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Affordable Law Group / fraud,stealing, scam


WOW!! here we are at the end of March 2010 and this company still HAS NOT REFUNDED our money to us from Nov. 2009. DO NOT USE THIS GROUP!! They will taake your money, do nothing for you and NEVER refund you but will claim to refund you. We received a letter from the BBB stating our...

Affordable Law Group / legal help


I signed up for Legal Help with Child Support 3 months ago. They assured me that they help many people and that they can help. I talked with Kenneth, and Freddy Perez. Well let me tell you how they helped me, Frankly they didnt. I lost money from them taking it and not doing anything...

Affordable Law Group / scam


This company is a total scam. They claim to be lawyers when in actuality it turns out they are not lawyers at all, but simply paralegals. I originally found them on craigslist and solicited their services on July 29th, 2009. On this day I paid in full the $745 they requested to handle my...

Affordable Law Group / fraud


Yep...Still waiting for refund. This company states that they have refunded my husband and I, BUT they still have not!! All they continue to do is LIE, as Nicole as still NEVER directly emailed me or called me back even though she post here to leave her a message. Kenneth also told me he...

Affordable Law Group / Fraud, Scam, Stealing


Nicole- As I stated numerous and previous times and just in yesterdays complaint that we have not received our money and that I have already spoken with our bank and there is no "delay" on our side. Then all you comment back is that there "may be a delay" Duh... I already told you that there...