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ACN is the biggest rip off going. My husband and I got roped into joining from a meeting. The sales pitch is wonderful... but the representatives giving the sales meeting is only rich from the 499 the collected from the poor innocent people at the meeting! Then they make you join telephone, cellphone, television and alarm companies with 2 year contracts (200.00 early terminations for all of them) the service is horrible and you cant cancel because it will cost over 1, 000 in cancellation fees... DONT DO IT!!! its a scam They just billed my credit card 200.00 for an early termination fee that I never authorized! They need to be sued!!!


  • J
      Jul 14, 2010

    They don't *make* you join anything. It's a business and you didn't do any work. If you join a gym and don't go work out all the time you can't call the gym a scam. The person doing the meeting doesn't make a dime from your 499. It's a business of customer acquisition and without customers nobody makes money whatsoever. You have nobody to blame but yourself for this.

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  • J
      Dec 24, 2010

    ACN is a a substandard and outdated technology, I saw that right away during my 'presentation'. Wow, a giant phone you can use anywhere as long as you have a second suitcase! Ummm, I have one that fits in my pocket, it's called a cell phone. When the rep tried to give us a demo they were on the (wired) phone with ACN tech support for half an hour to smooth out some glitches, that sounds handy to me!
    ACN is a joke, only old folks without a clue about technology are interested in it. MLM's are nothing new, and I am continually amused to see the same folks jump in to the same old shtick with reckless abandon!

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  • R
      Aug 31, 2011

    I am a small business owner, and am on acn. With acn we are also clients. So we have to use the services. And they dont work. Good luck finding someone to help here too. My phone is dead and putting the sim into another phone does the same. I cannot afford to have my phone down. It has been the worst phone service ive ever had. I think the only way out now is to pay maximum $$$. And im willing. Why would i want to sign people up to a service that i think stinks?!

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