Ace Canopy Complaints & Reviews

Ace Canopy / False Advertising

Apr 05, 2015

Please, please pay attention to the False Advertising. The picture is completely false to what you will receive. I ordered a PORTABLE BEACH CANOPY that only comes in red (so why show a WHITE canopy at all?) and it does not come with the mesh siding (again, why show it in the photo? Also...

Ace Canopy / No customer service

Jul 17, 2014

I purchased a garden canopy pop up tent and what was shipped to me is not the same as what was pictured on the web site and I thought I was purchasing. Now I can't get anyone to answer the phone when I call there accept the "order taking group" and I keep leaving messages with them...

Ace Canopy / Wrong Item Shipped


I ordered (2) 7x20 tarp walls for my canopy and (2) 18 Ft Peak ends. What I received was (4) 7x20 tarp walls and NO Peak ends. I have e-mailed the company with no response. I have called the company at least 5 times, as well. Usually, the person on the other end hangs up on me before I can...

Ace Canopy / No delivery


Ace Canopy does not deliver what they advertise on their website. I purchase a canopy and cover. The canopy legs and fittings did not fit together properly. I had to modify the ends of the pipe to slide just to slide into the fittings. The website very specifically mentions grommets every...

Ace Canopy / Shipped defective product then repeatedly lied about it


AceCanopy of Palmdale CA shipped us a product which was impossible to assemble because of missing parts. Ace then ignored repeated emails to their account, and repeated voice mails (no human ever answered the phone). Finally, when we filled BBB complaint, they responded, but only...

Ace Canopy / No delivery of product


Buy absolutely nothing from Ace Canopy! I ordered a garden canopy a month ago. They charged my credit card immediately, but I haven't received the canopy yet. I tried to contact their customer service half a dozen times; they put me on hold for 20+ minutes and nobody answers. I...

Ace Canopy / Unable to contact

I recently purchase a shade tent from ace canopy $140. I can seem to contact them. They don't return emails. It has been over a month and a half since I ordered my product and the postage was supposed to be 20 days. I ordered it from the US. I live in Australia. Can someone please help? Kind regards, Linda