Action Ford & Mazda Complaints & Reviews

Action Ford & Mazda / ford escape, pre-mature rust

Jan 13, 2019

Dear Ford, This is my 2nd Escape and I have generally been happy with it. The one BIG problem is with rust on my driver side rear quarter panel just above my wheel. It is the only place I have rust and believe that it is due to a manufacturing defect in your processing. All of the other 3...

Action Ford & Mazda / ford figo 2016 model

Nov 03, 2017

I bought a ford figo in Roodeport Action ford. When I took the car in for service I was told the car had already been serviced and that I should bring it in April, at the time I had already told them that the car is leaking water from the front. When I got home I called ford to inform them...

Action Ford & Mazda / Service

Nov 29, 2016

logo Search for a business... Nov 29, 2016 24 minutes ago Action Ford Roodepoort 2.4 Automotive K..k service by Heinblauensteiner 1 Bought a brand new Fusion at Action Ford.First i have a blow out on front left tyre.Said tyre model discontinued.Diffrent model had to be fitted at R7200.Then...

Action Ford / Bad Service and non-repair after R7000 + spent

Feb 10, 2011

My folks broke down with their Ford Escort on the way back form Pretoria to cut a long story short they got the car towed to Action Ford in Constantia.After the diagnosing the problem they said it was just a Oil pressure switch that needed to be replaced.Then they were informed it is a...

Action Ford / Action Ford is incapable of fixing my vehicle

Jan 11, 2011

My vehicle has been to Action Ford Constantia over 10 times for the same problem. My little 1.3 bantam has never been right since day one. I have an idling problem that apparently cannot be fixed!!! They have accommodated me with a courtesy vehicle when my car has been with them, and I really...