I had a very large kidney stone 13 mm. I was in hospital 3 different times. So obviously I was unable to work. I could barely get out of bed. Aflac paid my hospalization right away but not my disability they did not. My pcp and surgeon both filled out their paperwork. My surgeon refused to fill out anymore. I filed everything when I was
All done and able to go back to work. Here I am 4 months after I filed and still arguing with them. I talk to manager 1 time and they say they r seeing all paper work even from my surgeon and sending it to Aflac. Then I call next week they tell me it's not listed as me talking to anyone last week and it wasn't sent to autitor and don't see paperwork from surgeon. I flipped out told them they r a worthless company and I paid every month to have this coverage for nothing I told them I am going to tell everyone I know how worthless they r and I will post how worthless they r on every site possible and I said I quit u worthless company and hung up on them

Oct 09, 2019

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