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I have been receiving 5 to 7 calls a day from these people. I owe money on a credit card. It started with Nor don collections and they harassed me so much at work, it was part of the reason I was let go when they were bought out. Now Accounts Recovery Corp. has my account and they are relentless. They call daily 5 to 7 times. I explained I no longer was working and they made fun of me and said pay! I said I would send them some money, they said I wouldn't and now they just keep calling. Every time it is someone more abusive than the next.

The last guy I took a call from said he was sending someone to work to send me papers because they were suing me, I told him to go ahead, I don't have a job anymore. He said they were on their way to my old company. Then they called back and left a message saying this was the last chance to pay or their client had advised them to proceed. What the heck do I do? I also asked them to stop calling and only correspond with me through the mail, they said no!

The amount is also over double what Nor don agreed to accept.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Aug 02, 2017 4:04 pm EDT
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you sir, are an idiot

Aug 02, 2017 4:10 pm EDT
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I meant the guy that works for ARC not Consumer Protection BC

Jan 18, 2013 2:54 pm EST
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if you live in Canada and are being harassed or receiving calls from this company please file a complaint here so we may investigate and take action.

Feb 08, 2012 7:39 am EST

Also, they are stating the bill is $1600, I have never had a phone bill like that in my life. Where would they be coming up with this number ?

Feb 08, 2012 7:34 am EST

I am confused ...I thought after 6 yrs a debt is stats barred. I am receiving calls from ARC trying to collect on an old phone bill (Bell). I have no problem with a collection agency doing their job, but do not understand how they can break the law, laws are made laws for a reason. I was in the middle of my marriage ending and I did end up claiming bankruptcy as it was a priority to feed and house my two kids (this was years ago). I am assuming some how that the phone bill did not get included. It wasn't something that even entered my mind until I started hearing from ARC. Now I am not sure why this bill was missed in the bankruptcy, I do know at the time my mind was a bit off due to the separation. Which is why I assume that stats barred laws exist, so people in such circumstances are not held accountable for the rest of their lives. I am not someone who decided one day "I don't think I'll pay my bills anymore". just for fun. Any way, back to "Stats barred". This bill is approx. 10 yrs old, are they allowed to still try and collect? The last letter said, "We will take further steps, if payment not received in 5 days". What is the next step? Can they take a stats barred bill to court ? I have been told not to have contact with them at all because they are trying to reset the date that true?

Aug 02, 2017 4:09 pm EDT
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Replying to comment of Confusedlm

no, they cannot take a statute barred account to court. You can call them and tell them that the account is statute barred to remove you from their database. Some collection agencies buy bulk old debts. They pay pennies on a dollar for these old accounts so if they can collect even 10% of what the bill is worth, they are making money. They cannot put this collection on your credit report but please, pull the free copy of your credit report to ensure that they haven't done something sneaky and placed the collectionon file just to ruin your credit score.

Feb 04, 2012 12:43 am EST
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ARC are complete bullies! I do agree that if you buy something you should pay for it. I bought a Dell laptop when I was employed and making my payments. I lost my job and have very little funds coming in. I have to pay the necessities first like rent, car, gas and food. After all that is taken care of, there is nothing left. I have offered to surrender the laptop, but they won't have that. They are demanding an amount that I obvious can not muster up in a couple of days. Her tone was very unprofessional and I had expressed that I didn't appreciate it. She proclaimed that she speaks like this to her own mom and children. I feel so sorry for her kids. If I was her mother, I would feel guilty that I spawned Satan from hell and unleashed her onto the world. For the collectors of ARC, you seriously need to consider that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Stop being total ###S and take a course on professionalism.

Nov 25, 2011 7:44 am EST
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If you live in British Columbia, Canada please go here to file your complaint. A investigator will review your file and contact the company. You MUST file a official complaint with the forms available at our website at the link provided below.


Nov 23, 2011 5:15 pm EST
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ARC is currently under investigation by the RCMP, and most provincial police forces, along with numerous government ministry's including Ministry of Consumer Affairs. They DO NOT hold a valid license for operation in Canada and have over 185, 000 complaints against them for attempting to bypass collections laws in Canada. They have been found liable in 3581 cases of harassment via telecommunications by CRTC and RCMP. Many of the companies who deal with ARC have severed their contracts as a collections provider and ARC still continues to call/mail/harass clients of those companies even 2 years after the contracts were ended.
ARC is currently prohibited from contacting clients in Ontario, unless the call/mail originates from a verifiable Ontario office. Arc is under a order from Consumer Affairs to contact all clients via mail PRIOR to any phone contact. If the person(s) cannot be contacted via mail, they then CANNOT call.

If you DO NOT have dealings with a company quoted by Accounts Recovery Corp. contact your local police department or RCMP
If you DO have dealings with the company quoted, contact that company and verify they hold a CURRENT contract with ARC, then request to deal with the company DIRECTLY, and not ARC effective that day. Any further contact from ARC is harrassment and please report it.
In most cases the company will be more than pleased to deal with you directly, as they will not have to pay ARC, and your settlement or payments will be vastly different if you go through the company directly.

All of the above can be verified with a simple call to Ministry of Consumer and Small Business Affairs, RCMP, your local MP or MPP, or in BC, the Provincial Courts

Nov 08, 2011 5:30 am EST
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I just want to say to some of the people on here defending arc that you need to learn the laws regarding debt collection in Canada before you run your mouths. One thing i do want to say is read the laws everyone, you will learn your rights, and how to deal with them. A collection agency can not harass you. If they call your work inform them you may be fired for it and they have to stop. Send them by mail a letter stating that you no longer wish to correspond by phone and legally they have to stop calling. They can not use vulgar language, threaten you in anyway, or pretend that they are a legal representative. They can file a legal action against you, but if you do not go YOU WILL NOT GO TO JAIL, you will just lose and will not get to state your side.! They can not threaten you with jail time. Before all the freaking out starts and people who agree with arc start calling me names and saying that i am a low life bum who does not pay my bills, think again. You do not know me and i am only showing people that by learning the laws that they can not be harassed, bullied, or beaten up by these low lifes who think it is ok to hurt people. Yes i think collection agencies are a good thing, but sometimes bad people work for good companies. If they follow the law to recover money that is owed then i see nothing wrong with it. Good luck all!

Nov 03, 2011 8:05 pm EDT

Well all i gotta say is i know 100% for a fact they use bogus Facebook profiles to track debtors down...thats deceiving and against the watch out on FB

Jun 16, 2011 10:45 pm EDT

Hi everyone! I bought a computer from Dell a couple years ago, they talked me into a 50" flat screen to go with it, but the next morning I'd decided against it and called back to cancel. Dell told me it had already shipped, so when I got it, I should call them to make arrangements to return it. I didn't want to be on the hook for the return charges tho, so when Purolator showed up I just refused it and they took it with them. I phoned Dell to tell them this, and they ackowledged it, but they conveniently forgot to change my automatic bank withdrawal to reflect the fact that I should only be paying for the computer.
Sooooooo 18 months later, I put a hold on the payments, because the computer had been MORE than paid for. I started getting phone calls from Dell, demanding I provide proof that I'd sent the TV back. Where the heck am I supposed to get the "proof" ? I never signed anything I said, I just refused it. They were the usual amount of rude, and then I just stopped taking their calls.
Now it's three months later, and they've passed it on to ARC, who have started leaving polite messages twice a day. I haven't answered any of their calls over the last month, they don't have my current address, and NO ONE, except for The Man, addresses me by my given name, so anybody calling for me at work would get a "huh?"
Next time I'm buying a computer at the Wal-Mart...

Sep 01, 2010 12:59 am EDT
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I just have something to say. I know this is posts from a while ago, but if people are searching for the same info as myself then this may help. I do agree that people who owe debt should pay it, but sometimes life happens. It is not an excuse, but rather a reason for why debt has not been paid. I agree that some of the agents at ARC are harassing and very rude (to say the least), but i will say that the company does have some very professional employees. I do not agree with their tactics however. Yes they have a job to do, but give me a break. They tell people they are breaking the law by not paying their debt, meanwhile most of them are breaking the law by some of their actions. The law in Canada states that they can not contact you more than once a day, well most of us know firsthand that they break that one. The law says that if you mail them a letter telling them to no longer call you and correspond through mail only, they have to stop and only deal through mail, another law broken. The law states that if they call you at work once, and you tell them that you will be fired for their calling, they have to stop, another one broken. They law states they cannot claim they are lawyers, another one they break. The law states they may not call and put down your character or call you vile names, another law broken. The law states that you can ask them (before you pay) for a letter asking them to break down exactly what you owe, and a copy of your original contract with the creditor that you owe, they usually do not send. Yes i know they can take you to court, and yes you will lose, but for people like me, i demand an assessment for what i owe, the courts will order me to pay the debt, which is fine, but they will NOT make me pay hundreds or even in some cases thousands in unfair interest. If i signed a contract and in the fine print it says if debt recovery is needed at a certain interest rate, i would gladly pay. Even if their was nothing like that in the contract, and the judge says i have to tack on a certain amount of interest, i would gladly pay. I have been in the position of owing money on debt before in my life, and one creditor took me to court, GLADLY i went. I had nothing to hide, i was not trying to get out of paying, but at the time i was 6 months out of work. I was receiving a ton of calls, and each time they kept asking me for personal information over the phone. I said that i would give my birth date and name to verify i was the person they were looking for. I explained that until i received a letter from them showing my debt, so i knew that they were legit and not trying some thing funny and also so i knew exactly what i owed and why the interest was so high (they were saying that i owed 5500 in interested), that i was not paying or even agreeing to pay anything. I explained this to the harasser and he started to call me names, telling me i was a low life, the more i laughed at what he was saying, the more enraged he got. Finally when i got a word in edgewise I told him until he talked to me professionally that i was going to continue to laugh until he hung up, and any further calls or letters would be ignored. He said they would take me to court, i gladly told him, no problem! I took my information, and they took theirs, and in the end i was ordered to pay the debt, and the interest went down thousands. I am sorry this is so long. I just wanted to put in my two cents on the whole "creditor" issues. I advise any with debt to go and talk to a legal clinic in your area, to protect yourselves. Google is a great tool also to look up laws for debt collection (and how to deal with it) in your area. Good Luck to everyone!

Apr 06, 2010 12:12 pm EDT

There is an ARC located at Burlington at the Burlington Mall. They are very unprofessional, they are very RUDE, DEMANDING! They don't care how they get their money as long as they get it. YES, they will harass you like you won't believe, they would even call you at WORK!

Mar 22, 2010 6:11 pm EDT

I can't believe that ARC employees are actually commenting on this. Sorry guys, but you are proving us all right. ARC employees are bullies.

Feb 10, 2010 9:04 pm EST

Another ARC employee managed to convince me that ARC really are a bunch of condescending [censored] bags. If you are going to reply to these complaints, how about you use some professionalism, drop the caps, quit the name calling and think about how your insults affect the public's perception of the company that you are working for. Food for thought.


Lastly Sensibleone - you sound like a former ARC employee that was only there a short time, and likely couldnt cut it for whatever reason. Some of the points you make are reasonable, many are incorrect and will confuse people
1) Send YOUR request for no calls in WRITING
2) it is not the law that we have to send a letter prior to calling, some of our clients have that as a CLIENT DIRECTIVE
3) DAMN RIGHT we can do something even if its not government, but you are correct that balance does play a roll, we dont want to incur court costs if its a tiny balance
4) You are correct, that if you do have a lump sum to put towards the balance that settlements ARE available, and its very likely in your best interest to negotiate(professionally) the best percentage you can get
5) Ive been here for several years, and make about 22 dollars an hour before commission(as a salary)
6) lastly, and most does sending mail back as mail return effect us CALLING a phone number on a file, i dont see any coorelation there whatsoever - returning a letter as mail return when you reside there is only going to limit you from knowing whats going on, you may just force us to serve you at your job, or a family member, or friends residence - food for thought


Oh, one more person to ridicule... buddy holly...are you freaking serious? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TERM BAD DEBT WRITE OFF means? - it means you couldnt pay the creditor, and they WROTE IT OFF AS A BAD DEBT and sent it to collections. the term "WRITE OFF" in NO WAY implies you dont owe the money, it just means since you couldnt make the payments(oh and what were the payments on 600 out of curiousity, $15/mo?) - I CANT BELIEVE you think that if you stop making payments on an account it magically disappears...SECOND POINT...your comment of, its no skin off the banks nose if i dont pay this back, its only 600 bucks...great thinking, if you ARE COMPLETELY IGNORANT - what if everyone had this would make it impossible for any RESPONSIBLE CONSUMER to get a loan, as the bank would be too petrified about everyone just running away, it would drastically effect interest rates, mortgage approval rates AND EFFECT DRASTICALLY all people that have sufficient morality to pay their bills, give your head a a shake and stop being SELFISH and using IDIOTIC EXCUSES that hurt the rest of society

Aug 02, 2017 4:01 pm EDT
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you cannot be thrown in jail for "violating" an order to pay.
It is the law to notify a person in writing of a collection prior to contacting.
You sound just like a typical collector, you don't know what you are talking about and berating people in your responses. Just read through what you posted, that is the exact way that you talk to people on the phone. No class.


I think all of you people need to take a good hard long look at yourselves, thank you Arc-Employee for giving some REASONABLE advice, considering all of these other posts are ridiculous. All you people want to do is DO NOTHING, PAY NOTHING, AND SHOW NO INTENT - if you ligitimately cannot service a debt, PROVE IT - send in a letter, explaining your situation, accompany it with recent PROOF OF YOUR INCOME - do not avoid phone calls, whine about calls to your work, ### about harassment - get progressive, learn about collections law, and perhaps proper financial management while you are at it. Consult a trustee, know your options, consider bankruptcy or a consumer proposal as a last resort. If you are gainfully employed and not servicing your debts, or considering BANKRUPCTY, expect us to talk about legal action, expect us to send letters from our internal and external law firms, expect you to be served with a notice to appear and have to explain your lack of common sense to a judge, and yes, yuo WILL LOSE IN COURT - you have a contract and you are not servicing it, expect to have your income and expenses, assets and history EXAMINED in court, and expect that if you dont appear in court you will be thrown in jail for violating a court order. And for all of those people talking about wrong number calls, why not be just A LITTLE PROACTIVE - write down the name of the person you talk to when you call in(actually calling in is the start) - and if you get further calls, you have the NAME and EXTENTION of the person you talked to, you can ask for a supervisor and politely mention they didnt remove the phone number at your request, and VOILA(isnt that easy?) -

Mike S: your comments are the most pathetic of all, you take pride in not being able to pay PARKING TICKETS? collection hours are 7am mto 9pm in most provinces, the first time we called, why not just deal with the matter and avoid further calls? especially if YOUR LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY both in getting tickets AND in not paying them is causing other people a loss in quality of life...seems like you REALLY need to give your head a shake. Oh and mike, the difference in balances...thats a little thing called INTEREST

Dennis's message at the top of this post is very close to good advice, my only comment to that is perhaps looking into a consumer proposal through a trustee, as its done through the courts and is legally binding, Creditors can deny a credit councelling proposal and still take legal action against a consumer. I do agree though that if you choose credit councelling to make sure its NON PROFIT as some Credit councellors charge fees and some of them are close to scam artists

In terms of stopping people calling you, send the request in writing, if you really want, send it double registered post so you KNOW we recieved it, keep in mind if you take this step and are employed, or own property, that you will likely get a knock on your door from our process server

datasponge: why not make time for your finances like everyone else? ARC has toll free phone numbers, you are saying you didnt have time in weeks and weeks of calls to go to a payphone and dial a number? hey you DONT EVEN NEED A QUARTER - that excuse is a cop out to the extreme. In terms of requesting a letter, COLLECTION AGENCIED DO NOT SEND OUT REGULAR STATEMENTS, WE ARE NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE - however - we ARE OBLIGATED TO SEND ONE OUT WHEN REQUESTED - perhaps get access to a fax machine(if its public, then arrange to call the collector when you are physically at the fax machine and he can fax you a statement) -

Enough ranting for me, but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE - think pro-actively, if you cant pay, cooperate, and prove it, ASK FOR THE COLLECTORS NAME off the start, and if he gives you a hard time, or is unfair, ask for a manager, ARC records all conversations, and if a collector LEGITIMATELY gets out of line, you have grounds to complain, and the collector will be dealt with accordingly.

Aug 18, 2009 12:10 pm EDT

these people have recently started phoning and harrassing me. I've told them to quit calling and also stated to them that they have had several reports to the BBB. At that point the guy cut me off told me I was wasting his time. 4 days later I receive another call stating it would be in my best interest to call him back. I have now emailed them to stop calling. we'll see how that goes. they are charging me over 700 for a 600 dollar billl which was a write off for the original company. Unless I get a court order or legal document they will not see a cent. Companies in the stock market can afford the periodic 600 write off and these jerks just want their commision. They do not report to transunion or equifax so I'm not too concerned.

Jul 04, 2009 2:38 am EDT

arc has a floor of people that they go through like you change your socks. end of the month is worse because they have a quota they have to meet and they are harrassed as you are in making this quota or they will get fired. they have some numbers on autodialer which will call you everyday at the same time...

what to do:

ask not to be called only go through mail
they must mail you a letter with what you owe first before they can even call you
they will threaten but if its not a government loan they can't really do much, they could sue but if it's for a little amount they wont
they buy some of these files from the orginal creditor
the creditors that ask them to get the money actually will do a settlement
ARC head office is located in Victoria BC on 4240 Glanford ave
they have offices in burlington montreal vancouver moncton seattle toronto i think thats it
if it's not you thier looking for and you get a letter mark it return to sender, its free, it comes back to them they input it into the system as mail return and that should stop the calls, does take time though they get hundreds of mail returns a day

May 24, 2009 10:27 am EDT

I keep getting harassing phone calls, and I don't owe any money! Someone else had once had my telephone number and now they keep looking for this person. I have tried to contact them several times but they won't give up and there's no one to contact. I would love one of their representatives to get off their keyster, come and knock on my door! They need other methods to try to find the right people who owe money and stop harassing the innocent.

Any suggestions or phone numbers I can call.
The phone calls come from ARC COMM INFO [protected] and they claim to be a different company than what they actually are (to fool you).

Apr 23, 2009 12:57 pm EDT

a r c calls every day over here. i have been foolish enough to send them 400 dollars toward a 440 dollar bill, now all i want is a letter in the mail stating that when i pay them, this will end. I have my bank records saying who i paid and when, but they don't go back far enough to show this debt they claim i owe. so i agreed to pay, in good faith to keep a decent credit rating. i requested the correspondence through the mail in February, it's now April 23 and no mail, I mostly miss the calls because i am away from home a lot, but the times i have talked to them they are pushy but polite, and they blame canada post for the mail issue. one rep (there have been 4) said "we can't send mail out to every file everytime someone makes a payment, it would be a bombardment!" Well instead I am being bombarded by phone calls, seriously considering changing the number. I am recording all calls now, and will forward them to the authorities if I don't receive paper mail by may.

Nov 21, 2008 1:26 pm EST

Honestly Can't Believe I found this. Pay your bill and the calls will stop, can't pay it, dont think you'll ever beable to pay it? BANKRUPTCY! Just Figure it out people, do something not nothing, a debt doesn't dissapear, has to be dealt with. Best way to deal with it is.. PICK UP YOUR PHONE, talk to the collectors, they are only there to close the files with payment, settlement, or bankruptcy. If its a wrong number, make sure the collector knows that, don't say wrong number and hang up, that sounds like a call screen and I would call you back too! Aswell - if you actually get called 5-7 time a day without requesting the frequent calls then MAYBE you have a case in point, phone your phone company for records.. But Im sure its an over-exaggeration.

Bottom line is the world couldn't operate without collections, otherwise why pay any bills? If nobody bothered you about your bills or took action against not paying your bills, then why would you pay them?...

Nov 20, 2008 3:37 pm EST

I have been recieving numerous recorded messages over the past 7 or 8 months from a company calling itself "Accounts Recovery Corp". The message state that it is not a solicitation and they have a message for "Someone in the household" but no name is given, only a request to respond to a 1 -800 number and enter a code given in the message. I have had no accounts in arrears until the last couple of months (due to recent economic events and job loss) but I have spoken on the phone to all the creditors involved. There has never been a message from a live person, although in the last one the "computer voice" seems to be
attemting to pronounce my family name but it just breaks up. I have had no correspondence with this company via any other means I.E. "Postal" nor have I recieved any notice from creditors that my account is being put in the hand of a collection agency.

My Questions are has anyone else recieved this type of call, is it legitimate, should I respond to these calls or is it some kind of telemarketing scam? I recieve these calls 3-4 time per week.

Sep 25, 2008 7:04 pm EDT

Worse still is they attach a form on their letter asking how much you ear. They called me 4 times today at my new job. Can they empty your bank account . I am scared. I owe university loans. I know but how can you pay loans on 10-12/hour jobs. I blame the government for making the university system a corporation and putting good well to do students in bed with snakes that are the banks. I was raised by a single parent who put all his kids through university on a cooks wages. We were good students who deserved scholarships and a better fate. what did our government do in the early 90's lets let everyone go to university my 85 plus out of highshool was no better than people I knew with a 60 we both went to university and guess what knowing how friviolous and white collar university of guelph is these moprons had parents with connections and got good jjobs with litle work and low emphasis on keeping god grades. It meant nothing because oh we'll give everyone a loan instead, so intelligence/grades work ethic mean nothing. Well it's put me in bed with arc and low paying employers. They bend me over like a good little ###. In summation our system thrives on keeping people enslaved with debt. Ive worked collections and I sympathize somewhat with the agents but turn it around on them most of them owe money too. You can tell. Tell them to not throw stones when they live in glass houses. It'a a clichee., yet the truth shatters your eardrums

Jun 19, 2008 2:32 pm EDT

ARC is harassing me by phone over a student loan that is under $4000.00 - I paid on this loan for over 10 years. Recently my hours at work were cut to 5 hrs. a day, am also a single parent. They told me they will send me court papers to prove my debt. I told him fine I have everything here. Which I do. What can they actually do? I already owe alot on lines of credit and a credit card.

May 12, 2008 7:40 am EDT

How do you think I feel... I've been fighting a debt for 10 years my school went bankrupt before I was able to get the loan in my hands now they call all hours and don't even want to hear or accept any prof that I don't owe the debt. they gave me an offer to settle which was 2/3 of my annual income to be paid in 30 days. I told them that it's imposible they told me to get a loan, then said "Oh yeah you can't cause your a bum. Try selling Crack or Meth to get the cash." These ###s are lucky that thier head office is 3 provinces away from me or I would park my ### in thier office and not budge. As Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities have learnd I can be tazered 3 times before I'm placid enough to be moved.

May 02, 2008 10:34 am EDT

Oh and I forgot to add.. they sent me a bill for DOUBLE the amount I actually owed.. I had to contact them 4 times and get insulted each time, until finally they contacted City Hall and found out I owed half the amount.. NO apology either.

May 02, 2008 10:33 am EDT

ARC called me at 7am.. Unfortunately Im not the only resident of this house so they wake up the whole house, including a roomate who works nights and is in his deep sleep time @ 7am. I called them up and told them they are jerks for doing that and I hung up. An hour or so later, their Vice PResident called me up and called me a whole bunch of names and said he was forwarding what I said to the Saanich police dept!

I said go ahead!

He called me a 'peon'

He called me a 'lazy worthless bum'

He called me a 'wannabe tough guy'

I owe for parking tickets!


I will never pay them now.

Apr 23, 2008 10:42 am EDT

I have the same issue as Jx Jx. Somehow ARC got my cell phone number thinking I was someone who owed them money. I am not the person they keep calling for. I get automated calls from them on my cell phone every day, sometimes early in the morning. It wastes my minutes and wakes me up. I've told them multiple times before I am not the person they are calling for. This company is despicable. I've never missed a payment in my life, get your numbers straight before you harass people.

Feb 21, 2008 3:59 pm EST

I'm 17, still in high school living with my parents and don't owe anyone anything yet I'm getting calls on my cell phone daily, usually while im in class! This is ridiculous. My dad has called them to try and sort it out but it doesnt stop!

Jan 25, 2008 5:25 pm EST

ARC continues to harass my boyfriend and I about an account for someone we don't even know. It is insane. I continue to tell them I don't know who they are looking for and that it is not us, but they must believe I am lying because they continue to phone. It's not even a person phoning anymore. It's the automated message asking us to return the call with the reference number. We have asked them several time(when it was still a person calling) to stop phoning us, but obviously this has not ended. They call at least once a day everyday. Is there anything we can do about this? It's absurd, and completely unfair.

Jan 17, 2008 7:20 pm EST

They were harassing me at work which directly violates the Consumer Protection Act. I did a lot of research and I sent them an email, fax and postal mail of a letter stating that I do not wish to be contacted via phone, that they can contact me thru mail only from now on (which is your right). I quoted a lot of sections from the Consumer Protection Act and other provincial and national laws and I sent a copy of the letter to the Trade Practices Division of Government Services and I made sure ARC knew about it. They also said they wanted me payroll info so they can garnish my wages (but they cant do that, only credit unions who hold your wages as collateral for something and Canada Revenue Agency if you owe them taxes can do that), they can garnish with a COURT ORDER only. We'll see if they keep on harassing me at work... I'll update later

Jan 15, 2008 8:52 pm EST

ARC is relentless. They will harass you every chance they get and I'm not alone in saying they violate the Consumers Protection Act regularly. You cannot talk to them, they are full of lies. They'll flip their stories to confuse and in my case, harass my non-English speaking parents. My parents got so scared and were crying like I was going to jail. They will stop at nothing to scare you and demand payment even if you have no job. They also have a habit of trying to collect on debts that are no longer collectable or even debts that were fully paid already.

The damage is done. They can't force you to pay anything. Write down every detail of your conversations with them and look up the Consumers Protection Act for more info. The more you know, the better you will be to deal with them.

Jan 11, 2008 2:18 pm EST

Your best bet is to to your local credit counseling service and get credit protection. you need help to get back on your feet, as well as a job, and it is hard to pay the bills when you don't have a job.

If you get sued, you WILL LOSE as you legitimately owe the money!

Credit counseling will protect you from the phone calls and set up a plan where you pay the counseling agency the money, and the agency pays your creditors.

The not for profit agency is the one you want to deal with. This will affect your credit rating but what the hell, it is already screwed up anyways!


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