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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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Advanced Cleanse / help to those scammed!


I have had the experience that most the previous complaints have outlined! I was filling out the fbi scam form (as suggested by another) when I decided to do more research on this company. Since you receive no invoice, etc. It makes contact rather difficult (must blame myself for 99% of...

Advanced Cleanse / fraud


Be aware! Please be aware of what I consider to be a scam on the internet. has sent unsolicited products to my home with a fake email address. They will not refund the initial fee they have charged my account. The catch is that they would have charged me $169.95 if...

Advanced Cleanse / refund of my $169.95 membership fee


Who charges a membership fee of $169.95 before the 30 trial of a product is over? This company scammed me too by charging my cc after 14 days from the order date! You don't even get to use the product within the first week because of shipping time. Their is no way of telling if it's going...

Advanced Cleanse / scammed $149.95 from atm acct


I just wrote minutes ago as leepg. I've read over and over again everyones complains. We have to fight this %$#%$&^%$# company together, so the first thing is to never, never guve them your name, address and phone number or e-mail address (unless you want more scams). Before you waste your...

Advanced Cleanse / scammed $149.95 from my atm account


I made the mistake of opening the sidebar of an e-mail message to the combo diet products of Advanced Cleanse and Acai Berry Pure. Both advertised an opportunity to try their products in a one month supply for $3.99 S&H less $3.00 each. If after 21 days you do not want the product(s), call...

Advanced Cleanse / scam!!!


Let me first say, I put the information up so that you will be able to cancel them. I had to call my bank to get the 1800 number. My husband and I wanted to try the digest-it product and so how managed to get advanced cleanse sent to us. When we attempt to go back on the website and...

Advanced Cleanse / scam


Alert Scam! I requested a free trial of Advance Cleansefrom an ad on line. I paid shipping using my debit card. Shortly after I noticed a$149.95 charge on my bank account. When I contacted their representative (in India) he indicated that the $149.95 was a membership fee. I immediately...

Advanced Cleanse / fraud with a capital f!!


This company is a total and complete scam!!! I ordered this product and nowhere did it say that the 14 day trial was from the day you order it, so they took extra long to send the product only to have to look at my credit card statement to find out that they charged me $149.99!!! So I...

Advanced Cleanse / charge of $149.95


I was taken in by the Acai and Advanced Cleanse scam on the internet. I ordered these "free trials" with good faith. Well, that has gone down the tubes. On the same charge card bill where the $.99 for the free trial of Advanced Cleanse was charged there was a $149.95 charge for the bottle...

Advanced Cleanse / charged for not taking the pill


I sent the pills back to the company before my trail was up but they still charged my account. The pills did not work. Instead of me losing weight I gained 5 more pounds. I cut back on the sugar and was eating healthy and was exercising.

Advanced Cleanse / $ scam


I thought I was getting tips for a new diet plan from a trusted source but apparently not. I ordered the acai berry and advanced cleanse cleansing system on the internet because it was supposed to be a free trial, only having to pay $1.99 for the shipping for advanced cleanse. Well, they...

Advanced Cleanse / I cancelled my order.. had a cancellation number and was still charged $79 the next month.


i called the 1-800 number cancelled my order and revieved a cancellation number of 2404821 and I was charged AGAIN the next month. This was very frustrating and totally wrong. When i called customer service to complain AGAIN... I was told that she saw that I had cancelled but a mistake wa...