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C Aug 16, 2018

Good day,

I have been with discovery for quite some time and never experienced any unacceptable services as ice gotten this morning.

I've requested a plan change to KeyCare, I have called in please refer to your call logs and Recordings. I have spoken to a lady who advised me to get an affidavit stating my employment status. I have done as she said and sent through my documentation as per the requirements. Yet I received an email requesting for the same docs. I have then sent a mail back no one responded and have called them this morning. I spoke to one of the consultants which was so unhelpful and had a major attitude towards me please refer to log call as system as to who these people was that I spoke to.

She however told me that what I'm saying and what's on the affidavit is a contradiction. I definitely do not agree with this statement as I completed the docs as per what I was told to do explains my job situation.

This woman then told me they'll put me on the highest bracket, I'm not sure if she suffers of dyslexia.

The reason why I want to change my plan is instability of funds I've been paying my previous claim and not missed a single premium now I'm in a situation where I am not finding jobs that can sustain me.

I have called all my Insurances etc. To decrease my plans and they did why does discovery have a problem they asked me for 3 months statements I sent it to them. I was in a project for the month of July and they only paid me R4900 which was not discussed in the interview and as a result of short salary I left in the 27th I am still looking for employment but nothing has appeared as of yet, obviously when I have a permanent job my medical will change again to a better one. I don't wish to be on KeyCare but I don't have a choice look at my history of medical aids it's not the cheapest so obviously I'm sitting in a predicament.

Please see you this complaint and act accordingly with immediate effect or discovery will loose one client and obviously many more that ask me for my opinion on discovery.

Many thanks
CARMEN [protected]
ID: [protected]

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