want to report to you that I got this email on Friday, and my mind told me it was a scam Email from all these email scam boys scattered all over the African regions and the World as a...

African Development Bank / possible scamming


I keep receiving Emails from some fellow who works in Cargo Unit at Chicago, Illinois O'HARE International Airport, who just SWEARS that a Bello Usman WITH YOUR BANK: [protected] at THIS Email address, HAS FUNDS in a Consignment Package, IN MY NAME THAT HAVE BEEN "CHANGED" for...

African Development Bank / big scam


Here is my second message about this scam (in the first I gave a wrong company name) I have received this mail: External Review Committee on Debt Statistics And fund audit Balance Debt IMF-World Bank Collaboration Attention : Beneficiary, We wish to inform you that your overdue payment ha...

African Development Bank / dr. usman bello


From: Dr. Bello Usman Foriegn Remittance Department Manager African development bank Cotonou, Republic of Benin. West Africa. How Are You ? I am Dr.Usman Bello the trustee and financial manager to late Mr.Aziz Mustafa. I am also the present Foriegn Remittance Department Manager of African...

African Development Bank / scam email

From the Desk of Dr.Mrs. Linda Gerald Manager Bill and Exchange Dept African Development Bank (ADB) Abuja Nigeria. Dear Friend, I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise. I am the bill and Exchange manager in African Development Bank .I Hope that you will not expose or ...