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We had our unit go out Mother's Day weekend two years ago. The refused to install a unit to accommodate a one and a half story home with two thermostates. Instead they oversold us a unit that is terribly loud every time it comes on. It stuck on 50 degrees the night of installation. I called the emergency number every hour from two in the morning until eight as it was rolling to different people's voicemails. The phone nazi said she would "put is on the list" if they got to us. After raising my voice, they came out. We have had the pan and drain clog twice, which has ruined our living room ceiling. The first time repairs were blaimed on a bad subcontractor. The pan had rusted in a matter of a few months. I again had to visit with the phone nazi about getting the annual filter replacement. The second time, we were told that our annual visit would needed to be used to cover the service call. They didn't even change the air filter. Now there is a third leak. As it is a Sunday, I'm being told that I will once again be paying for a service call even though we pay a monthly fee to cover this, which now sounds like nothing more than a scam for a discount plan. I was told to turn the unit off as the pan is now overflowing with water. It is 120 in our attic and 100 degrees outside. I bet some of the other water damage in the house is due to the falty equipment. I'm ready to see check for mold abatement and see them in court! DO NOT USE THIS VENDOR UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR BEAUTIFUL HOME RUINED!


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    Comfort Experts Inc Apr 03, 2013

    Dear Customer, we apologize that you had this experience with our company and would like to make it right. Can you please call our office and speak to the communications manager? 800-880-8809. Hope to hear from you soon.

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