African Development Bankfor getting in fraudulent trap

Sep 17, 2018

Mr.Patrick Joseph,
Customer's Account Officer, African Development Bank, ADB Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso, Africa.

The stranger Mr.Patrick Joseph, whome I do not know issued attached wrong e-mail dated 13-09-18 from his e-mail addresses ([protected] and ([protected] in wilful conspiracy attempt against bank management to get bank's deceased cutomer's debt shared in ratio of 50% for him, 40% for me, 10% for the necessary expenses that may occur, if I assist him as forger next kin in the matter of fraud proposal e-mailed.

It's wilful conspiracy attempt against Govt. treasury lawful money going to be forefeited, as killer Paul-Louis Halley from France has deceased who was an Investor, Crude Oil Merchant and Federal Government Contractor, he was a victim with Socata TBM 700 killing 6 people crashed on 6 December 2003 near Paris leaving a closing balance of $28.5 Million United States Dollars in one of his private US dollar account.

On stranger part, it's wilful conspiracy attempt of breach of faith and ethical standards of the bank clients, in which e-mail sender proposed me to act as forger kin of the deceased.

The stranger is expected by me as FBI investigated dated 10-10-11 hired by fraudsters to rob my rightful funds off by getting committed crime through me with such a trap and conspiracy attempt.

The stranger has no right to harrass me to injure my career under IT model laws or e-commerce laws that are get adapted by UNO to every member nation. The stranger cannot induce and trap me for advance fee scams with major hallmark things for such financial crime conspiracy attempt e-mailed.

Both, proof of this e-mail of one page, and 2 pages' FBI investigation dated 10-10-11 are also attached herewith regarding fraudsters and corrupts who withheld my rightful funds.

This wrong e-mail sender is expected to be hired for getting the crime committed to put me in jail so that above refered FBI investigated fraudsters dated 10-10-11 can rob my funds off by keeping the FBI at distance through new trap.

by appropriate action I'm to be compensated US $ 1000/- for e-mailing financial crime conspiracy attempt to take me as forger next kin of the bank's deceased client, on reasons that I'm fighting the poverty need speedy monetary settlement of the this complaint.
With Regards

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