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Active PeriodicalsThey tried to lure me in with free shopping

This company made me think I was getting a free $1000.00 shopping spree (on line), 3 free magazines that would STOP after 12 mos. automatically. The only thing I had to do was pay 3.50 a week for the Time mag. I chose. That’s more than the cover price.

When they needed my personal info I was then wary of some kind of scam. I gave false info, and then in the end refused to give my credit card # for fear of ID theft or fraud. They try to make you sure they are a co. in business for 35 years etc., but I never give my card # over the phone are they crazy??????

I went right to my computer and your other pissed consumers let me know I did the right thing. I hope everyone else does the same.


  • Br
    brookea Apr 17, 2010

    did the bbb help you? When did you do this? I also got scammed by them and the phone calls never stop. I was lied to completely about everything! So I refused to pay them. I reported them to the bbb and haven't heard anything back yet. Apparently the owner was in jail for fraud.

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  • Su
    sunnyszoo Apr 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Ha! I'm an elderly woman caring for my severely disabled son, and I'm getting Entrepreneur, Saltwater Fishing, Maxim, Fast Company, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and several more. Big trash problem.

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  • Su
    sunnyszoo Apr 14, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Publishers say they can't cancel because the subscription was submitted by a third party. I'm still receiving magazines I never ordered, do not want, and have canceled with the publisher more than once. Next step - file a change of address w/publisher to nowhere...

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  • Su
    sunnyszoo Apr 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They've called me from numerous cell phones in the Deerfield Beach area, sometimes more than a dozen times a day. Always the same - not much, then a hang-up. I'm also in the do-not-call registry, mostly because of Active Periodicals. They need to be put DOWN.

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  • Ro
    Rody Mar 31, 2010

    I'm glad I did a search on this name I got off the caller ID. I had mistakenly responded to a "survey" several days ago and have been sorry since, because of the volume of phone calls I have received.

    Active Periodicals apparently is one of the recipients of my telephone number. Now, they have called my number 3 straight days; there is never a person to talk to; it just plays music and hangs up. Of course there is no message.

    There is a different return phone number each day.

    This is pure, blatant harrassment; interestingly enough I have a "do not solicit" on my number!

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  • Ja
    JacD96 Jan 08, 2010

    I got a call from them in mid November of 09. When they got to the part about the $1000 shopping spree, I thought "awesome, I can use it for Christmas". They told me it was good for household stuff, electronics, computers, video etc. I asked them THREE times if it could be used anywhere online and was told yes all three times. So I agreed. They had me repeat what I had agreed to so they could record it. I used my fiances credit card. Not once did they ask me if it was my credit card. They never even asked for the name on the card. That turned out to be my way out.

    Normally, when I get a call like that, IF it sounds like something I'd be interested in, I ask them to call back in a few days. Then I do some web research to see what others had to say. Well, they caught me straight out of bed at 8:30 am and I got suckered.

    Once I woke up I decided to check the web and was disgusted by what I read about this company and their "shopping spree"...which, by the way, is NOT usable anywhere on the web, only on their site for their crappy merchandise.

    Now, if I get suckered into something, I usually take my lumps, but they flat out lied about the shopping deal. I hate being lied to. So, I had my fiance call the company and tell them that I had no authority to use his card and to cancel the account. So help me, their reply was "I'm sorry sir, we can't talk to you about this because your name isn't on the account". They said they had no way of knowing who he was and would not cancel anything. If there is one thing I am very good at, it's using the English language to my advantage. I sat down and wrote a very firm, but polite letter and pulled out all my $64, 000 words. I wrote it and had my fiance sign it. I reminded them that lying to get a sale is fraud. I told them charging a credit card without checking who was using it was illegal. Then I told them that I wanted a refund of the payment or I would contact my state Attorney Generals Office, THEIR states Attorney General, the BBB in both states AND the phone company.

    I eventually got a response, AFTER a second charge to the credit card. They were VERY upset about "my fiances letter". Then they said something that actually made me laugh. They said "We have to pay your fiance back, he's VERY upset! You need to send us $--.-- so we can pay him back!" Keep in mind, they were aware that my fiance and I live in the same house...I said "wait, you took money out of his account illegally and you want ME to send you money so you can pay it back???" they answered YES!

    Oh, one other thing, these people are RUDE. This woman, in an extremely snotty tone, said "we have you RECORDED agreeing to this" to which I replied, in a very snotty tone "true, but I bet you don't have a recording of you LYING to me about the shopping spree now do you?" She responded with a "no, we do not" and my reply was, "well, how VERY convenient for you. Maybe I'll post a blog telling people to make sure they record YOU when you call them." She got a bit more polite after that.

    End of the story... we told them to keep the *** money but to cancel the account and if we saw another charge to the credit card, we'd be speaking to a lawyer. Expensive lesson, but one well learned.

    We haven't heard a thing from them since, but the magazines kept coming. I had to call the publishers directly to cancel...and made sure to tell them all the story. Maybe they'll stop using this rip off company.

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  • La
    Larrybac Dec 16, 2009

    We were contacted by Active Periodicals with an offer for 6 one year subscriptions for three payments of $49.00 back in October of 2017. Sounded great! We started getting magazines that we would never have chosen and a bill for $917.oo! We were getting BET, Latino Week, Gun and Garden Club, and other ethnic magazines. The wife and I are White Professional Americans. Why would we want to subscribe to these? Attempts to contact the company have been a wast of time. The Customer support number goes into voice mail and we never get a call back. The Sale folks are always calling to collect more money because we canceled the Credit Card used for the transaction, and when I tell them that there is a problem with the Magazines and the bill, they HANG UP!

    Its been a year and still have not resolved the issue! Just today I was contacted for a payment, and when I tried to explain the problem, CLICK, they hang up! This action prompted me to find a voice to complain that landed me on this site!

    Buyer Beware of Active Periodicals!!!

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  • Af
    afgrayson Oct 12, 2009

    This company at the number [protected] and calls repeatedly everyday. I do not know who they are and have told to stop calling. The do not call registry states that once you tell someone to stop calling you they have to stop. I have not bought magazines or anything. I have a brand new, unlisted, unpublished number and have not given it out to anyone other than my immediate family and they know not to give the number out.

    What do we need to do to get this to stop?

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  • Bo
    bobkel Oct 03, 2009

    I have just started receiving calls from this company. Since I did not recognize the name or number I have never answered their calls. I received 5 calls yesterday, I didn't answer and they never left a message. After reading the comments that have been left I am definitley not going to answer their calls and will be calling them and asking them to take me off their list. From the what I have read from some comments, I may have to call them back several times for them to get the point. Plus I am on the National Do Not Call List. Drives me nuts how some of these companies ignore that list and call people on the Do not call list anyways. I guess they feel like they are better than other telemarketers and it is "ok" for them to call. Sorry, I personally don't feel that way. If I wanted these types of calls to continue I would have never signed up on the National Do Not Call List.

    Thanks for all the comments that have been left. There is some real good info about this company and what to watch out for.
    Thanks again,

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  • Ti
    tiqtoqcro Oct 02, 2009

    I received a call from them yesterday and they greeted me with "hello, May I speak to Mr. or Mrs."...
    I hung up immediately for I am the only person living here. A few minutes ago they called again I noticed the number and said, "you called here yesterday, what do you want?" Phone got silent and then he hung up.

    I called the number back and pressed the 'do not send me calls ' and left my phone #. I was filling out a contest form from Walmart and stopped and exited it when it started asking all those questions. I still get all this crap anyway with the form still incomplete.

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  • Ge
    Gene_71 Sep 10, 2009

    Active periodicals had called me on a daily bases every morning around 9 am. I have never heard of these people. I am on the national do not call list and they call me anyway. I had to call them several times and leave a messege telling them not to call me anymore. It was a cmputer generated call. Nobody was ever there. They havn't called me in several days now. But they are telemarketers and the should be shut down.

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  • Li
    lilitaly Mar 17, 2009

    Active periodicals told me i would recieve a diamond watch never saw that . When i call they are the most rude ppl in the world they laughed and swore at me. This company is a scam!!!I doubt they are even linked to collections so everyone who is involved with them should not pay those rude snots sa[email protected]!!! Because i went 4 months w/ out paying and never got turned into collections. they have overwithdrawln my account many of times without my consent i asked them many times to stop they said ok and did it the next month... They need to be investigated

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  • Co
    Cole Feb 25, 2009

    I placed an order with said company and began receiving other mag's I did not order, so I called them to express my displeasure. The individual I spoke to said he would put a stop order out concerning this and did I want to change any of the mag's I was receiving. I told him to exchange PC Magazine for Smart Money and also changed my mailing address.

    I started noticing a double payment coming out of my account, so I called them and was told I made a second order. Why would I order two subscriptions of the same magazines plus change the time frame from 36 months to 60 months.

    This is a basic ripoff thinking people don't check their statements and other items.

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  • Pi
    pinaydyme Jan 15, 2009

    I was receiving a mystery call on my cell phone that showed [protected], the call would hang up when I answered. I found out it was from Active periodicals, but I am not a subscriber, so I don't know how they got my cell phone #. I tried calling the number back, but it would either be busy or just ring and ring. I found this information through another website:
    Active Periodicals, Inc.
    450 SW 12th Avenue
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

    If you call the number there, a person will pick up and you can ask them to remove your number. I just called a few minutes ago, so I hope this works.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Jan 14, 2009

    I signed up with Active Periodicals this past June. These salespeople talk so fast and outsmart you. I had to change credit cards. They called me that this card was not excepted.

    I then offered another credit card. They are supposed to take only a monthly payment now! I still believe they also got an additional $770 that way.

    They have no website! And that should be a tipoff. You can only reach them by phone(on hold forever) or mail.

    And the the free $1, 000 online shopping spree is a joke. There is hardly any selection and it has to be certain retailers. I thought I could just get stuff from some decent websites. Horrible selections.

    I feel totally ripped off by them and I'm sick of all the stupid, FREE, magazines I keep getting. I am frustrated and want to pursue this.

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  • Cd
    c.disapointmente Dec 30, 2008

    This company pretends to give you a "deal" on subscriptions where they will charge you $53.95 a month for 2 years. They also entice you with a nice watch, which I never received. At first I received some of the magazines and noticed from the inserts, I could've subscribed diretly from the magazine for $15.95 a year plus shipping and handling. Same thing with the other magazines. After the 2 year period, they call you and tell you they should've lowered your payment to $34.95 a month for the next 2 years and will send you 4 magazine subscriptions "at substantial newstand prices". That may be true, but recall you can subscribe directly from the company for 1/8 of the cost they charge you. They also try to entrap you by taping you saying you will pay $34.95 a month for the next 2 years. This says nothing about lowering your payment which is a deceptive practice. I complained to these people when they call that I never received my watch and some of my magazines and they get belligerent, yell at me, tell me they have me on tape ordering additional years or they hang up on me. I finally reported them to the BBB in Florida and received a call from a woman saying that wasn't their company and another company is masquerading as them. What a crock of bull. Stay away from them they don't save you anything - as usual with telemarketers, they overpromise and underdeliver.

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  • Valerie May 04, 2008

    I was duped into this scam a couple of years ago, and it did not bother me much because I was getting my magazines at first. But considering that I have very limited mail space and I am never home, my mailbox would fill up in a matter of days thanks to all the additional garbage they are sending me.

    They send me Cosmo "girl", US weekly, and a bunch of other garbage magazines that I have no interest in whatsoever.

    I found their number at [protected]. I will call and complain every day and threaten with lawsuit if it is necessary. What a scam!

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