Affinythe ad. itself

K Sep 04, 2018

Constantly present, ubiquitous, intrusive, nauseatingly repetitive.
You must have had a bevey of complaints about this several-times-on-all-pages insertion.

It might suggest that the (otherwise) Mighty, is being blackmailed, or at least put upon, by certain commercial powers that be.

It's particularly unfortunate that this began to occur A FEW DAYS AFTER I HAD ACCEPTED MATCH'S GENEROUS REDUCED SUBSCRIPTION OFFER. If they would return my payment, I would (unhappily) cancel Match. As it is, I can hardly use it at all, despite my own very clever ad-concealment proceedures.

What a come-down Match. You were the best !!

Pity The Customer.

keith Perreur-Lloyd. (Spain)


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