AeroMexicoagents from aeromexico. this company does not care about human lives

M Aug 01, 2018

I want to file a complaint and I hope my email is actually taken into consideration if not I will just find another way to make my voice heard.
I called your customer supporter and from the agent to the supervisor, none of them wanted to help, did not even try to help or propose me with any kind of solution. All they were saying was like robots that are not able to think on their own "your ticket is non refundable", they didn't even tell me if I can postpone the ticket or whatever. your customer service is terrible and your superviser answered me when I told her I do not feel safe taking one of your plane because of the recent crash, she literraly told me that it is not the only plane that has crash, not even trying to rassure that your planes are safe. So basically because this is not the only plane that crashes, I have to take your airline even with my life on the line. (and I have the recording of this).
I am extremely disappointed in this company and would not consider taking one of your plane. your image is the one your agents and superviser project. and till now all i've seen are people who have no consideration for other humans and are only there to make sales. People have been hurt from your plane crash, the basic as human being is to show concern and not explain how they are other planes that actually crashes. This is extremely sad as all you see is how to make money off your customer. I would like a follow up regardant my complain as to what has been and can be donne.
And by the way, the supervisor gave me the wron

Ticket number : [protected]
Name : Muriel Adekambi

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