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Mvq Saveace / Unauthorized Billings


I have received several unauthorized credit card billings in the amount of $24.95 from a company under the name SAVEACE. I did not initially catch this, but when I noticed it on my bill I contacted the credit card issuer to have the payment declined. The credit card company discovered...

Mvq Saveace / Unauthorized charges


I too have unauthorized charges on my credit card. Called MVQ*Saveace, the number that is on your credit card bill [protected]) and you have to enter your card number to get your account number. this account number is also on your bill. Select to cancel and speech to someone. I was told that...

Mvq Saveace / RIP OFF


0 Votes If your wondering about how MVQ SAVEACE bills recurring charges to you bank or credit card then I'll explain. First, you or someone else went on a search such as ( INTELLUS) a people finder, the credit card information used on your form for INTELLUS was then given to MVQ...

Mvq Saveace / unknown charges


We began recieving 24.95 charges two months ago. I checked my checking account statement and called the number beside their name. After only a few seconds of yelling they immediately said the account would be cancelled and our last payment refunded within two days. I know we should have...

Mvq Saveace / Recurring charges


Last month (September) I called and asked account to be closed. I have know idea who this company is, nor have I authorized them to bill me $19.95 per month. I thought that I wouldn't see the charges on my this month's cc statement. What was I thinking!?! I looked at my statement...

Mvq Saveace / Charged my Credit card


Downloaded my credit card transactions to Quicken, and see a charge of 19.95 to MVQ*SAVEACE on my Chase Visa. I immediately called Chase to ask for details, and all they had was a phone number [protected], so I call the number and I say I have an unrecognized charge from your company, and barely...

Mvq Saveace / Where are these charges coming from?


I have had charges of the amount of $19.95 coming through my account (bank), and I have no idea where anyone got my information from, and this started happening out of the blue since May. I have not signed up for anything, and apparently there is a scam going on from the Complaints Board...

Mvq Saveace / unwanted services


I went online to check my account balance(Account now bank) and noticed an onasked for service for 24.95 billed to my account. I cannot call my bank, being sunday. I did not ask for.nor request any services from this company. If they do not take this charge off my bill, I will call a lawyer. sincerly, Diana Dubanski [protected]

Mvq Saveace / Billed unusual


I was a month by month member of Balley's Fitness Center for about 3 months. I cancelled the membership in May as I moved back to New Mexico. I have now been billed $19.95 in June and July and the only way I knew why was to go on the internet to find out who MVQ Saveace was. To...

Mvq Saveace / Billed 19. 95 times 2


Sorry but all of you guys maybe should not enter your credit card online. is a valid web site, cleary states the $1. 00 charge is just a "membership" processing fee!!! If americans would read, we would not have this issue, but since everyone wants to be stubborn, you do not...