Resolved ADC MarketingDeceptive and unfair trade pracices

Anyone having dealings with this company, please know that they are being investigated for deceptive and unfair trade practices. Please see the following link:, timeshare

You can make a complaint at:

Also, for anyone dealing with any of these timeshare resale dirtbags, legislation was passed effective July 1, 2009, that could likely allow you to get a refund. See the following:

Section 721.20 (9)(a), Fla. Stat. provides that “[p]rior to listing or advertising a timeshare interest for resale, a resale service provider shall provide to the timeshare interest owner a description of any fees or costs relating to the advertising, listing, or sale of the timeshare interest that the timeshare interest owner, or any other person, must pay to the resale service provider or any third party, when such fees or costs are due, and the ratio or percentage of the number of listings of timeshare interests for sale versus the number of timeshare interests sold by the resale service provider for each of the previous 2 calendar years.”

Section 721.20 (9)(b), Fla. Stat. additionally provides that “failure to disclose this information in writing constitutes an unfair and deceptive trade practice pursuant to Chapter 501, Fla. Stat. Any contract entered into in violation of this subsection is void, and the purchaser is entitled to a full refund of any funds paid to the resale service provider."

I have had dealings with 4 timeshare resale companies and none have provided the required ratios making the contract void and the purchaser entitled to a refund.

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