AAA Jayroe/North Texas + Danny Jayroecompany uses christianity as excuse to swindle customers

N Aug 10, 2018

Please see our other complaints about this scam company.

So Danny Jayroe, under the fake name concernedcustomer27, has offered the 'explanation' that this lying, scamming, con artist company can't be swindling people because they're CHRISTIANS.

Hmmm...I'd really hate to be in their shoes (sandals?) when they finally get to the Pearly Gates. We doubt it goes over well when you lie, scam and con people, then call on the name of Jesus to hide (justify?) your criminal activity.

Doesn't really surprise us that these rude, unprofessional hucksters would stoop to this level, though.

If you work with or hire AAA Jayroe or Danny Jayroe, you'll likely be swindled.

Thank you for reading our complaint!

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