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This company is THE ULTIMATE FRAUD AND SCAM, so called auto finance corporation. It is really amazing to me that companies like A-L Financial are allowed to stay in business. I purchased a vehicle from a little mom and pop type dealership in Cypress, California, (or at least I thought I purchased it!) I gave the dealership my money down and all of the information that was requested on the faxed approval sheet that A-L sent to the dealer. About a week later I received an angry telephone call from the dealership stating that A-L Financial had not funded the loan (not paid them) and I had to return the vehicle. That same day I received a contract in the mail from A-L Financial stating that they had purchase the loan and what the loan terms were, alone with a payment coupon with a payment amount and due date on it. I contacted A-L Financial's Santa Ana, California office to inquire about this situation and I was told multiple things by at least five different people, mainly dealing with additional information they would need before they could fund the loan. Another week has gone by and A-L still has not funded the loan and I continue to receive request for information and documentation that I have already provided to this INCOMPETENT company. These are the kind of business practices that should be investigated be federal authorities, but its like everything else these days, NOBODY GIVES A DAMN. STAY AWAY FROM A-L FINANCIAL CORP., THEY ARE THE WORST OF THE WORST.

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    Stephanie Aug 05, 2008
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    This exact same thing happened to me in San Diego. It took almost a month and half to get all the paperwork through and they kept requesting more and more. I provided copies of phone bills when I purchased the vehicle along with paystubs. They kept dragging it out and then requested up to date paperwork because the ones I provided were over 15 days old by the time they got to it. It took longer becuase then they waited to get that paperwok faxed. All the while, they were requesting a payment on the truck (Which I purchased at a major dealership) before they had even sent me the final contract.
    I received a faxed authorization at the dealership and left with the vehicle and I too received a call and a letter that they had turned it down. They then agreed to pick it up again a few days later. This company is crazy and very unorganized.

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    sTUDPID CUSTOMER Oct 24, 2008
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    I totally agree with ALL the previous comments about the HALF-###, LAME COMPANPANY, THAT HAS A BUNCH OF [email protected]%6##
    FOR THE A-L COMPANY. Does anyone know where to file a complaint, With the economy going down, I hope A-L goes down also.

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    discussed Jan 23, 2009

    i totally agree with you!!! this company is only out to suck you dry for money. They do not hold themselves responsible for anything! I will be looking into a class action lawsuit for this company.

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    mollyapple Mar 11, 2009

    I am actually a employee at one of the AL financials. I do agree that this company is no good! But why am I still working there you must be wondering? I'm working there just for a pay check. I know that anywhere else that I go I wont get paid as much. I know we try to get verifications done to fund deals, and sometimes there are discrepencies and we cannot "fund" a deal and that pisses people off. And when it pisses people off we try explain things to the dealers. And we deal with alot of shady dealers...and we are a shady company also. There are so many things I see wrong with the company. I've been called stupid by a manager, there was no witnesses, managers have the ability to fire us whenever they want with no reason. There are so many employees quiting and getting fired, it's a high turnover rate. There's so much more that is weird and have you ever seen the show The Office? Or workplace is like that but worse!

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    blaqheart Mar 23, 2009

    yea but when in this economy you pay your note and still thats not good enough to the point i'm getting threating voicemails and messages from one of your co workers i'm not afraid to bring this fraudulant company down to its petty little knees...i'm a grown ### man do not call me by full name as if you're my mother or father do not tell me when are where to be...that company needs a verse in people skills and how to deal with people not trying to bend people over...i also will be filing a HUGE class action lawsuit and might take it further they better get their ### together i'm tired of them and to the car company that set me up with them they're not exempt from my wrath either...

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    rmnava May 06, 2009

    I agree A-L Financial Sucks ###!!! I am acutally going to trade the piece of ### car I got from them just to get away from them!!! They still want 10 more payments even though according to my contract I was done 3 months ago!!! They are ridiculous and they should be shut down!!! They aint getting a dime from me anymore!!!

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    pacifier May 21, 2009

    a-l financial deals w/the worst credit customers & hire the worst employees who have no values. i hate the entire subprime market.you all sound like teachers who ### about public ghetto GRADE F STUDENTS & GRADE F STUDENTS WHO ### THAT THEIR TEACHERS PICK ON THEM. WHEN YOU HAVE GOOD CREDIT MOST LOANS & DOCUMENTATION FLOWS RIGHT THROUGH.CRY BABYS

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    GetReal2009 Jun 24, 2009

    A-L Financial Corp. is a reputable auto finance company that has provided loans to individuals with limited credit or prior credit problems for over 30 years. A large percentage of it's customers have a positive experience with this company, and make most, if not all, of their contractually required payments on time. In doing this, they earn a positive credit rating and trade line of their credit file.
    The best way to avoid "customer service issues" with this company is to simply follow the stipulations of the contract that YOU signed.

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    MikeOxlong Aug 05, 2009

    I agree with the comment above, but following the stipulations of your contract doesn't make the people at this company any less rude. I can't believe how rudely I've been treated over the phone, and this is before I had even given my name or account #. I made the mistake of calling after they were closed (sorry, there are no office hours, or even a telephone # for that matter, listed on my monthly statement). The person answered, "Yeah?" I said "Is this a-l financial?" He says "Yeah what do you want? We're closed." (It's only 5:10 by the way). I said "I'd like to know my current balance and how many payments I have left." He says, "No, call back tomorrow" and hangs up. Great. Thanks a lot dude. Maybe he just got reamed by his manager for not screwing enough people over this month and had to take it out on someone. Hope so.

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  • Da
    DanielJ Sep 15, 2009

    They are difficult and thieves. and even thought i payed off my loan in full they never reported anything to the credit agencys.

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    alsux Sep 28, 2009

    MikeOxlong's comment is bsurd. This is the worst, most unprofessional company. Their reps are uneducated and speak horribly. I have filed complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney General and suggest you all do the same. I am considering a class action suit based on the number of people they have cheated.

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  • Ma
    mamakuku Oct 08, 2009

    they same thing happened to me, but when you have horrible credit these are the things you have to deal with.

    suck it up!

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    Doesn't Matter to You Oct 08, 2009

    Mamakuku get that s&%* outta here! Whether someone has good credit or not, that doesn't give them the right to speak to you in any 'ol way! Especially when you're dealing w/ customers, you as the company's representative should have customer service skills that are on point! If they don't like it, they should get a job workin' in a damn corner lookin' at the wall!

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    thankful4mycar Nov 10, 2009

    I have a car loan through them and to be quite honest I dont like dealing with them and ok they are somewhat of a shady company, BUT they give loans to people who dont have good credit. When I was younger I did stupid things (like get credit cards up the wazoo and not pay them off, until now but it is still on my credit) and since I just had a baby I needed a new car. I got my Honda Civic very reliable and safe through A-L financial and I pay late every payment unfortunatly but I am very thankful that they dont report that to my credit. They do try to work with me and they know I am struggling in this economy as many other people are. I bought the car while I had a great job and was able to make the payments then due to the economy got laid off. Although they are a pain to deal with sometimes I am thankful for them because without them I wouldn't have been able to get the car and also because they dont report my late payments to the credit agencies...I'm thankful and you should be too! More than likely you got the loan from them because you have bad credit so understand where they are coming from and the people who they typically deal with. You should be thankful they gave you a loan to buy your car...

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    Pricelesscjb Dec 08, 2009

    I am currently being sued by A-L Financial for a very over-priced piece of crap car that I bought through a supposedly reputable dealership. I left the lot believing everything was in order and I had a contract. About 2 weeks later I started being contacted by very rude reps from A-L saying they wanted me to sign some documents they were sending me or they would not finance me. This came as a shock as I had never heard of this co and was under the impression my contract was in order. When I received the papers it was release forms. They wanted me to sign a release to give them access to any and all of my military records. And they said they would not finance me without an allotment. I informed them I was National Guard and could not set up an allotment and they do not need access to my military records so if they needed to send the loan back to the dealership, then do so. I next received a payment slip. I made my payments and never heard another word about it. But like many, my situation changed and I had problems. This company ruthlessly harassed my references as well as myself. Even after arrangements (and sometimes even payments) had been made! I never received any receipts for my payments either. Then I had a death in my family, and my employer did not pay me for a month and a half due to "paperwork problems” so I called to make an arrangement. I owed LESS than one payment and it was less than 2 weeks late. They said no problem. Then repossessed my car the day after my family members’ funeral! They claimed at that time that I owed 2 months of payments and that I never even called much less made an arrangement! Now they are suing me for the remaining 2500.oo!
    I had nothing but problems with this co. I tried to do everything right, and was treated like crap. I was given the run around when I tried to redeem my car. They kept telling me to call back after 2pm and talk to a manager to find out how to redeem it. But when I finally got in contact with the "manager" she was extremely rude, and spoke to me like I was a child and told me my contract that I signed said there is NO GRACE PERIOD and that I should be lucky they didn’t repo it sooner. I have NO contract with this co...??!! And if I do, where is MY copy????? I would have never entered into a contract with no grace period because you never know what the future holds! Oh and they sold my car 2 days after they took it... but I was trying to find out how to redeem it for 3 or more. So by the time they told me how to redeem my car, it was in fact already sold at auction!
    This isn’t even all of the problems I had with this co, sooo,

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    Wondering in the Valley Dec 11, 2009

    I just called AL financial - they have my auto loan. I have a question now and maybe one of you can answer it. I advised them the payment was going to be late 10 days. They said they do not have a grace period and furthermore they are simply a subprime lender and not a bank.

    I used to have a loan through them many years back and I paid on time but when I couldnt
    I always had until the 30th day to pay does this not hold true anymore or does my loan go into automatic default and out to a collection age

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  • K9
    k96192000 Jan 06, 2010

    To: a.l. financial
    425 east Colorado suite 670
    Glendale ca 91205 12/30/09

    This is your letter informing you to stop any and ALL communications with ANYONE in my life or that you even think might harass me for you.From now on ALL communication with be through only me(stacy henderson) or my partner (david youell) and in letter form only! At the address

    [The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 USC section 1692c(c), requires that you honor this request.] and The California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, adopted by the California Legislature in 1977. Civil Code §§ [protected].32

    there has already been (3) recorded instances of where this company has already violated the california fair debt collection practices act.

    (1)last nite on 12/29/09 my daughter was threated with ongoing daily “coming over here everyday till I get it” as the repo man chad [protected] put it to her.not to menchin all of the calls a week she gets. in a attempt to bully a payment.
    in violation of 15 USC § 1692d and Civil Code § 1788.2(c). as well as Civil Code § 1788.12(b).and 15 USC § 1692f; see, generally, Pridgen, Consumer Credit and the Law (Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1990, (2000 Supp.), § 13.08, and Fair Debt Collection, 4th ed (National Consumer Law Center 2000), § 5.6, 8.3.14. and then 15 USC § 1692d(4). theres more just on that one, should I go on?

    (2) my mother was told the about the mob like high interest rate over the phone on 12/23/09.in an attempt to bully a payment
    in violation of Civil Code § 1788.11(d); 15 USC § 1692d(5); see Fair Debt Collection, 4th ed (National Consumer Law Center 2000), § 5.5, and PC § 653m. For an example of conduct violating the federal statute, see Fox v. Citicorp Credit Corp. Services, Inc. (9th Cir. 1994) 15 F3d 1507. Protection against harassment or abuse is extended to third persons (for instance, the debtor's spouse or partner, children, parents, or other third persons).

    (3)my step dads ex wife who I havent even ever met.got calls on her cell phone.no reason to assume she would know where to find me(not that ive been hidein) so again
    in violation of Civil Code § 1788.11(d); 15 USC § 1692d(5); see Fair Debt Collection, 4th ed (National Consumer Law Center 2000), § 5.5, and PC § 653m. For an example of conduct violating the federal statute, see Fox v. Citicorp Credit Corp. Services, Inc. (9th Cir. 1994) 15 F3d 1507. Protection against harassment or abuse is extended to third persons (for instance, the debtor's spouse or partner, children, parents, or other third persons).

    At this time there is two copies of this letter the one I give you and the one certified mail.as of now I am prepared to document the (3) that I have so far and the others im sure you will rack up.so that I can file my Complaints to the Attorney General and what ever else the Department of Consumer Affairs tells me.

    Im sure your aware that it would be a big headacke for both of us if we had to settle this the hard way

    · Damages: A debt collection agency that fails to comply with any requirement of the federal statute is liable for any actual damages sustained by the debtor or other protected party as a result of the violation.241
    · Civil penalty: The court in such a lawsuit may also award a civil penalty (statutory damages) not exceeding $1, 000 if the lawsuit is an individual action. In a class action, the court may award civil penalties not exceeding (a) $1, 000 for each named plaintiff, and (b) for all other class members, an aggregate amount not exceeding $500, 000 or one percent of the collector's net worth.242
    · Attorney's fees: The court may award reasonable attorney's fees to the prevailing plaintiff. If the court finds that the debtor's prosecution or defense of a claim was not in good faith, a prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees from the debtor.243
    And lets see theres at least 20 employes, business prob makes let just guess.. 5 to 10 mil a year.if im just one person with only a lil bit of a hard time paying but I do pay.so if the comments left on yahoo.com review and others of you guys is how I and everyone else is treated.then a class action of lets say 40 ppl no just 25 ppl file only 3 proffs of violations each and then win…..75% of everything just gone.
    But of course I don’t have the power to make that happen……. Sometimes though lord works in his own time and in his own way.

    Don’t ever try to strong arm me again you want the car you take it.but you will not just be aloud to try to thug your way around my family.

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  • K9
    k96192000 Jan 06, 2010

    IF anyone is even starting to get together and form a plan of action. please PLEASE contact me. @ [protected]@yahoo.com

    yes i have bad credit but that is NOT a valid reason to threated me and my family and have my rights so -in your face- violated.

    ppl plz read up on the fair debt collection act.heres a link


    its our only legal way to stand up for your selfs.plz dont get over it and forget how they treated you.stay a pain in there ###.its sounds lame but if we get together then we become a team and as a team we can NOT ONLY stop them from harassing us ..but we get to fight back

    heres what we can get..

    Damages: A debt collection agency that fails to comply with any requirement of the federal statute is liable for any actual damages sustained by the debtor or other protected party as a result of the violation.241

    · Civil penalty: The court in such a lawsuit may also award a civil penalty (statutory damages) not exceeding $1, 000 if the lawsuit is an individual action. In a class action, the court may award civil penalties not exceeding (a) $1, 000 for each named plaintiff, and (b) for all other class members, an aggregate amount not exceeding $500, 000 or one percent of the collector's net worth.242

    · Attorney's fees: The court may award reasonable attorney's fees to the prevailing plaintiff. If the court finds that the debtor's prosecution or defense of a claim was not in good faith, a prevailing party is entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees from the debtor.243
    And lets see theres at least 20 employes, business prob makes let just guess.. 5 to 10 mil a year.if im just one person with only a lil bit of a hard time paying but I do pay.lets say 40 ppl no just 25 ppl file only 3 proffs of violations each and then win…..75% of everything just gone.
    But of course I don’t have the power to make that happen……. Sometimes though lord works in his own time and in his own way.just think right now there thinkin...ok so we deal with poorer than avg ppl, they think were 2 lame to fight back legaly.so they treat us and our rights like jokes.come on ppl get off ur ### keep track of all that they do illegally to you.and use your knowedge and fight back.read up on the fair debt collection act.the judge can even awared us damages for things we cant even out right prove.25 ppl all saying the same things in front of a judge has a lot of weight...

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  • K9
    k96192000 Jan 06, 2010

    lol right after i post all of this look what is on yahoo`s front page

    Buffalo's debt collectors accused of bullying
    Buffalo builds a new industry out of debt-collecting, but many firms are accused of bullying
    BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) -- When Tobias "Bags of Money" Boyland went looking for a new career after serving 13 years in prison for armed robbery and drug dealing, he quickly found something that suited his sensibilities: He opened a collection agency.

    It was, in some ways, a natural move for a young man in Buffalo. Desperate for jobs, this chronically depressed Rust Belt city has become home to one of the biggest concentrations of debt collection businesses in the U.S.

    "Collections is the Bethlehem Steel of Buffalo, " said Boyland, 44, recalling the industrial giant that once employed 20, 000 people in the region. "You can make a decent living in a town where there isn't a lot of opportunity."

    Between 5, 000 and 6, 000 people earning $30, 000 to $40, 000 a year now work at roughly 110 collection agencies in and around Buffalo, an industry created with the help of seed money from the state of New York. The industry has been a rare economic bright spot in Buffalo, the nation's third-poorest city of its size, a place where 30 percent of the people live in poverty.

    Yet, law enforcement and consumer groups point to a dark side: Buffalo, they say, has also become a center for some of the worst elements in the business. Debt collectors, some of them convicted felons, have illegally posed as lawyers or unlawfully browbeat people -- threatening to have them arrested or stripped of custody of their children -- to scare them into making payments.

    "Get some clean clothes because you're not coming home any time soon, " one debtor was told.

    As the sour economy leaves people less and less able to pay their debts, the collection abuses have become so flagrant and numerous that state and federal authorities have moved to shut down several Buffalo-area agencies where the most heartless and bullying telephone calls originated. At least 20 people have been sued or arrested on criminal charges.

    Boyland himself was forced out of business and jailed in June after authorities said they caught him carrying a loaded, unlicensed pistol as they investigated more than 1, 000 complaints about abusive tactics at his collection business.

    The regional Better Business Bureau said that in the past three years, it has gotten 4, 562 complaints about debt collection agencies in western New York. Of 213 agencies it has graded in the region, 104 were given an "F." And of all the complaints about debt collection received by the Better Business Bureau nationwide last year, about 1 in 10 involved a company in western New York.

    Collection agencies began sprouting in Buffalo in the mid-1990s as a spinoff of the city's then-growing back-office and financial-services sector. Like other businesses operating big customer-service call centers, the collection companies were drawn to Buffalo by its inexpensive office space and its willing and affordable work force.

    A state development agency has sweetened the pot since 2001 with $1.2 million in grants to four collection agencies. It gave an additional $400, 000 in October to a collection company that plans to double its work force with 50 new hires.

    "Almost everyone knows someone whose son or daughter has worked for a collection agency, " said David Polino, president of the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York. "This is one of the industries that used to be Bethlehem Steel, the Chevy plant -- all the places where you used to get out of high school and find employment 35 or 40 years ago, it's now call centers."

    Industry supporters blame many of the worst complaints on small firms operating on the fringe.

    Twenty-eight of the region's collection agencies have a grade of "A" from the BBB for generating few complaints while setting up repayment plans for delinquent credit card accounts, medical bills or loans.

    "The vast majority are great businesses that benefit the local economy, do a good job, are respectful, and then you've got a few that are just wacko, " said John Nemo, spokesman for the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, a trade group with 3, 500 members.

    Boyland blamed the problems at his nine companies on unsupervised employees who abused a chance to make good money. Twelve of his former workers have been arrested and charged with offenses including posing as law enforcement officers to intimidate people into paying debts.

    When "Dateline NBC" did a segment on Boyland's business in March, Boyland appeared unrepentant, writing on his Web site that he was "laughing all the way to the bank." But in a recent interview with The Associated Press, he was more contrite, saying he wouldn't have condoned such "ludicrous" tactics.

    "Who can build a successful business model from that? It's not possible, " he said.

    Nationally, the Federal Trade Commission received more than 78, 000 complaints about third-party debt collectors in 2008 and announced civil judgments of more than $1 million against agencies. The 2008 complaint total, the most recent complete-year figure available, was more than twice that of 2003. No other industry generated more calls.

    For the first half of 2009, the FTC logged 45, 050 complaints, an increase of nearly one-third from the same period in 2008.

    While the bad economy has been partly responsible for the rise in complaints, another factor has been the emergence of companies that buy portfolios of old debts and make another stab at collecting, often more aggressively. Virtually anyone can buy into the business and get access to the personal information needed to collect a debt -- including people with criminal records.

    Over the past year, the New York attorney general's office has picked off some of the companies that generated the most outrageous complaints, including threatening debtors with phony lawsuits or trying to embarrass them by phoning employers and neighbors, both illegal under federal law.

    "The tactics allegedly used here are some of the worst of the worst in the debt collection business, " Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said in announcing a dozen arrests in September. "The defendants' alleged lies, deceit and intimidation caused many innocent people to pay money they didn't owe just to stop the terrifying calls."

    Threatening to have people arrested for failing to pay a debt is also illegal, but that has been happening, too.

    Michelle Minton of Springville said she was home alone with her two toddlers when someone claiming to be a lawyer for a collection firm phoned her, told her she owed $2, 100 and said a warrant had been issued for her arrest. The only way out, he said, was for her to make a payment immediately.

    "If your husband can't make it home from work, your children will have to go to Social Services, " he told her.

    Minton was certain there had been a mistake, but panicked and gave the caller access to her bank account, which was quickly drained of $900. She found out later the debt was owed by someone else.

    "Forty-five minutes of bullying and they got $900, " she said.

    She and her husband tracked the call to a Buffalo company that has been the subject of other complaints. Cuomo's office is suing the business.

    David B. Caruso reported from New York City.

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  • Th
    thorn19 Jan 08, 2010

    I also have had horrible dealings with A-L Financial. These ### screwed with my contract for 4 months after I had bought my truck from a little dealership, then send me a bill for 4 months of payments due immediately (which I payed). Now when I am late I recieve DAILY phone calls from them threatening me, calling me names, cursing at me and promising to take my truck and sell it. They call my references and OPENLY discuss my late payment history with them, they drop off letters of late payment at my NEIGHBORS doorsteps, my FRIENDS houses and my office. I have lost friends due to them as well as had my neighbors alienate me. They have me living in fear of what they might do next. Something needs to be done about their illegal practices, enough is enough. Please feel free to contact me via email at [protected]@webking.us . Let's stop them from ruining any more unsuspecting people's lifes.

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  • Fe
    fed-up and ripped off Jan 14, 2010

    I have never had credit before I bought my car from a big dealership who sent my contract to this company 2 1/2 years ago. I have been late only 3 times with my payment in that time. Twice the agent stated she did not get my payment, called all my friends and family, bullied and threatened them, and created a lot of conflict in my home (my spouse thought I did not make the payment). This last November my agent stated again that she did not get my payment which I mailed to them. I agreed to make a direct payment from my bank to include November and December. The check was sent by the bank due to arrive on 12/29 which was agreed upon. On 12/28 My car was repossessed. I looked on-line and found site after site of complaints about this company and have found many truths in the stories. It took days to find out where to get my belongings (with my cd's missing) and I received a certified letter stating I would have to pay more then I owed on the car to get it back. This company is a scam and will do anything to get the car back to sell it again before you pay it off. I also noticed my payments are not listed on my credit report. I bought the car to build credit and it never helped me anyway, good or bad.
    Anyone that has had success with this company, good for you, you are in the minority. If you were not accepted by this company for a loan, get on your knees and thank you higher power for saving your ### from a rip off.

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  • Nm
    nmyles928 Jan 19, 2010

    I have a car loan through A-L financial and they are my first car finance company I have gone through. Because of their lack of Customer Service and the harrassing phone calls, I feel like I don't ever want to buy another car. They are RUDE and everything has to be their way or no way. Unlike other companies, they don't work with you in hard times and they call you the day your payment is due because they may have not gotten it that day. They are a waste of human air. Then when you ask to talk to a manager they are just as bad as everyone else there. Thank god I am getting a personal loan to pay off my car so I no longer need to talk to them. Now if I do get another car, if they say the only company they can g0 through is A-L financial I will walk out and not get the car. This is the WORST company I know of. Candace at the Phoenix office is a [censored]!! She has no personality, all she does is worry about her self and does not want to help other people. I HOPE A-L FINANCIAL FALLS OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH AND TRUST ME THEY WONT BE MISSED!!!

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  • De
    Desiree Bush Jan 26, 2010

    I financed my car through AL Financial, they said they were a financial company based out of the East coast so they could finance people like me (young and little credit). My payments were due on the 12th of each month. I made my December payment in their office on the 30th of November. I specified that although the payment was early I expected this payment to be towards December, they said "Okay.' On the 13th of December they called me to ask why I have not made a payment for December yet, I said "I did" and "I have my receipt to prove it." they asked me to bring it in and when I did, they took it from me and said that it was fake. That I must have somehow made a counterfeit receipt to look like theirs and now I owe them my December payment and a late payment. I refused, told them to expect to hear from my lawyers and I filed a report with the BBB. Now, it is January and they tried to repo my car yesterday, illegally. I locked myself in the car and told them they would have to call the police. the police arrived, looked through paperwork, called their offices and to our discovery AL Financial did not have a court ordered repo and they were attempting to ILLEGALLY take my car back. The officers made him lower my car and let me go. if anyone has dealt with this similar situation with AL Financial please contact me at [protected]@desireebush.net I am moving forward with legal action and could really use the feedback, or possibly open more cases up with this company.

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  • Th
    TheOtherSide Feb 22, 2010

    As a long term employee of the Company, I want to point out a common characteristic of many of the individuals who have complained about A-L: an inability to follow the simple, straight forward terms of the contract that THEY signed. Here is a sample of some of the reasons for non-compliance offered by the complainants:
    1: They were unhappy with the car THEY purchased, or the dealer that sold them the vehicle (A-L is not responsible for either of these things).
    2: Some of these individuals lost their job or became ill and were unable to make their contractually due payment. None of these people bothered to consider how A-L could pay it's employees and bills if it's customers didn't pay them.
    3: Many of the complainants thought the Company had been rude to them. Even if this were true, get real! Rudeness is not a legal or legitimate reason to miss your payment.
    One last point: the majority, indeed the vast majority of our customers, make most, if not all of their payments on time, rarely, if ever hear from us, and are completely satisfied with our operations. In doing this, these individuals earn a positive credit rating from A-L, and improve their credit scores. Some use their improved credit rating to purchase a more expensive vehicle, perhaps at a lower APR. Unfortunately, these people rarely post their positive experience on a forum such as this.

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  • Sp
    speedomonkey Aug 10, 2010

    I purchased a car using AL financial funds.
    I hve never been late, I accually paid 1 year in advance for my car loan. I gave them 6000.00 so i woud stay up to date,
    I just recently paid the loan off and they are in no hurry giving me my title.
    every time i call they give me the run around... I will never use them again. And i have pretty good credit.

    Please if you are getting a car loan... make sure the Dealership does not use AL

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  • Al
    ALvictim Aug 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company only works with roach/fraud dealerships, i liked this car from some dealership in stanton, ca and the only mistake i made was that i made a down payment before even checking the car and the car is junk, and i did not want to buy it anymore and there comes A L financial ... started caling me asking for info to approve the loan and when i told them i dont want a loan so dealership told me they were going to finance it to me but wont return my down payment .. ok so i thought thats the only option i 've got, and then guess what i found out that A L financial is the one providing loan and they are so whack that you cannot make a payment online and i dont trust them to set up a recurring payment thru my bank account so every month i have to go to get in the line for western union to make a payment and if you are just one day late on your payment they start calling all the people that you add in the application as a reference that is really really embarrassing but i guess i am stuck with this stupid company that has no professionalism.

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  • Ra
    Rayeanne Sep 14, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've had nothing but good experiences from this company. I know they deal with bad dealerships. My credit is so bad and this company allowed me the loan. They deal with people who have bad credit. I'm late almost every month on my bill. I get a call every month from the lady that is in charge of my account. We chit chat a little and if I tell her something I'm going through, she will help me make payment arrangements. I think that the person who is in charge of your account specifically makes a big difference. I've always felt that if I'm friendly to someone that I deal with continuously and treat them like I would anybody and chit chat a little, they loosen up and start seeing you more as a person rather than an account number. I think it helps if they like you. They are more willing to work with you. So in my opinion, it boils down to who your specific person is in charge of YOUR account.

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  • Go
    GOSORIO22 Oct 01, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Bi
    Biglaw Oct 05, 2010

    GetReal2009 -
    you are outnumbered here. i think we all know that you dont love A L financial so much that you are posting on their behalf. We all know you are some douche bag employee trying to defend your [censor] company. So do us all a favor and go back to picking your nose and harrassing your customers, other words STFU and quit posting you troll!

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  • Un
    unlucky1 Jan 27, 2011

    people check this out from BBB its just a matter of time

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  • Un
    unlucky1 Jan 27, 2011

    Where to find more information
    The Federal Trade Commission does not resolve individual problems between creditors or lessors and consumers, but it can act against a company if it sees a pattern of possible federal law violations. If you have a complaint that may involve a violation of consumer protection laws administered by the Commission, write to: Consumer Response Center, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580. You may also complaint to your state attorney general or retain a lawyer and file suit.

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  • Ja
    JamesMora2011 Mar 29, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a great experience with the representatives at A.L.Financial. My account is out of the Ontario California office. They always answered my questions and are very friendly. I read many of the complaints on this website and frankly believe that several of the customers are simply ignorant of the business and are generally frustrated with their own lives and love being miserable. A.L. Financial is a great and solid company. I am glad they offered me a car loan when no one else would help me. Thanks you.

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  • Dj
    djkinny Aug 09, 2011

    I got a loan with AL Financial 14 months ago. Since I had bad credit, this was the only way to go. I have made every payment ON TIME and have had no issues with them. They report positively to the credit agencies and my score has gone up significantly since. I can understand why they treat people poorly when they don't make payments. After all, they are dealing solely with people who have history of irresponsibility. I go to the office in person to make my payments and am greeted by a big breasted, pretty Mexican girl who smiles and treats me courteously every time. Anthony is my account manager and he is always really cool. So, if you pay your bill on time I can't see you having any problems. If you don't pay, get prepared to be treated like an irresponsible 3rd grader. Facts of life...

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