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American Timeshare Marketing Pompano Beach Florida

Posted:    Mr aand Mrs. D. R. bowen
Timeshare sale fraudulent promises
To whom it may concern Re: Timeshare sale fraudulent promises We listed our timeshare we own in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl with American Timeshare Marketing after we received a phone call on September 17-07 and a promise that they will sale it within a few weeks with no extra fees for a fee of $499...

Bluegreen Timeshare

Posted:    Ron Walker
timeshare buy back!
For all of you like myself who bought a timeshare from Bluegreen and was told that they would buy it back if you were unhappy and now you find that what they told you was a lie, I have found a lawyer willing to file a class action suite against Bluegreen. You can contact me with your name, email, etc information and a brief history of your experience with Bluegreen and I will forward the information to you on how to get this process going...

Timeshare Solutions - Henderson Henderson Nevada

Posted:    Art
Timeshare Sale Fraud
more money for our timeshare than we paid for it. These guys are FRAUDS so beware of their names in other timeshare marketing companies. If you paid any of those fees by credit card you should stop that credit card account "today" before they sell the number or have it fall into the wrong hands...

Timeshare Solutions

Posted:    Max & Carol Hood
Bogus attempt to buy our timeshare
resell our Fairfield timeshares. We never heard from them until 9 months had elapsed. We were off and on with them until they called in August of 2007 with the name now changed to Timeshare Solutions. The deal was that our timeshare would be put into a corporation buy out plan. We and 2 other couples spent another $900...

Timeshare Solutions and Fairfield Resales Las Vegas Nevada

Posted:    Lynn Neeck
Stole my money promised sold my timeshare
am a owner of a timeshare at Fairfield Grand Desert in Las Vegas and Westgate Lakes in Orlando, FL. In January 2007 I received a phone call from a company called Timeshare Solutions with Fairfield Resales in Las Vegas offering to sell my timeshare. Since I owned a timeshare with Fairfield I thought this was my home resort calling and asking to sell my timeshare because of the growth and demand in the Vegas area...

US Timeshare Management Ft Lauderdale Florida

Posted:    Toot
Timeshare Sales
July 2008 to market my timeshare on Nantucket Island. I was told by the salesman (Mr. Karl Criddle) that he could guarantee the sale of the timeshare within 90 days due to is location and popularity. I have not received one phone call or update from this company since they took my money and they have not returned one phone call requesting a status of the timeshare and if any offers have been received...

TUG - Timeshare Users Group Orange Park Florida

Posted:    Timeshare Avenger
Tug - timeshare users group - worthless organization run by a hypocrite
I felt compelled to warn all timeshare owners who check this company out on the internet, with the hope that they will be spared the grief of being ripped - off as many already have been. Also, i've been able to post valuable information about the company and its personnel, along with appropriate reporting measures (Names of local agencies) , and suggestions as to how to obtain a refund...

Premier Timeshare Solutions Tennessee

Posted:    Ashlee Evitt
Timeshare Sales
My experience with Premier Timeshare Solutions abosolutely shocked me! I was contacted by a sales rep around the first week of March and they sent out a contract a few days later, I reluctantly signed it and sent it back. It took much longer than they had expected but we finalized the sale of my timeshare on Thursday June 18th...

Premier Timeshare Solutions Florida

Posted:    ShirleyC
A Wonderful Timeshare Property Selling Experience
best deal to sell my timeshare property in Florida but nothing seemed to be working in the right direction. Despite contacting many timeshare property selling firms, the price I was getting for the property was negligible. It was then that I came across Premiertimesharesolutions. com, the leaders in selling, buying and renting timeshare properties...

Global Timeshare Orlando Florida

Posted:    GERI DUMASK
Timeshare Fraud

Premier Timeshare Solutions Florida

Posted:    Cardfan58
Timeshare resales
Regarding Premier Timeshare Solutions, 4400 Northcorp Parkway, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410, Phone: (877) 470-4779, Fax: (561) 478-4799, Business Start Date: N/A / Company ID: 92014706 If you have received an offer from Premier Timeshare Solutions and have not accepted it, don't...

Timeshare Market Pro Davie Florida

Posted:    AJohnson66
Timeshare Market Pro ripped me off
going to sell your timeshare but all they do is lie. Whenever I call to find out the status on my timeshare they feed me the same story. I am going to file complaints with the state, BBB and every other agency I can get a hold of. They are liers...

Timeshare Market Pro Inc. Davie Florida

Posted:    Fred Flintstone
They wanted $699 to sell my timeshare
$699 from to sell my timeshare. I asked for information to check them out before I would let them have credit card numbers. I found that the contracts they sent me say that they are only marketing the properties and I have to negotiate the sale or rental. Brent said that he needed the property to sell this weekend, he wanted to get it done quickly and needed my specific property for someone...

timeshare sellers Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Posted:    crazyweezie
timeshare scam
had a buyer for my timeshare I paid him the money to sell it and it should be settle in 4 weeks i called 4 weeks later and they told me NOT KYLE i never spoke to him again. that the buyer back out and that they will still sell my timeshare I have been in touch with them from time to time and the last time was about a month ago when they said they had a buyer and they were waiting on the paper work ...

Premier Timeshare Solutions Florida

Posted:    Barbara / James Lathrop
Failure to sell timeshare when fees were paid and no action
phone call to sell our timeshare in Kissimee Fl. From Premier Timeshare Solutions Phone # 561-65e -4280 toll free 877-470-4779. Agent Kenny Williams from Premier said that he had a buyer for our time share. (That wais the only time we spoke to Kenny Williams). All the imformation that he was suppling to us seemed ligitament...

Premier Timeshare Solutions DBA C G Marketing Assoc LLC

Posted:    Gatorjw
Timeshare Scan
guaranteed sale on my timeshare property. They told me that the customer put down 20% of the asking price and that the arrangements were made all except the closing and title documents. They told me that the process would take approximately 60 days to complete and that the steps were as outlined below: 1...


Posted:    fight33
Many Florida timeshare sale and rental companies under fire Florida has launched a war against the timeshare resale industry, announcing Thursday ongoing investigations into 17 companies, as well as a lawsuit against one company. In 2009, complaints about timeshare resale companies overtook mortgage-related complaints reported to the Florida attorney general...

Timeshare goldline

Posted:    jarvis42
complaints relating to timeshare goldine and did some thorough research, but I still went through with the selling of my timeshare unit. I am very pleased with the results. They took ownership of my timeshare, via an owner and earned me a substantial return. I guess it is all about the company, timing, and person you re working with...

U S Timeshare Management Fort Lauderdale Florida

Posted:    Kathryn McCuin
2008 about selling my timeshare. At the time of trying to sell my timeshare the name of the company was U S Timeshare Management but after further research the company has change it name to A D C Marketing. David Disgdiertt was a smooth talker about how he could sell my timeshare within 90 days...

BlueScape Timeshare Sales Las Vegas Nevada

Posted:    Beth Rhodarmer
reselling timeshare
and said he had my timeshare sold. Even allowed me to speak with the buyer. I asked her name, she seemed as if to be real and had very legitimate questions about buying my timeshare. Seemed official. Salesman said if I would overnight a cashier's check for $1138. 62 (which took care of several things which I did list on paper )we should be able to close by the following week...

Timeshare Task FOrce Boca Raton Florida

Posted:    James Shirk
Timeshare fraud recovery
buyer or can sell my timeshare. I spoke to a representative from this company who said they could recover my money that I was scammed out of. They did say that they would receive a 25% "recovery fee" . I thought 25% was a fair amount for money that I had given up on as a loss. I told the gentleman to call me back in a few days at a particular time...

Timeshare Solutions Florida

Posted:    redsuzie
timeshare hell
numerous times to sell my timeshare at Krystal Cancun with them. After about the 6th call, I listed with Timeshare Solutions for $699. Clean title, no money owed or liens, etc. Listed about 4 months ago. She no longer works there, will not return messages I have left on her personel cell number...

Timeshare Experts St Petersburg Florida

Posted:    Sandra E Davis
Timeshare steals money
be from our current timeshare and stated she had someone who wanted to purchase or rent our property. We needed to make a final payment on our timeshare for this deal to go through. When we corrected her on the credit card information. A $2, 500 charged with the name Timeshare Experts showed up on our credit card statement...

Timeshare Liquidators Boston Massachusetts

Posted:    Arlee Tucker
Timeshare resale scam
told he would sell my Timeshare in Mexico. I actually have a contract from them, or I would never sent them money. I checkout their web site, plus the company in Texas, Transfer my TImeshare and it all look ligit! Phone numbers, web sites, everything. I was then transferred to Sean Strickland, in Accounting to get some information from me for depositing my check...

Timeshare Express Services Delaware

Posted: Jan 12, 2011    Kim L Smith
Timeshare Resale
a pitch to sell my timeshare. I expressed immediate concern as I had 3 other companies try to sell my timeshare - I paid their upfront fee and never sold my property. They assured me they were legitimate and would also help me recover the fees I had paid to the other companies who did not produce...

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