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Window World of Altoona Duncansville Pennsylvania

Posted: Nov 10, 2017    Bob Claybowl
substandard, non-compliant work on home improvements
It's been a year since I hired them for windows and siding. Soffit and fascia crooked and falling off, siding crooked and loose, and water infiltration around the window frames. It's "hack" work far below industry standard. They crapped in my yard and trashed my property. Chad Shirey was b...

Renewal by Andersen DURHAM California

Posted: Oct 3, 2017    Rebecca Fox
sales representative
comments about Pella and Window World - he also showed a picture of a window where vinyl had warped implying that this happened regularly. He is a poor salesman and failed to provide followup that we requested. He is a disservice to your company...

Window World Houston, Tx.

Posted: Jul 31, 2017    Max's Mom
customer service
and have recommended Window World to anyone asking about installing new windows. About 5 months ago, I called with a problem with a patio door. It took 3 months for someone to come and then he had the wrong window. Since then, I'm calling daily and they keep telling me they will have the supervisor, Mr...

Window World Edison, NJ

Posted: Jul 23, 2017    Behavior
customer service representative, john gaskins
I have been waiting for my door to get installed for over 2 months. During that time I contacted John Gaskins twice, one time to ask about my door and the other time I was returning back his call. i was scheduled for intalluon twice, the first time he called saying the installation team co...

Window World Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

Posted: Jun 9, 2017    Acco
bay window replacement
I have yet to hear from Window World on this last issue. I find them very poor in recognizing how bad this situation is. It has been 3 1/2 months I am being charged for an incomplete product and no contact from Window World other than scheduling . Yet they claim they "stand on their windows"...

Window World Cincinnati Ohio

Posted: Apr 15, 2017    Nancy 1953
windows not energy star
I called Window World and they sent the sales person that told me I had high humidity. I bought that. In Feb. the problem became worse. In Cincinnati Ohio, our winters are wet and cold. Not dry and freezing. So the outside humidity is usually high. I complained and had many reps come to my home. They agreed that I had issues...

Window World Cottonwood Arizona

Posted: Apr 12, 2017    tim mcgowan
window installation
The Window World installers damaged both the drywall and exterior stucco finish of my home here in northern Arizona. I called to politely explain my dissatisfaction and received a lot of double-talk from the office secretary. During the installation I witnesses the window installer holding a scrap of two-by-four held against the new replacement frame while the other installer pounded the two-by-four with a hammer in an effort to force the window into the window opening...

Window World Hughesville Pennsylvania

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Mar 29, 2017    WW Consumer Relations
windows and garage doors for my rentals in sayre, pa
experience with the local Window World franchise location serving your area. If you will be so kind to contact our Consumer Relations department at 866-740-2100 we will be happy to take down your information and request the franchise owner give you a call for further discussion of the matter...

Window World Hughesville Pennsylvania

Posted: Mar 28, 2017    Doug Hammons
windows and garage doors for my rentals in sayre, pa
I've stopped at the Window World in Hughesville on two separate occasions this month to find out more about your products for 3 rental properties I have. I called the number and was informed this was the closest store. The first time I walked in and stood for roughly 10-15 minutes with no help...

Window World Madison Tennessee

Posted: Jan 5, 2017    Glenn Kane
the caulking used has black mold on all windows
We chose Window World to do our replacement windows because of their reputation. Thirteen windows where installed in September of 2015. We noticed in August 2016 that all the caulking had turned black. We tried to clean with all type of cleaners but to no change. We notified Window World and they sent a person out to inspect...

Window World Toledo Ohio

Posted: Nov 6, 2016    Lynne Carroll
windows and storm door
Window World wants to come back out. Nope. you had your chance. You blew that one! You even sent a installer who told me that he does not even work for the company! REALLY? WORKING ON MY HOUSE AND HE DOES NOT WORK FOR THE COMPANY, OR NOT EVEN SUB CONTRACTED BY YOUR COMPANY? I am going for a buy back...

Window World/Hughesville PA Cogan Station Pennsylvania

Posted: Nov 6, 2016    metsfan1967
Replacement windows
We had a salesman come to our house in the summer of 2016 to give us a quote. I truly believe when he saw I was a woman making the decision alone, he knew he could pull a fast one and led me to believe I was getting the 7 windows that I showed him & he measured. Instead, he only listed 6 o...

Window World Clarksville tennessee Tennessee

Posted: Nov 3, 2016    christlieb8099
storm door install
It has been 15 months since we had our windows and storm door installed. The windows are great. The storm door not so much. First of all the door is not as described in the brochure. The door is cheaply made and not as good of quality as the door i have from Lowes. Secondly my storm door i...

Window World Wausau WI

Posted: Aug 20, 2016    Ichabod2
making an appointment but never showing up
Tuesday, August 16 was supposed to be the day a person was to give me an estimate for some windows. The appointment was for 6:30 PM. I got a call from a lady at 6:45 telling me that she was running late and would arrive about 7:10. At approximately 7:30 I called her to see where she was on...

Window World Roanoke, VA. Salem Virginia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Jul 29, 2016    tsr3901
Customer Service/Paid for Services not received
Window World may off good pricing but be warned they fail completely when it come to customer service(complaints, returning calls, contractors) it is a shame since they do carry quality products(their manufacturers are probably aware but do not care) remember once they get your money do not expect any help from Window World...

Window World Roanoke, VA. Salem Virginia

Posted: Jul 29, 2016    tsr3901
Customer Service/Paid for Services not received
Contracted with Window World Roanoke, Va to install windows and siding on home. old siding to be removed and hauled away(as per stated contract) well the contractor(Crowe Services) came and nailed new 7/16 OSB board over existing siding(we were charged $3350. 00) for services not preformed upon asking CroweServices was told he had been doing this for over 20 years and this is how they do it!...

Window World Tampa Florida

Posted: Jul 18, 2016    unhappy customer28
window install
Where do I start! The entire project has been horrible. First of all this all started back in March, and here we are in July and still project not complete. Two of the windows were measured incorrectly for the "hurricane plywood", and of course those two windows were "odd size" so plywood ...

Window World Winchester Virginia

Posted: Jul 6, 2016    aef3by
siding/vent/door installation and customer service
Worst customer service I have ever experienced, ridiculous amount of mistakes and poor unaccountable management!!! We were looking for just new siding for our recently purchased house, but were also talked into a new front door and soffit vents surrounding the home by our sales rep Cameron...

Window World Phoenix Arizona

Posted: Jun 5, 2016    ChelseaMesa
poor customer service
I had used Window World for a house I owned in 2009 with great results. I recently sold that house and moved into a new one (early 2016) that needed new windows and went with Window World since I had a nice experience with them previously. Ugh, big mistake. The actual windows themselves are fine, but the service was so horrible it would have been comical if I didn't have to deal with the results and the continual follow up in an attempt to fix my issues...

Window World Marietta Georgia

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Apr 26, 2016    supersmith
horrible windows
Also, the first time using window world. I did not know one of my windows came in wrong from the factory according to the new installers. the safety on the window is wrong. Relationships change quickly now that I would like compensation. This is want they said. 10% off on my next referrals. I want my 10% now...

Window World St louis Saint Louis Missouri

Posted: Feb 26, 2016    Reviewer95991
Unless you deal with Window World then you don't even get that...

Window World Sarasota Florida

Posted: Jan 28, 2016    Glen Taylor
damages windows
We have a couple windows that are damaged. Since last Fall we call and call and don't get results.

Worries us, if and when we have something really urgent with the windows. What then?

They have never been very concerned in the customer service area.

Window World Indianapolis Indiana

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 12, 2015    Don's Property Management
Window World is a Joke I used them twice and will never use them again because there Lafayette Indiana Office is a Joke then when I was at the Property they was Charging a 10. 00 per window lead clean up and that was not happen then only one guy did the work took two days they told me on the phone they would have a group of guys and when you talk to the Lafayette Office they where talking to 1st grade class did not nothing...

Window World Waynesboro Waynesboro

(Complaint Comment)
Posted: Dec 3, 2015    Phillip Harner
window replacement
Window world measured in August, 2015, for replacement windows in our sunroom…. It was December 2, when they finally sent a contractor (husband & wife team). They got four (of five) windows in but not complete. Today, Dec. 3, 2015, the WW installation contractor came out - the wife could not come, due to some kind of problem, but a wonderful lady, a relative of his, came with him...

Window World Cincinnati Ohio

Posted: Nov 3, 2015    Reviewer30939
lenght of time it takes them to install windows
My brother in law suggested this company in Cincinnati, Ohio. I ordered 2 windows on 9/14/2015 and was told 4-6 weeks to install. I have been calling the company and first was told my windows would be in on 10/16/2015. Okay they would call me for me install. Finally had to call them on 11/...

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