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L Nov 19, 2017 Review updated:

I am writing to complain about a manager that is at your store in Altoona Pennsylvania his name is Russ something like that I think it's Russ... the transaction number for my receipt is 92387 store 51 in Altoona Pennsylvania I had purchased three three white lanterns and two gold lanterns both 14 inch of size I bought them on a Friday night it was around 7:18 at night when I went through the line I ask the cashier if they were ever go on sale the cashier said not that they were aware of which is fine.. but come Sunday which is not even two days later I get the newspaper to see that they are on sale for $2 almost $2.50 less each I had already decorated three of the lanterns I did them up with bows and different pics and stuff and I was in town so someday I stopped with my receipt and asked I had the other ones that with me that I did not use or decorate yet and I asked if I could get the difference back to his effect as you know if it was two days later they said we'll yeah that shouldn't be a problem call the manager on duty up and I hear him say absolutely not won't do anything any such thing you can return the lanterns I said you already decorated three lanterns but I have one of each color out here that I bought can I do it that way he was worse than rude if you would have just said no I'm sorry we can't do that for you that's different but he was so rude and said that's not how our policy works we don't do it that way you'll have to bring everything and you have to undecorate that when he was very ignorant I've never been treated like that at AC Moore before I shop there a lot and I don't appreciate being treated like that I'm not sure that I will be shopping in your AC Moore location for long time as long as he's there I definitely know that that is not customer service I work in retail too I understand we get frustrated but you don't have to be ignorant to a customer all I asked was if you could return it and resell it to me for the cheaper price heck I would have returned those and went back and got new ones if I needed to but he wouldn't even refund those for me he said I had to bring everything back and then refunded. I spend a lot of money in there and they could have seen that by the my card cuz I use my card in there all the time but I greatly appreciate it if I hear back from you

Lori snyder

A.C. Moore


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      Nov 20, 2017

    Your complaint is very hard to read due to your grammar and run-on sentences. Often times employees are not informed even a day in advance of sales or discounts, so it is understandable that this happened. Since you altered some of the lanterns, they would not have been able to do any discounts or returns/refunds for you on those. However for the non-altered items, you should have been able to do a return and re-purchase. If the sale is still on, you could just try doing that on your own in two separate transactions.

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      Feb 18, 2018

    @pobarjenkins Really?! Who cares if the sentences run on. That's ignorant.
    The manager should have done whatever he could to keep the customer happy!

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      Apr 04, 2018

    @Oceansmist "The manager should have done whatever he could to keep the customer happy!"

    No, he shouldn't have. Also I guarantee that if this is a belief you practice in your personal life, all retail workers despise you.

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