SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews / Trying to fool me but didn't.


Sold my FFXI paladin for $147.80 US to paypal. Two weeks pass and now they are trying to take the money back through paypal saying buying dispute. I wrote them and tried to talk to them but they keep ignoring me. Lol guess whos nottttt payyyying them? ~.^ Stupid Company dicks are for... / Scam


I bought an account from, the account was banned after 24 hours and they do not want to offer the compensation!! And be careful, = !! Watch out! / Attempted to steal my account without payment


I attempted to sell my world of warcraft account to these people. They sent me an email saying I should change the registered email to one of their choosing. When I tried to log in to do this, I found that the password had been changed. No one besides them had the password and I have the... / Completely bogus!


Ahhh, hindsight. I sold my account through these people. Then five days (and countless chats w/ company reps) later I found this page. Firstly, I never received ANY confirmation emails, despite constant verification and assurances with the live reps. They said I would receive an email... / Illegal company!


I am a big member of the glider community, and have been buying accounts from for a good 6 months. I logged in this morning, and all 4 accounts I purchased for over 3 grand were BANNED. I attempted to seek at least an exchange as I could not unban them but claim...