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Was given invalid tracking number , maybe a scam

I put in an order for African Pride Leave-in Conditioner through Abantu. I received a confirmation of the order and that it's pending and that it will be processed in 24 hours for over-night shipment. I never heard anything the next day and so I called and as soon as they heard my first name they said "ooooh, your product is being shipped" without even knowing what I asked for or anything. I asked how and when was it shipped, they said its currently being picked up by Purolator and was given a weird tracking number with no letters in front (Purolator usually got 3 letters in front), and this number was not recognized by Purolator customer service they said it doesn't look right. I called Abantu again and they said no its the right number.

This is possibly a scam so I am watching my credit card online and if anything changes I am withdrawing this transaction and calling the police.