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I ordered a product caled acai x3. . A detox supplement, but cancelled the order immediately. However, today, my bank advised me that a charge of $88. 95 was made against my account by durable goods wholesale & mgd. Co. For acaix3 (Which i have not received) . As a result of this charge, my brank account was overdrawn and i have been assessed a further $35. 00 overdrawn fee by my bank!!!
I cannot contact this firm as no one seems to know who they are, yet they advertise on the web (Cannot find the site now) .


  • Ma
    Marta Asman Aug 12, 2016

    What a headache! I had to cancel my credit card and I reported it to the Fraud department in my bank. They CANNOT be reached at any of these numbers or my
    [protected] x 501
    877).272.7381 ext. 505
    I suspected it was a fake address called the FL police and they told me it was the address for a bank. The police are investigating.

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  • Ml
    mlapompe Aug 12, 2016

    THEY ARE ALL SCAMS! Please visit the links from 11 Alive news in Atlanta and the BBB.


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  • Ha
    Hagman Aug 12, 2016

    I returned a product to this company for a refund. Customer service said the refund had been processed, but I never got my money back. I had purchased a free trial of Acai X3, and after two weeks was shipped another bottle. My bank account was charged $88.55 for this bottle. I called customer service [protected]) to obtain the address to return the bottle to, because I did not want any further bottles of this product. I shipped the bottle to 405 E 12450th S, Suite I; Draper, Utah 84020 (just in case any of you live nearby and want to check this place out-maybe someone there has some answers, but I doubt it). By the way, the BBB has another address of 6100 Neil Rd Suite 500; Reno, Nv 89511. The product arrived and was signed by a guy named Nash, per UPS tracking. After a week, I called customer service to inquire about the refund. They told me that the refund had been processed and that it takes 7-10 days to show up in my account. I called back again after that time period had gone by to inquire about the status of the refund because it still had not been credited back into my account. The customer service agent told me that the refund had been processed on his end and that there was nothing else that he could do and that I would have to contact my financial institution. He also stated that he only handled customer service for the company and did not have a telephone number in order for me to call the company directly to try and work this out. I asked to talk to a supervisor so that I could ask for the company's phone number and was told "no, I already told you what what you have to do."

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  • Cr
    Crushee Aug 12, 2016

    I ordered a trial from Acai X3, for $2.75 a month ago. (not on my credit card, my dad's) I recieved the order a month ago and they called asking if i had recieved it, because they said i didn't. I said yes i did and i do not want to be charged for anymore. They never said ANYTHING about needing to cancel or that it would be sent monthly.
    I was sent another order today! I don't know how much i was charged since my dad hasn't told me anything strange about it. i will check tonight when he comes home. BUT, if i was charged $88.95 like everyone else, then how can i get my money back?
    I've called the [protected], i put in my creditcard number to cancel (stupid!). then i called [protected] and some guy with an accent so hard to understand, asked me for my last 6 digit of my cc number and my name but they didn't find me in their system. He gave me [protected], i called and the phone said it was not a bonafide number.
    The package sent was from 3007 Greene St. Hollywood FL [protected]. F*cking kidding me right? I asked that guy where is YOUR ACAI X3 from? He's like "Wyoming" THE SH*T?
    I don't know what to do, I've learned my lesson, I WILL ask my dad to cancel his car. but I REALLY NEED TO KNOW IF THERE IS ANYWAY I CAN REFUND FOR THIS SCAM!

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  • Pa
    pam21 Aug 12, 2016

    Pure scam to order a free sample just pay shipping but if you don't cancel the order that you won't receive before terms you'll be charge 89.31 for your free sample plus shipping fees of 3.95 and some foreign transactions fee of 5.36. So, basically they charged me $100 dollar for my free sample. And, argued with me when I wanted a refund. DO NOT BUY!!! Basically, this vitamin increased my metabolism by raising your blood pressure dealing with deputing them. If you have already ordered a free sample, my advice to you is call you Credit Card Company and cancel your account and has them reissue a new account to you before more charges show up.

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  • Do
    Doolittle Aug 12, 2016

    Well you ###--DON'T GIVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ANYONE EXCEPT YOUR FRIENDS AND REPUTABLE COMPANIES!!! (and there's not too many of those!!!)

    You're just getting what you asked for!


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  • Ka
    KazS Aug 12, 2016

    I was sent to this site as it was represented on an ad from craigs list as a weithtloss study with acai x3 and ever since have recieved alot of spam and telemarketers calling me. This cannot be a very reputable company if they immediately sell you information to all these marketing companies and don't even ask permission. Now I have to put up with this annoying stuff and constantly keep telling these companies not to contact me. I feel I have been taken advantage of and hope this can be stopped.

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  • Pa
    Pam Moser Aug 12, 2016

    Beware it is not a free trial as I just found out and was charged 64 dollars so make sure you read everything as right here you see nothing that says their will be a charge. I am disable and extremely expenseve medication and their was no way this person I talked to would return my money. I did not authorize them to take out the 64 only the 2.79 for the so called free trial so beware I still have the whole bottle left and they would still not return my money the lady I talked to today said she could under some circumstances but not this so please beware !!! Pam

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  • Da
    damares Jan 10, 2011

    i am cancel the produto and i never recebi and the company still the money from my bank account

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  • Sm
    smallsn Oct 11, 2010

    I agree with you guys that this is a scam. How they say a free trial, however if u read on there condition you have to cancel the order before ten days or what ever they say. I went and purchased another product however after i purchased i got a confirm notice on buying acaix3. I wanted to purchase max diet cleanse some [censor] like that make u pump more blood. The site was you ppl say you guys didnt recieve the product although i did. Took it like 2-3 weeks to come to my house. I told my mum about the scam and she cancelled her card and order another card. I also made my own card and right away i got my card. My mum is still waiting for her too hahaha. Anywho i'm really surprised of how stupid of i in being tricked of a silly obvious scam. I always can tell from a file of being a virus or not, and still i was fooled by a site. Now im going too be really careful, as before i thought i was careful still.

    Becareful people, free things are scams. I advise ppl to listen to the person who said just go to your supplement local store.
    I just recieved my acaiX3 today it says it burns fat with the power of acai X3. Has some number on the bottle look like it was written in liquid paper. and 09/11 on it.
    Information on the bottle
    Aca8 berry propritary blend 970mg
    3007 greene street, hollywood, FL 33020
    What is funny is im not fat at all. I'm underweight, i was suppose buy something that would make me burn fat into muscle. HAHAHA i have a fast metabolism.
    If you guys really wanna lost weight, i suggest you keep it the clean and healthy way. Eat healthy and workout. You don't even need to work out, did you know if you dont have regular sleep you lose 30% of your weight? I guess that is why im underweight, im a vampire. Not saying you should stay up late, saying u should eat right like 3 meals a day keep it HEALTHY and jogg around/ dance / walk. Keep it up you will feel different. My mate when he was young he was fat and shape like and oval. He job on a treadmill 30min a day. He lost 20kg in months. Don't know how long, but still his house had cupboard filled with snacks, but he just ran and ate healthy. 30Min too long? Just do 10min. Im like the opposite trying to achieve more weight. I gain around 5kg a year
    im 17 and only around 47-50kg that is low... anyways keep it real

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  • Li
    lincoln1234 Sep 25, 2010

    Business Contact and Profile
    Name: XM Brands, Inc.
    Phone: [protected]
    Fax: [protected]
    Address: 5753 NW 158 St.
    Miami Gardens, FL 33014
    Original Business Start Date: October 2008
    Principal: Mr. Kenneth Jacobi, Director
    Customer Contact: Mr. Kenneth Jacobi, Director
    Type of Business: General Merchandise Retail By Internet, Dental Equipment Supplies, Dental Laboratories, Health Care Products, Internet Advertising Services, Vitamins and Food Supplements Retail, Weight Control Preparations Retail
    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: Ever White
    Lean Body Burn
    Lean Max Cleanse
    Everwhite Kit
    Super Smile Bright
    Colo Pure Cleanse
    Dazzling Brite
    Everwhite Brite
    Everbright Whites
    Syndex Industries
    My Everbrite Smile
    XM Health and Beauty
    Acai XM
    Everbrite Smile
    Nutrigenic Life, LLC
    Diet Max
    Dental Hygiene Pen
    LNZ Dental Bright
    LNZ Pro Smile
    EverWhite Pen
    Ever White Pen
    Dazzle Bright
    DIETMAX 11
    Synergy Life Sciences
    Weight Loss System
    Dietmax Cleanse
    Acai Max Cleanse
    Glow White Smile
    Dental Hygiene Company
    Dazzling Smile
    Dazzling Bright
    My Super Star Smile
    Super Star Smile
    Vivid White

    As of August 4, 2010, all mail has been returned by the post office as unable to deliver for this company and its various business names and addresses.
    The Better Business Bureau is unable to process complaints and suggest if you paid by credit card, to contact your card company to dispute charges. Also, contact your local postal authorities, Div. of Consumer Affairs 850.488.2221 or and or the Attorney General's office 850.414.3990 for further assistance.

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  • Vh
    vhie Sep 20, 2010

    everything is true, , , , they charged me 39 dollars for two times, , i just cancelled my card.

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  • Sn
    Snipvet Aug 25, 2010

    finally got thru to someone after 3 days of trying. the number that i used was [protected]. VERY difficult to understand them. got the email from them to cancil and the number on there is [protected]. Good luck. by the way you only get back $49.50. the $39.97 is the a "re-stocking fee". total BS but they would not budge at all. you have to get an email from them and respond to it then send the product back them, then you get your refund.

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  • My
    MyOwnLove87 Aug 24, 2010

    I want to cancel my oder immediatly. I called [protected] like I was told and instead the lady i spoke with kept offereing different deals. I dont want 10 more days to try again, I don't want another months supply. I want to stop being charged and for my account to be closed.

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  • Co
    complaints in boston Aug 20, 2010

    Why is something not being done about this! I ordered something similar, but website changes when I try to look it up, customer service kept trying to re-arrange my order so that I would keep getting charged for 3 months, I had to ask her 9 times, literally 9 times to cancel my account and sit on the phone for 45 minutes while she tried to keep upping the sale. Then they send me this "shady" fill out the internet box form to cancel which says that I am being put on some kind of an "internet fraud database" and anything I try to order from the internet again, this will come up. This is absolutely ridiculous! Who can we contact about this kid of fraud and being taken advantage of! My initial bottle said it was FREE on the website. That I only had to pay $1.95 for shipping, and then without stating anywhere, $99.97 was taken out of my account!! I am furious. There has to be something we can do.

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  • Ra
    ramsey1 Jan 21, 2010

    my "acaiBerry Detox" got shipped to me with a brochure with a number on the back
    i called it and it all got handled very smoothly, guy was very understanding.
    and he told me how i could get most of my money back
    number was [protected]

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  • Ch
    Chris Johnson22 Jan 07, 2010

    Hey everyone,
    This happened to me to... The product was great but they kept charging me 90 bucks it was horrible. I was reading an article online that actually found a company who sells the acai product but doesnt keep charging you like these other SHADY companies. They are actually great to deal with and actually CARE about their customers. I am going around posting this so everyone will STOP ordering from a SCAMMY COMPANY and hopefully check out a good one.
    Here is the article I found the GOOD company on:

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  • Ly
    Lynda Slawinski Oct 13, 2009

    What number do I call to cancel from Australia, I'm placed on hold for 20 mins at a time which costs me a fortune, they make it very difficult. Is there an e-mail address? I just want to cancel my order.

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  • Lu
    LuckyEnough Oct 07, 2009

    Wish I would have seen this before I ordered. Same story getting charged and no product. Did get a number to call and they stated they charge for the free trial. FREE haha. Trial and should only be charged the shipping. Will take the advice of others and cancel the credit card. Will not give them anymore than they have already stolen.

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  • Bi
    Bill Bauer Sep 29, 2009

    The company charged me $79.95 after I told them I did not like the product and did not want any after the free trial.

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  • Ho
    hotmamapeg Sep 22, 2009

    Call [protected]. You can usually reach someone at this number and this is the phone number they have listed with the Better Business Bureau. I should know since I have filed a formal complaint.

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  • Ne
    Neller Sep 22, 2009

    Well I ordered it and then was called by the company and then was told that I was going to be charged for the program that goes with it. I told them I didn't sign up for the program and wasn't going to pay for a program that I didn't sign up for that I just wanted the Acai x3. I also told them that I didn't want any more ship ments, they then gave me a customer number to call so I did, and I was able to cancel everything. So I wasn't being charged for more bottles of the stuff and wasn't being charged for the program. You have to call the customer service number. So if you didn't call them and tell them you wanted to cancel it was your own fault!

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  • Si
    singerbill Aug 22, 2009

    This company offerred 30 capsule free trial of ACAI X3 product for $2.73 shipping. After I received the free trial I was billed $88.55 for a 30 day supply that I didn't order. If you read their fine print you will see that this happens automatically. There is a phone contact number that you call to cancel future orders. I received a return goods authorization number and after returning the 30 day supply received no refund. Calling frequently to follow up I reached operators who spoke poor very English & I don't think they understand English well. Always order these products from a reputable local health food store - much more security and confidence that they will back their product. I learned the very hard lesson - NEVER GIVE YOU CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE OR ON THE INTERNET. I can't even express the anguish and hatred I have for these kind of rotten dirty scoundrels. I hope there is a special HELL for them.

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  • Pa
    pausercv Aug 19, 2009

    When you order anything online, make sure that there is a contact section or something similar on the site.

    Also, check the WHOIS for the website. If it was just made days ago, it's probably a scam. Contact the host and complain.

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  • Si
    singerbill Aug 19, 2009

    I ordered a trial bottle of ACAI berry & received it but was also charged $88.55 for another
    larger bottle of ACAI berry that I did not order or authorize charged to my credit card.
    CHG-ACAIX3 REFUNDS CALL [protected] UT
    5/20: Jeremy gave me Return Goods Authorization
    405 East 12450 S. Suite G, Draper, UT 84020
    5/27/09 : Shipped back product .
    Called 7/7/09 & spoke to Arlene & she said my acct. would be credited in 30 days.
    Called 8/7/09 & spoke to Sandra X506. She said she would have the RGA# tracked
    to be sure the product was returned and then credit our account for the $88.55.
    Called 8/18/09 & spoke to Maria & she gave us another run around about the computers
    being down. Then she conveniently disconnected me while I waited for the accounting
    Called 8/18/09 & spoke to Maria & she gave us another run around about the computers
    being down.
    Called 8/19/09 : Ricky took all of the above information again plus my cell phone number,
    the last four digits of the credit card, my mailing address and my email address and
    said he would have someone from accounting contact me when the computer system is
    finished being updated.
    8/19/09 : I researched this address and it evidently has no business at that location but
    other companies are located in at this address at different
    8/19 :Here is more company info:
    Convert2Media LLC
    358 South 700 East, Suite B147
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
    [email protected]
    Here is the email and phone number for the head honcho:
    Direct: 407.704.0522
    Email: [email protected]
    I'll attempt to contact the company by every means possible to rectify and clear up this problem.

    Thank you for helping me out in this matter. I've given you all the information that I can locate
    to hopefully clarify this issue.

    I believe this company is another huge scam and if I get enough information through private investigating sources I will publish them at this website, expose their addresses, names and hope Dirty Harry takes care of the rest !!! [email protected] St. Petersburg, Florida

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  • Na
    Nancbo Jul 31, 2009

    This company and website is VERY deceiving! DO NOT order anything from this company! They tell you that it is a free trial for only $2.79 and then later your credit card gets charged $87.13! I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Le
    leah bianco Jul 28, 2009

    I bought the trail size and then they shipped me without my approval another bottle. I returned that and then I received another bottle i sent that back. They charged my credit card $83. and change. I want them to credit my card. My name is Leah Bianco 125 meredith lane, Oakdale NY 11769 Thank you. P.S I also called to cancel.

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  • Ma
    MaryKay Jul 27, 2009


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  • Je
    JEANNIEB Jul 26, 2009


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  • Rw
    R. Washington Jul 10, 2009

    Ordered product on a 14-day trail period. Was billed full price for the product before I received it. Has spoken to three different customer service reps in attempting to get my refund only to be told that it was being processed each time. They acknowleged receiving the returned product which I had to send back via "Delivery Confirmation" USPS service at an additional cost. Now when you call the number you are told that no one is available. TRULY A RIP OFF.

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  • Gg
    gga Jul 09, 2009

    I'm another person that got scam there A-cai, has anymore gotten there money back?

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  • Ct
    ctracy Jul 07, 2009

    call [protected]. see my complaint i am still trying to get a refund

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  • He
    hernerdesiree Jul 04, 2009

    this company is bogus i ordered 2 of the free samples that i was only suppose to pay s&h for and they billed my credit card for 200 + dollars anyone who knows what we can do about this scam they are pulling please let me know

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  • Go
    goblue Jul 02, 2009

    Ordered a free sample (as advertised online over 8 weeks ago). The sample has finally arrived and am trying to contact organization in order to return product and cancel any further shipments.

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  • Ka
    katepistols Jun 28, 2009

    So, If I did this on a Sunday night and called my bank on Monday morning to cancel my debit card to stop the $88.55 charge, will that be sufficient enough? Do I have to call the 866 number as well or is canceling my card going to do the trick.

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  • Ha
    HateACAI Jun 25, 2009

    Keep calling [protected] to get your refund. Call continously. You will probably have to threaten to call Attorney General's office, BBB, etc. That seems to get their attention.
    Also, you might want to contact your bank for help. I did - they were great. A restriction was placed on my card so that nothing else can be charged. Trust me, all kinds of charges will hit.
    This has been quite a nightmare for me. If I can help just one person, then it will be worth it! Good luck.

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  • Ja
    Jana L. Price Jun 24, 2009

    I got my free trial, but it did not work for me. So I did not reorder. But they charged my account w/o my authorization. Also nothing was shipped to me. how do I get my money back?

    6/18/2009 EFT TRANS - WITHDRAWAL [protected] 24559 ACAI X3 [protected] UT $ -88.55

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  • Bi
    bigisle Jun 24, 2009

    I am writing letters to everyone that people on this site have shared with us. I don't know if it will help. But I am also going to contact John Stossel. This has me so UPSET and I have seizures, so this is really not good for me.
    I've called all the phone numbers listed with no success, and also e mailed everyone that has provided e mail addresses of anyone involved with this scam operation.
    I will do what ever I can to get these people out of business from ripping others off.
    I did have my bank card cancelled. But my bank said the same thing with this 3rs party customer service scams.
    If it is of any use I am so upset and literally crying over this loss for everyone else too! I will NEVER watch Oprah or that damn Dr. Oz
    again. Shame on them for being a part of scamming people out of their hard earned dollars just because they are rich.
    This is AMERICA????
    Antoinette Tanenbaum-Gordon
    13331 West 65th Avenue
    Arvada, Colorado 80004

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  • Bi
    bigisle Jun 24, 2009

    I am SOoooooooooooooooo ANGRY and UPSET over this fradulant company! I am so stressed out I can't even tell you. I read one page of these people who also have gotten ripped off and I am just sick. To me $88.55 is a lot of money! The people they have at those phone numbers are just paid to lie and they don't even care. The man at the phone number the two people said he refunded their money refused to with mine. They have trick agreements you agree to when you sign up for the $2.79 postage. The if you don't cancel it within 10 days then they say you didn't cancel it. But then they say you agreed to have additional bottles shipped out and I never got any. As you say probably if it did come there would carefully be NO information to return it and get a refund. I get so angry when I think we live in this country and we are ripped off daily by all this stuff. It makes me physically sick.
    So where is 20/20 and John Stossel on this one? And why is Dr. Oz in on the scam? Not to mention the stuff does not work it actually made me GAIN! weight!
    Antoinette Tanenbaum-Gordon

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  • Ca
    Carolinamoon Jun 24, 2009

    Don't count on getting your money back . Don't count on anyone helping you either . Went to visa, BBB, and New Jersey consumer affairs . Still no help. Bad guy's always win

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