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I purchased this software because my computer had gotten progressively slower over time. I activated the program and then waited for it to find extranious bits of data. When it finished, about 20 minutes later, it had found over 100, 000 items. There were three options for "optimizing" my computer, and I chose the simplest of the three, a quick fix or something like that. Then I pushed the button "Optimize" and waited for about a half hour for it to do its work. The computer shut down and then restarted. When it returned, my desktop was nothing that I recognized. There was a message saying it was a temp desktop and any work I did on it would be lost when I shut down again. I called the company and was told that they couldn't help me because I didn't have their service contract. They did tell me I could restore to a point prior to the mess, but this did not work. Despite working for two days with a computer expert, we were not able to restore my desktop. In the end, it was determined that it had become very corrupted. A new computer profile had to be created, and the files, which were there, were moved over. However, a lot of music and other files were not able to make the trip successfully. I also lost software, like Microsoft Office, which had to be reloaded. Almost a week later, I am still struggling to make my computer functional. Needless to say, six years of lost intuitive email addresses in the To line in Outlook is a huge hardship, to say nothing of the loss of my business emails from the year 2009, $500 + (still working) computer bill. An email from the company had this to say for themselves:
"Dear Sir/Mam, All our programs are thoroughly tested and do not cause any such problems... Systweak". DO NOT PURCHASE ANY PRODUCTS FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY DONT STAND BEHIND THEM AND THEIR products are junk. If you want to clean your computer, my computer guy recommends the free download


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    CB IN NC Mar 06, 2013

    MY UNDERAGE DAUGHTER WAS ON MY COMPUTER when she got a phone call from SYSTWEAK --they told her they were with windows and they were told by windows that this computer was corrupted -she said the fellow spoke so rapid and had an accent she could not understand and he went onto the computer told her push this push that and then the pointer went nuts --she had no control and they went all over and said there were hundreds of bad malware and problems and it would cost $200 --I came in the house just as she was saying NO NO NO we cant pay that ---I got the computer and told the fellow "GET OFF OUR COMPUTER AND THAT THEY TOOK OVER FROM AN UNDERAGE PERSON WHO WAS NOT THE OWNER OF THE COMPUTER --I then called our computer agent and he said take it off everywhere --which we thought we did ---but everyday when i log on the SCAN (RUNNING) COMES ON AND WILL NOT GO OFF TILL I GO THRU SEVERAL STEPS --yet it just comes on EVERY DAY ---we cant find it --we cant know what its done or what has been corrupted -this is a junk ripoff and they are not in america --they say they have a ny address but wont give it out and no "supervisor " will come to the phone --dont dont dont let some jerk say he is from WINDOWS AND THEY TOLD HIM TO FIX YOUR COMPUTER ---why do we have to deal with this mess -? caroline

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