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Adipose Rx/Caralluma Extreme diet pillsscam charging on credit card for charges never made for diet pills they sent in the mail with no receipt enclosed

On 2/17/09 I received a pkg sent from the address above with a bottle of diet pills enclosed. There was no receipt inside and I never ordered the pills to begin with. I checked my credit card statement online and found that a company called Adipose Rx had charged my Visa card $34.84 on Jan 31. I tried to no avail to contact the company with the 877 number on the bottle and again through the website 800 number which had the same mans voice message with no answer. The so-called website has a place to put down information if you wish to inquire about, or cancel your order. I filled in the the appropriate information and I got a quick response that they are checking into my order, but subsequently heard nothing from them. After that I googled Adipose and found that many other people had been scammed by this company. I have contacted my credit card company to have these charges reversed and I'm going to send the pills back to the address they were sent from with a tracking number and receipt. I have no idea how these people (and I use the term loosely) got a hold of my credit card and my wish is that they are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


  • Te
    tellmesf Aug 25, 2009

    I haven't received these pills, but it sounds as if the scammer in charge of this scheme based the name from an episode of Doctor Who... see episode "Partners in Crime". The story was about a weight loss scam and an alien race called the Adipose.

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  • Du
    Dude Apr 22, 2009

    Sure they will-- no--they will credit your account by writing that amount off--I would bet money that you get charged again unless you change your account number-- and this guy will get away with more and more money. Guess this is the hottest new career choice--steal credit card numbers, count on no one complaining to the authorities, and live off of free money.
    I got a reply to my Utah BBB complaint yesterday-- "Contact Name and Title: Customer Care
    Contact Phone: [protected]
    We are trying to locate cardholder in our system. Once we do, we will refund the full amount and remove customer from our database as soon as possible. "
    My reply "(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
    They gave no admission of fraud. I NEVER furnished my credit card information to them as I NEVER ordered their product or even used my card online or over the phone to order anything.
    I was told by them on April 8, 2009 that they would issue a refund to my credit card and they still have not issued said refund.
    I would like their apology and an admission of fraud and how they obtained my information because I want this prosecuted!"

    So--they never credited my account--I have gotten the fraud paperwork from Chase-- but per their fraud dept (more than one person--I could not believe my ears)-- they will only credit the charges and write them off as a loss to Chase. Bummer--not enough people complaining.

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  • Ak
    AKACy Apr 22, 2009

    Just checked my credit card bill, total was a $36.52 charge, I did not even get the pills. Called the credit card company and they said they would look in to ADIPOSE RX and credit my account.

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  • Du
    Dude Apr 15, 2009

    Please please please please file complaints with the FBI, FTC, US Postmaster, Internet Crime Compliance Center (even if you did not access the internet with your credit card--they want to know!), Better Business Bureau in Utah, State of Utah Attorney General, and your own state's attorney general. You can copy and paste your complaints into the forms on the internet--please do this.

    The sad thing about this is that for those of us that do catch the charges on our credit card and report them--THE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES WRITE THIS AMOUNT OFF AND THE THIEF GETS TO KEEP THE MONEY.

    Please help catch this thief by filing the proper complaints. As I was informed by the FTC--if enough people file complaints then they will investigate--otherwise this is allowed to keep happening. The internet is a wonderful tool--we find out that we are not alone as victims and we can fight back against thieves-- please do so!

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  • Ja
    JanieK Apr 15, 2009

    I check my credit cards daily (active and inactive), so I caught the charge of $34.84 from Caraluma Extreme within hours. (There seems to be a connection to Adipose Rx.) I have never heard of this company and obviously have not ordered nor received anything from them. From what I can determine, it is an offshore company; St. Kitts, Virgin Islands or possibly Kenya. Ten days after the fraudulent charge, I was charged a foreign transaction fee. Citicard told me that a laptop might have been stolen holding the credit card data of many card holders. There has been many fraudulent charges showing up. When I called this company, I was told to leave info or go to another website. It was in Utah and was a newly acquired company. They wanted my info. Right! So I can get scammed again. I have not yet had this charge resolved. It is now with Citi security dept. My suggestion for anyone doing business online or anywhere, for that matter, is to check their credit card balances online at least every few days. Any fraudulent charges can be caught quickly. Cancel card and request a new card. Now we can get a free credit report every year from the 3 credit bureaus. I check each one every 4 months. This also catches fraud before it gets out of hand and ruins ones credit. (

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  • Du
    Dude Apr 10, 2009

    Please--everyone go to this link here--

    Please file complaints-- we need to stop this joker. Take a spin through his Myspace page-- It really makes me sick to read that he loves his family and friends and that he lives, breathes, sleeps, and speaks business--it is more that he is selfish and thinks only of lining his pockets by STEALING from people.

    Honestly--I would love some indication from the credit card companies that they are investigating him-- I have been told by more than one company that they write off these small amounts because they are not worth spending the resources on. I have had to ask point blank for that answer--they don't offer it. So--this jerk is getting this money--little by little he is getting rich off of this-- $34 here, $34 there, lots of $34 sure add up. Pretty soon he is living in the lap of luxury on a beach on our money. Those amounts that the credit card companies write off filter down to us "little guys" eventually--don't kid yourselves.

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  • Va
    ValerieShulder Apr 06, 2009

    You won't be getting a refund if you cancelled your card. They will say they can only issue a refund to the original card. How convenient for them.

    That doesnt mean you shouldnt have cancelled your card though. Because they would have definately just continued to charge it up.

    its just a mess .

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  • Ji
    Jim Apr 06, 2009

    On April 3 I received notice from my credit card company o f a $34.84 charge from Caralluma Extreme. I cancelled the credit card, but have not seen the latest statement yet so I'm not sure if I'm done with this fraud. Tried calling the 877 number, but never got to speak to a real person. Call was mysteriously disconnected. My last online order was for flax seed from a company I've dealt with in the past without problems. I don't remember any unusual check boxes, but my suspicions have been raised.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Mar 31, 2009

    These people make me sick. On 3/27 I woke up to get ready for work and happened to check my bank account. I noticed a charge from that morning that I did not recognize for "ADIPOSE RX", $34.84 yadda yadda yadda. Called the 800 number on the transaction, recording said "currently not accepting calls", big surprise. Googled "ADIPOSE RX" and confirmed that it was a scam as I suspected. I wasn't able to get a hold of anyone from this company and only learned their name and a usable phone number via my Internet research. I notified my bank of the unathorized charge; they immediately blocked my card and ordered a new one. I was finally able to get a hold of someone at this Lose Weight Systems and he said my "order" had not yet shipped. I told him that I never placed an order nor had I ever heard of his "company" or its "products". I also told him that I was sure that the only way he obtained my card info was through illegal means. This accusation didn't faze him in the least, it was like it was an everyday thing (which it appears to be). He didn't even acknowledge that I had just accused his company of fraud, but simply said he would cancel and initiate a refund and gave me a confirmation number (that sounded like he just made it up on the spot). Anyway, it's 3/31 and as of yet no refund (I guess some people have actually had success getting their money back). If I don't get my money back this week, I will have to file a fraud report with my bank (local credit union), which requires a police report. I've already reported these dirtbags to the Nevada Attorney General (apparently they have an office in NV), the FTC and the FBIs cyber crime unit. I suggest everyone report it wherever possible.

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  • Cl
    Clara Marchington Mar 31, 2009

    I too was "rooked" by this so called company. I don't know if this helps or not, but I had ordered a "Trial Size Teeth Whitening Product." I only authorized the trial size, instead later in the month they billed me $69.99. Then two days later a charge appeared on my bank account for this Adipose RX had a charge on my account for $34.84, so naturally I wonder if they are not connected. Hence, I have contacted my bank and disputed the charges since now they don't even answer their phone (always busy), and cancelled my debit card. I too will contact the USPS since I am employed there also, I hope someone finds this guy and buries him behind bars where he belongs.

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  • Su
    Susan Mar 26, 2009

    I got a call today from my bank's (Wells Fargo) fraud prevention department because a charge from Adipose RX appeared in my account. They were checking to see if it was legit before processing it. Since I only have this card for overdraft protection on my checking account and rarely use it, other than occasionally to keep it active and NEVER use it online for anything, it triggered their fraud alert. That and apparently Adipose RX is a known fraudster. So, the charge has been refused and the account has been closed. I will be now receiving a new card with the old balance transferred to the new card.

    There is a special place in hell reserved for this ### clown.

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  • Dw
    DWG0129 Mar 25, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I actually did get in contact with them and they said they would remove the charges and stop billing, yet for the third month in a row I have been charged by them.

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  • Jr
    jrprusak Mar 22, 2009

    Here is one of the crooks behind this diet pill fraud, his name is PETE MAUGHAN... I called him too, he pretended to be so innocent, but he is the owner of the site… please email this to all the BBB’s and District Attorneys until his ### is behind bars…. he has several other sites too, same thing, just different scam fronts...

    My credit card company has refunded all charges, (4 now), and has fined the company $500-$1000 for each fraud charge.. now is this guy a “dumb-###” or what…

    This is his contact info with e-mail...

    Pete Maughan
    543 North 790 East #209
    Provo, Utah 84606
    United States
    Phone: +1.[protected]

    [email protected]

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  • Br
    Brad Pitt Mar 13, 2009

    This company is commiting credit card fraud, plain and simple. I have never been to or heard of their website; and their charges appeared on my credit card statement. Since everyone in my household is skinny and excercises regularly there is no possible way any of us would ever order diet pills.

    The other thing that jumped out at me was the "International Service Charge" - which is clearly some kind of additional fraud with the same reference # for the transaction.

    Had to cancel my credit card, what a hassle.

    One good thing: I called the phone # referenced on the credit card statement [protected], and quickly reached a live person. He was extremely polite and professional. Although he maintained that they had an order for these products and knew all sorts of details like my home address and work email account (another fraud tipoff); he offered to refund all charges. We will see if that happens.

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  • Tb
    t-bone Mar 09, 2009

    Same here, no recollection of any kind nor any interest in such a product. The first bottle showed up about a month ago, I am both busy and a bit of a non-confrontational I threw the damn bottle away and never thought about it further. Until tonight, another bottle showed up. Checked my credit card, and like everybody else reports, two charges from Adipose Rx. Call the 877 number and get a recording and prompt for a message, same on the website; both prompt you for additional personal information in order to help you. Have no intention of giving these crooks more info. Called Capital one and they reversed the charges for me and opened a fraud investigation. Oddly enough, about a month ago I got a message from Capital one that they had some questions related to a purchase. I had registered for a triathlon the day before for myself, my brother and a friend...I rationalized away their concerns without ever calling them back (smart, huh?), assuming they were confused by the tripple billing from the triathlon. Read above that somebody's card called them when this got posted to their account; I expect that they are well known by the credit card companies and such orders get flagged for investigation. Should have returned their call, seems they were looking out for my interests. Anyhow, my best guess as to where I got involved in this is through the triathlon registration; anybody else register online for an atheletic event before the mystery shipments started?

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  • An
    annoyed Mar 09, 2009

    I have received two plastic bags full of " CarallumaExtreme" diet pills. The Name on my bank statement is AdiPose and when you call the 800 number [protected]) you reach a service for the company Lose Weight Systems (keep calling... you will get through eventually). I spoke to a woman named Dorina who said that she doesn't work for Lose Weight Systems but she works for a company that gives refunds for that company. I told her that we had never purchased these products nor did we know how they had our credit card information. She said it was something we bought online that allowed them to get our information. She said that she was refunding the $35.53 I have been charged in February and March and gave me a reference number. She said that she had "closed my account with them" and I wouldn't be charged again.

    She said that the company does not have a phone number, but their e-mail address is:
    [email protected]

    This company needs to be STOPPED! What happens to the people who don't have an hour of time to deal with this? They will continue to get scammed and this "company" will continue to make money!

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  • Al
    Allen F Mar 02, 2009

    We had a similar situation, although they were quick to remove the charges. Got the same baloney on the "you must have selected it at checkout of an online purcase" but we had no record of any online purchases on the day they claimed Complete scam.

    Has anyone figured out what websites they alleged to be hooked up with?

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  • Ri
    rippedoffguy Mar 02, 2009

    I called the name above (Pete Maughan) and he was "surprised" and "had no idea" about the fraud I've also experienced in the last two weeks from this rip off. He said that he "threw up a site" but had no idea any illegal activity was going on. Not sure I believe that, but I did give his information to my credit card fraud investigation team and the USPS. He didn't indicate he'd spoken with anyone else...and wasn't willing to give out any additional information about the company he did the work for. He wants to protect their identity. If he's telling the truth, I can understand his position, and of course has no control over what someone might do with credit card orders on a website he merely setup. On the other hand, if I were listed on the web as a "Fraud" and a "Crook" as others here have noted, I'd be very concerned and I'd take an active roll in solving the problem - while being as transparent as possible. No doubt the credit card company fraud team and the USPS inspector will be paying him a visit.

    Pete - if you read this I hope you are motivated to help stop the fraud that is being attached to you. Whether you are involved or not, your name, reputation and perhaps future opportunities are being impacted every moment this continues.

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  • Ci
    Cindy Mar 02, 2009

    This is happening to me too. Charges on Jan & Feb.card of $34.84 each and an International Service Charge for $1.05 for each transaction. Have called the bank and now I have cancelled my card.
    I tried to call the 800# but was unable to talk to anyone.

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  • Ri
    RichardGr Mar 02, 2009

    This is a big scam. I contacted Citibank who reversed the charge, cancelled the card and opened a fraud investigation. I called the 877 number an spoke to an operator - Bailey - who promised to also credit back the charge. I warned her about working for this company. I also called Pete Maughan to let him know that he is now linked to this postal fraud and credit scam. He was really taken aback as he claims he just design/put up the website. That may be true but he is now listed in the investigation. I suggest that everyone contact both their credit card companies and the USPS to press charges. These people somehow got not only our names and credit card numbers but also our e-mail addresses AND mailing addresses. That's a big deal. I was also told this is not a one-off charge - they have posted it as a RECURRING monthly charge! They must be prosecuted and shut down. Call them and call the Pete guy to get this stopped.

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  • Ja
    jac123 Feb 28, 2009

    I called them and they said when I ordered something on the internet, I neglected to "uncheck" something, which is why I received the pills. The women credited my 1/31 charge and my 2/25 charge that hasn't even appeared on my credit card yet!

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  • Jo
    John Alaska Feb 28, 2009

    here is a name and contact of the rip-off's for

    Adipose Rx/Caralluma Extreme diet pills...

    E-mail and phone are below, let this guy have it...FRAUD & CROOK

    Created on...: [protected]:13:51 GMT
    Expires on...: [protected]:13:51 GMT
    Last modified on...: [protected]:45:59 GMT

    Registrant Info: (FAST-[protected])
    Pete Maughan
    543 North 790 East #209
    Provo, Utah 84606
    United States
    Phone: +1.[protected]
    Email: [email protected]
    Last modified: [protected]:13:51 GMT

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  • Fr
    fred aviator Feb 27, 2009

    File a complaint with the US Postal Service, use Mail Fraud form from

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  • Mu
    Muttonchops Feb 27, 2009

    Me too. Charge was placed on my Citi Mastercard on 1/29/o9. Citi called me about it when the charge came in and issued a new card to me.

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  • Br
    brian Feb 24, 2009

    I found a charge on my card dated 1/30/09 for $34.84. The credit card company will reverse the charges.

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  • Ci
    cindy Feb 18, 2009

    this happened to me today. i called the number on the bottle, got an operator. he told me I had ordered "something' online and in the fine print I agreed to buy these diet pills. i called the bank, canceled the card and filed a fraud affidavit. i have no idea how they got credit card 3, info, etc.. he also told me to throw the pills away.

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