ABS Products Complaints & Reviews

ABS / fraud

Apr 19, 2013

The President, Paul Kilmar promised to contact creditors and set up payments. He did not do that at all. I was contacted by one creditor with a settlement and Kilmar said it was a better offer than he could have gotten. Then he was to contact MBNA via an attorney. He claimed he contacted...

ABS / ARCO Manager


I witness something today that was unbelievable. This lady was politely waiting for the two cashiers to quit talking to each other about their personal problems. The Cashier said "can I help you" the customer said 35 dollars on 2 and these items. While the cashier was ringing up the...

ABS / Senior Area Manager


If offered a position with this company run for your life. This company operates under ABS-US Divison, GPS and was IPA until they though the heat was so turned up they would change names. The CEO of IPA now has his son in charge of this latest venture but make no mistake everything else...