Admiral Gas Station Freeland MIemployee

B Aug 31, 2018

The last few times I have stopped for whatever reason. The cashier has been very rude. This time here was a man at the counter and another employee. The cashier ignored me and continued to talk to these 2 other people. She scowled at me when I tried to ise my reward card and hit a wrong button. Never once even greeted me. A thank you. Nothing. Kept talking to the other people. When I asked if I hit a wrong button she scowled at me again then swipped a different card. And kept it. Another recent visit this same cashier was outside smoking with who I assume was the boyfriend. Before I got out of my car she told me I'd have to wait. She wasn't finished. Mind you there wasn't another emplouee in the building. I personally know at least 10 people have stopped going to this store because of the employees. And now they lost 1 more. Good customer service is so hard to find now a days.

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