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P Review updated:

This company (AA Auto Waranty) sold me a auto wartanty for my 2002volkswagon beetle. I specifically asked them if the engine and transmission etc. were covered- and they said "certainly". I recently had a major engine malfunction that will cost me $3000.00 and I filed for a claim . I was denied! They said that since the cause of the problem was a broken timing belt, that it wouldnt be covered. They claim that since the timing belt isnt covered, the engine damage wouldnt be covered. The timing belt wasnt due to be changed until 105, 000 miles. I broke at 90, 000 miles. This company also said that I could cancel at any time and they will pro-rate the waranty and refund it back to me. This was also a lie. They said that my particular waranty was non-refundable.


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