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Advance Cleanse / charged $80 for free trial


I ordered my "free trial" with advance cleanse. I got a horrible side effect and after two doses, I mailed it back. Three weeks after mailing it express, I realize that my account has been billed $79 dollars! I called and spoke with ms Kathy, agent # 068 who stated that I had to call first...

Advance Cleanse / Rip Off


Wow - what a rip off. They tout a "Trial bottle" for only 1.99 shipping and when you get your credit card bill ... $169.95. When you call to complain, they tell you for this nice tidy fee ... you get the privilege of then spending another $12.00 to get more pills. Geez. I signed up because...

Advance Cleanse / Scam - Unauthorized Charges


I read an article on line about the Acai Berry and the advance cleanse products being used together as trial/samples. I ordered my sample online for each of the products and agreed to the shipping charges to come out of my bank account. Per the customer service representative Amor agent...

Advance Cleanse / refund


This the second reply I have sent! I want areply back on this matter right away. I"m still waiting for a refund of 149.95 on cancel#1101914. Brenda Shelton.

Advance Cleanse / unauthorized payment


I found This website on-line. THey offered a trial period to "try" this product. BULLS**T. They chargerd my credit card $169.95 for this advance cleanse stuff that does not work. I tried to cancell my additional request for this product they have yet to refund my money. Please refund thi...

Advance Cleanse / Advance Cleanse Herbal Supplement


I ordered a trial bottle and noticed right away that it said specifically not to use it more than two weeks. I stopped using it and low and behold another bottle shows up. I have no interest in continuing a membership with this company, but there is no address, telephone number, or website listed on the invoice.

Advance Cleanse / scamed $149.95


Advance Cleanse total scammed!! Was order to free trial paid $0.99. They then charged w/ in 2 weeks a charge of $149.95. Since I found out through my bank. I then quickly called at1-866-385-2030 and also at 1-8772381531 both #'s were given me hard time to get this strengthen out. They...

Advance Cleanse / Was charged $149.95 after I cancelled


I tried out a free trial and received this product. The recieved an email to confirm the order and the end of the trial period was March 3rd. I was not happy with the product during the trial and called and cancelled on March 3rd. This is the email I recieved Dear Katherine Rodi, This email...

Advance Cleanse / Refund Request


Guadalupe Ruiz [email protected] 3492clavelita st. san diego ca, 92154 i want my refund we cannot afford the payment and we just missed the dead line by one day, my husband is unemployed and need the money for other payments. also the product that was for my daughter made her sick she actually...

Advance Cleanse / Be Careful, The Advance Cleanse Doesn't Have A Free Trial, It Is A Scam


I order this product on 01/26/10, hoping to take advantage of free trial offer. I never recieve the product and later learn that $149.95 was debited from my bank account. I believe this company is a scam and taking money from too many consumer in a sneaky way.This company need to be stop...

Advance Cleanse / Advance Cleanse RIPOFF


Okay I fell for this one too, but when I went to cancel I had went to their website and I could have sworn it said "if you want to cancel call this number or email us"? Well I had sent an email and got a response back saying to call the number. I have since contacted my bank and see if...

Advance Cleanse / never received product


My daughter ordered a 30 day trial of your product which was NEVER received! So of course while she waited the 30 day cancellation period expired and she was charged (without authorization) TWICE @ $149.95 this made her account have NSF!! I want you to refund the $300 you charged (without...

Advance Cleanse / unwanted product


I ordered a "sample" of Advance Cleanse, but never received it, but I did receive two full bottles of the product as well as a charge to my credit card account in the amount of $155.00 plus. I did not use this product and would never order such a product for a fee such as I was charged...

Advance Cleanse / Took my membership money before my trial was over


Cieved the product on jan.26, and i had 14 days to cancell my mem I r.Eceived the product on jan.25 and had 14 days to cancell my membership . Thet have since taken the membership money from my account, and it has not even been 4 days.I was told i had 14 days to see if i liked the product...