A&E Factory Serviceappointment scheduled and missed by the technician.

B Nov 16, 2018

Our refrigerator failed on October 19th. We have a Sears service contract and called them to have repairman come out. The soonest they could come out was October 25th. They arrived (two service people-one an apparent supervisor and the other a rookie) on the 25th. After an hour, it was determined to be a compressor issue. They ordered a new compressor and scheduled service for the 8th of November. The part arrived a week before the service tech and on the 8th the technician installed the new compressor. Oddly however, the problem was not fixed and the tech informed us that another part was damaged and would need to be replaced. The technician ordered the new partr and while standing in our kitchen, scheduled the installation for the following Thursday, November 15th between 1 and 5. Today, November 15th we had an appointment to have the condenser installed.
In the days leading up to the 11/15 appointment, we kept getting odd phone calls asking us to call a number to reschedule. I called that number at least 3 times and the recording stated we had an appointment for today November 15, between 1-5. How was I to know that the technician couldn't honor today's appointment? When the stated window came and went for the technician to arrive, we called the service provider to ask what happened which is when we were told we would have to reschedule. By that time, the earliest appointment available had rolled to November 26th (it was open to 11/21 five minutes before the call). That is after Thanksgiving and not acceptable to one who has had to live without a refrigerator for so long.

It is no wonder that Sears is going into the toilet-they abrogated their responsibilities by outsourcing their service contracts to a poor service repair outfit, who in turn relies on a negotiated call center arranged by Sears to schedule service. A center no doubt located in India. They are rude, uncaring and not in position to work with local area service contractors except through poorly executed software scheduling programs. DON'T USE THE A&E repair folks. Contract with local repairmen. It may cost more but you can reach them without being routed to Mumbai.

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