aaronslawn mower/poor management

L Aug 02, 2018

I purchased a rent to own lawn mower a year ago.. It broke down so aarons in Brunswick, Ga. came to get it to fix it.. They claimed it was fixed and charged me to fix it as well as my monthly payments while I was without it for months.. When they finally returned it it was not fixed. All they did was replace the belt.. So they came to pick it up for repairs again.. I have since been avoided, given the run around, as well as accused of the operator of the lawn mower not operating it correctly.. My son knows how to operate a lawn mower, as I do also.. The office staff has been very rude to me when I call to inquire about the repair status. It has been several weeks again without it.. I am still making my monthly payments as well as having to pay a lawn service to tend to my grass.. They have been uncompassionate and uncaring about my matter... I was promised a loaner and then after another run around was told they have non available.. So now I am still waiting on my lawn mower returned in working condition or a loaner after several more weeks.. They claim in 7 more days I will have it.. I heard this to many times to believe a word these people say. If it was not for the fact that it is almost paid off I would tell them to keep it.. I will never do business with Aaron's ever again.

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