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Advanced Media Group, LLCBig Marketing Promises, No Delivery

A huge ripoff! I invested $5600 in a "sure fire" advertising campaign consisting of 10K guaranteed internet hits, newspaper ads in 3 major cities and radio spots (that I told them I did not want). They said I'd get an ROI within about 6 months when 56 customers signed up for Dish Network on my custom website at $100 per person commission. NOT ONE PERSON SIGNED UP. When I confronted them on this obvious failure, they chalked it up to bad timing!? They were the ones that assured me now was the perfect time with the advent of digital tv requirements in the USA! Learn from my $5600 mistake.

"John" is a smooth operator, but make no mistake, these guys are crooks. AVOID ADVANCED MEDIA GROUP!

I guess the tipoff was when they had a new address in Scottsdale on their fax letterhead that differed from their other media. These guys are obviously on the run!


  • Dear Mr. James and counterparts,

    Advanced Social Media Group - losers - Please submit to me $2000.00 for the time spent dealing with your fraudulent endevours. This is my daily consulting rate, and you have spent too much of my time.

    1. Do you like to cheat people from their money?
    2. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? You should.
    3. The world needs minds like yours in real jobs, not scamming, I urge you to be a part of the working world and help make things better.

    You too can change!!! Get out of the business of lying, cheating and selling false claims. You are pathetic. Grant writing help anyone? Please. You can't help yourselves to write a grant or get customers. You guys are horrible.

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  • Sa
    Samantha Robinson Jan 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    **********IF YOU HAVE ISSUED ANY PAYMENTS TO A COMPANY THAT HAS NOT PROVIDED ANY SERVICES AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A FULL REFUND PLEASE CONTACT US - We can get you a full refund if it has been within 18 months since the transaction. We have no upfront fees, or contract to be signed, and no personal information is needed to start the dispute process which on average takes about two - three weeks. If you have been a victim of another form of telemarketing fraud please let us know! --- [protected] Ext 401 --- email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • La
    ladychii Nov 05, 2010

    I feel they have valid complaints. I don't even know who they are and they some how took money from my checking account. I am in the process of investigating them.

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  • Pa
    Paul Victim Oct 01, 2010

    Be careful, the people writing positive on this page are the criminals ripping you and your relatives.
    I was cheated and bought AMG through Vantage Equity but in fact have nothing in return.
    Just think:
    why would I write this? - to protect you (and I have nothing for it except sad memories)
    why someone writing here positive? - to mislead you (so they can continue ripping you)

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  • Wh
    whinerandcomplainer May 01, 2010

    So to sum up - I was led to believe something by a silver-tongued salesman from AMG (working for Consolidated Opps) that I now wonder how I could have possibly believed. Did Consolidated opps sell me a website? Yes. And it looked rather nice. Did they say that I was responsible for advertising? Yes, and I did so - then to crank it up a notch, purchased a pricey advertising package that AMG gets from some vendor or other. I'm a little fuzzy on whether it was AMG who sold it to me or Consolidated opps as the phone line brought me to AMG though the company with whom I dealt with was consolidated opps. I wouldn't have bought it unless others had been getting 1:5 returns as stated and verified by the salesman. Conveniently, rather than sending me anything in writing, they simply transferred the money, and thereafter sent me something rather nonspecific that made me wonder when the full documentation of our transaction would arrive. Have they delivered? If so, it was only a partial delivery. Are they even working for the money that I gave them? I'm not sure. Will I ever do business with them again? If I start getting responses from them, maybe . . . if I also get some reasonable ROI . . . but I presently have little reason to believe that AMG/Consolidated opportunities is worth doing business with again - or that they are anything less than the crooks that others on the internet have made them out to be.
    I've gotten partial answers for the most part, and some pacifying calls on the phone promising that things were in the work to fix what wasn't happening (first vague comments re staffing problems, and then vague comments as to a bad contract with a marketing vendor), but have been awaiting clear answers and visible results, without receiving either. Where is my allegedly-sent commission check? Was it ever sent to me? Did someone cash it? I realize memory is often an imperfect accountant, but bank records are pretty hard and clear, and dang - they don't seem to indicate that AMG or consolidated opps (if they are wholly separate), deliver on their word. How do I know services are being rendered at all? If there actually is something shady going on, I'm guessing that Marily is lucky that AMG can't do the kind of business in her state that it can do in mine.

    I am becoming impatient with them. My messages to them are analogous to a young child's letters to Santa or a fan letter to Elvis requesting his autograph. Frankly, if some poor beknighted soul were to get stirred up by opportunistic plaintiff's attorneys and convinced it were worth his while to shoulder the inconvenience of becoming the named person leading a class action against Consolidated Opportunities and AMG, and I were to be notified of my right to opt out of that class or ride on this person's coat-tails, I likely wouldn't opt out - I'd probably send a thank you card to the person for making this company answer for the money I and others have paid with no result. Likewise, if I were told that there was any other analogous investigation into the practices of AMG and/or consolidated opportunities by a state agency, then I, who am becoming increasingly frustrated with their silence in the face of my modest demands, very well might jump at an opportunity to give my witness statement, affidavit, deposition, or other form of testimony. If AMG and consolidated opportunities are doing good business, their sales director didn't lie to me, and I just was trying to sell betas while VHS was the big thing, then great. It's a legitimate loss. However their silence leads me to believe that there may be more - whether this is even a legitimate operation. I want answers. I want an accounting of what was done with my several thousand. I don't drop that much money on things without a good reason. I was promised a tool that had regularly brought 1:5 ratio of returns to those who used it, and I paid handsomely for it. While I wasn't promised good customer service as part of the deal, if AMG is selling something costing each customer thousands dollars, at least a moderate level of return communication would be in order, instead of the empty, partial responses and infuriating invitations to reinvest before getting any returns (not to mention sales calls from other companies affiliated with them or perhaps others to whom they have sold my as a lead).

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  • Wh
    whinerandcomplainer May 01, 2010

    What Marily Says would seem to make sense - and this line of reasoning is what has kept me from taking any action so far - the marked lack of response to my request for commission payout, and the lack of any amount of reasonable feedback/communication from this company astounds me. I initially did some of my own advertising, then bought their package, and a short time thereafter received notification of a a few leads having been sold. I asked for my payout, was told it was sent, and waited . . . waited . . . and waited . . . I'm sure many others have had this experience. The only responses I have received from AMG or consolidated opportunities would be calls inviting me to invest in some other business opportunity. I have repeatedly told the persons calling that I would want to see ROI before investing. When I finally did get to talk to someone about putting a trace on the check that was allegedly sent to me for my meager commission payout, I received no response, and have sent several emails to consolidated with no response. Every now and then when I'm busy at work, in a meeting, or otherwise unable to answer the phone, I get a call from someone in an Arizona area code. I've answered several only to find it was some other company calling me. While I would hope some of the missed calls were attempts by AMG or consolidated to answer me, I have not gotten voicemails to verify this. I am left to wonder whether a thorough investigation of this company's practices would reveal that they have not provided services promised, and depositions/witness statements of the many customers would show that they were, as myself, told that the advertising package they were purchasing had been yielding a 1 to 5 ratio ($1 investment to $5 return). He didn't just say that I could earn up to that amount, he said that that is the result he had been seeing regularly. Prior to purchasing the package I asked him to confirm that this is the result that people had been receiving and he said that it had. This goes far beyond "puffing" or saying "we have the best product" or "you could become rich" This would be a misrepresentation. For that reason, I disagree in part with Marily's comment - such a misrepresentation, along with false statements of payments having been sent, would warrant the use of the word "scam".

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  • Ma
    Marily Mar 19, 2010

    On the run????

    Companies move and expand every day. How do you know they didnt just relocate? You don't. I bought from them in 2007, they've EXPANDED twice and moved twice in 5 years. Why would you assume from a letterhead change that they are "on the run?" Have you ever moved? Are you "on the run?"

    I live in Indiana and can not buy anything from AMG because the State requires advertising national advertising firms to post 100, 000 bonds in order to be able to sell in their state. This sucks for me, because i use their classified ad program for several of my businesses. When they told me they couldnt sell to me any more, because 100, 000 didnt justify the few clients they have in Indiana, i was not happy. Obviously, my state is so greedy, they want a piece of the action OR my fellow Hoosiers complain so much that the state doesnt want to deal with it so they trump up the price and profile companies based on complaints from ###s like the many on these complaint sites. Now i have to find a local ad agency to earn a living.

    If you want to make an educated decision, go to BBB- i checked out AMG and they are the ONLY company with a B+ rating in Arizona. Sure, they get complaints, but when Indiana told me i couldnt buy from them, I did some research. This company is as legit as it gets. People like you are ruining good companies and my living with your stupid mouths and lack of research.

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  • Ma
    Marily Mar 19, 2010

    I bought from AMG and can say, I'm not seeing the above as valid. I mean, I've researched this company further than a "phone call" and their documents and customer service are right on. I own a few web business and none of the companies gave me a fraction of what AMG did in support and knowledge.

    How could you buy advertising, do nothing else and then slam the company. Did they fulfill? Did they let you know that there was a chance you wouldn't make money before you bought? Did you sign anything saying so? If you answered yes to any of these...your complaint is incorrect. I know, because I did answer yes to all of these and AMG has not "scammed" me. Everyone is throwing "scam" around and slandering companies online without really doing any research. So you spent some money and you didnt roi (return on investments) That's biz sometimes. This company comes right out and says "if you are looking to get rich overnight, DO NOT BUY OUR SERVICES" THEY DONT WANT TO DEAL WITH YOUR IRRATIONALITY.

    They also will not take more than 20, 000 for your advertising. Bank Card Empire took 68, 000, YES! $68, 000 from me, I got it back, but they took it! I made NOTHING with them.

    So buyer beware on Bank card. AMG, I have no problems with-at least they're honest. When the market was good, I did secure 11 Loan Mod applications- Low rate Approvals, GREAT website service- Either way, you start a business, be prepared to lose some money- there are no "pie in the sky" schemes.

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  • Bj
    B Johnston Mar 05, 2010

    I have been contacted by Advanced Media Group wanting me to join. The first call was when they wanted my credit card # for the amount of $200.00, in which I refused and hung up. Five minutes later the same gentleman called wanting me to go to the Better Business Bureau and check out what they had to say about the company. A few days later another person called me from Advanced Media wanting to see if I had checked out their website, and proceeded to ask her why there were complaints on the company and she said they were legitimate in receiving money from these people. And I started laughing and hung up on her.
    B Johnston

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  • Mb
    M. Beck Feb 27, 2010

    I would venture to say that the above posting is an employee of Advanced Media Group. Lets go over a list of the crooks again that run this outfit. Michael R. Hoffman, Phil Damiano, Marcus Andret, Ed Barreiro, and John Porter. There are many more assosciated with this company. What is interesting is how many addresses this company has used, how many phone #'s they have used, and how many company names they have gone by. In the state of Arizona anyone can open up a Corporation. Unfortunately the state doesn't have the resources to police these Corporations. The only way you are going to stop these guys is to contact the Attorney Generals Office in Phoenix Arizona.

    Address: Office of the Arizona Attorney Gerneral (Terry Goddard)
    Consumer Information and Complaints
    1275 W. Washington
    Phoenix, AZ 85007
    Ph# [protected]
    fax [protected]
    A complaint can be filed online as well. Also contact the Attorney Generals Office in the state in which you live, and the Federal Trade Commission. I will continue to pursue these guys unit they are brought to justice. I will keep you posted.

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  • Xx
    xxxxxxxxxx Feb 11, 2010

    These people are crazy- I have been so pleased with Advanced Media!! They went above and beyond what they said they would, I had to put some foot work into it also it is not a miracle get rich quick scheme- it is a business profile that you must work also- they did a great job very pleased. do your homework and you will see this company is terrific. Maybe the other people just had bad business plans to start or just bad at business?

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  • Mb
    M. Beck Sep 13, 2009

    Advanced Media Group has scammed my mother, a senior citizen for $13, 000. Same thing. They set up a bogus website that doesn't make 1 dime but tell you how you will make your money back plus much more. They prey on seniors. They cover themselves by having you docu-sign a contract online. This contract is their green light to rip you off. If your a trusting person like my mom was who needs some extra money its easy to get sucked in. I would urge anyone who gets taken by this group to contact the State Attorneys Office immediatley. There are numerous agencies you can contact to lodge complaints. Use them all.

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